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Mor Mahal – Episode 03!

Ohkay so, this episode was a tad bit interesting because it took the story forward & the preview seemed promising because looks like a lot of interesting details will be unveiled in the episodes to come. For some reason, I don’t mind the slow pace so far as I know they have a lot of details that have been divided in 45 episodes & for that reason they have kept the pace a little on the slower side but I wish they gave us something more meaningful to talk about as all the things that are happening are quite situational & I can’t really decipher the crux or the background story related to all these happenings that we’ve seen so far.

I think Badshah Begum was quite hasty & a bit immature in underestimating Farrukh Zaad like that. We have been told that they both don’t really share a cordial relationship with each other so did Badshah Begum actually think that Farrukh Zaad will fall prey to this trick & will lose her life? Badshah Begum actually took this defeat to her heart & she didn’t mind going to such a length where she even wished death upon Farrukh Zaad. Badshah Begum knows that Farrukh Zaad has Asif Jahan wrapped around her finger & the only way to free her son & win her lost pride over is to throw Wazeer Begum out of his life, even if it means poisoning her to death!

Farrukh Zaad knows how to play her cards well but it wasn’t for her loyal servant Shahista, Farrukh Zaad would’ve fallen into the trap & must’ve lost her life. It was Shahista’s instinct that prevented that from happening & the way Shahista was proven right, it increased the trust of Farrukh Zaad in her tenfold. The way they both planned & returned the favor to Badshah Begum was quite interesting. They actually know how to pull the strings & the reaction Badshah Begum gave was exactly what they both were hoping for, which was quite amusing. This little happening has set the grounds for the battlefield as both Badshah Begum & Wazeer Begum are not going to sit still & will keep on making these moves to defeat one another, however, I must say I am not intrigued by the whole black-magic bit at all!

Surraya is a total opposite to the dominant ladies that are fighting with each other to prove their ownership of Asif Jahan. She is a simple lady who believes in staying out of this mess as much as possible as she know that she’s not the only one she herself has to protect. She is carrying Asif Jahan’s child & that child means everything to her. She doesn’t bother much about the things that transpire in Mor Mahal as she know that she has a key of assurance & that is her child & for this particular reason, she is in peace.

Ohkay I will admit, I did enjoy the way Shola Jaan found the Bridal Shawl by making a fool out of Shahista & Farrukh Zaad, that bit actually was done nicely but other than that, the bickering of Shola Jaan & Dilbar didn’t spark an interest. It is quite interesting to see that even though Surraya tries to maintain a low profile, thanks to her servant, she isn’t oblivious to the happenings of Mor Mahal. Meher Bano is still fixated with Kabeer & for that reason, she has stopped thinking things through. She doesn’t mind putting Banki in danger just so that she can flee from Mor Mahal in order to meet the love of her life. She got lucky & succeeded in making a way out of the main area of the palace but the things she heard came as a shock to her. I think we’ll have to wait & see if the things she heard specifically about her brother were enough for her to change her mind & stay in the palace as Asif Jahan’s wife because if she will choose to walk out despite knowing that this decision of hers will endanger her brother’s life, then it will be enough of a proof to know that Meher Bano is quite selfish & is blinded by her love for Kabeer.

Asif Jahan’s conversation with his adviser told that he doesn’t believe in reigning the way his father did as he is more compassionate & kindhearted. Even his adviser knows that the tactics Asif Jahan’s father used as a ruler have become obsolete & he needs to win hearts of his nation through wisdom & economic progression & definitely not through ruthless killing. It needed an adviser to tell to Asif Jahan that the wife plays an important role in shaping the character of the ruler & helps him making the right decisions when it comes to his duty as an emperor. I am sure Asif Jahan’s attention will be diverted to Surraya now for his own benefits but Wazeer Begum won’t take this news well.

Overall, this episode was good but I am definitely hoping that it gets better & better. I must say I am in love with the jewelry pieces & the jewelry designers have absolutely done an amazing job. I must also add that I am glad they have given the simplistic no-makeup makeup look to Surraya (Fizza Ali) & Farrukh Zaad (Meesha Shafi) as it does bring back the essence of natural beauty that the ladies of those era were known for, however I wish I could say that about Badshah Begum (Hina Bayat), I guess a little blending of the under-eye eyeliner wouldn’t have hurt anyone especially the viewers! ;) Anyways, Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mor Mahal.

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