Visaal Episode 14 Review – Con Meets Con!

Ohkay so, another very interesting episode of Visaal but I feel the pace has been slowed down but I am not complaining. I hope this slow pace doesn’t slow down the progress that the story has made so far because the way every episode has a twist in it keeps me engaged & makes me look forward to the next episode. Here’s to hoping that, that doesn’t change & this drama stays interesting as it is!

Akku changed his look again, because he wants to stay hidden & doesn’t want the police to recognize him, but again, I am surprised that no one has told Molvi Ghufran about the look & get up that Akram sports when he’s attending the customers at his shop. Everyone is well aware of the fact that Akram Minyani Wala happens to be Molvi Ghufran’s son in law & still his secret is hidden? Doesn’t seem much convincing.

Naheed’s mother’s concerns are right for her daughter’s sake but I feel she is stuck in a rut & is on the loop about how Naheed shouldn’t worry too much about Pari & should focus on Akram Miyan. It seems even she is insecure of the fact that Pari is better than Naheed in every aspect, because even though no one draws a comparison between them but it’s like a done deal that Pari is & has always been everyone’s favorite & because of that she feels threathened that Akram might fall for Pari while still being married to Naheed due to their regular interactions. Ghufran’s wife did somehow convince him that he should let Pari go by getting her married & he couldn’t say no because she was being manipulative about it!

Well, finally the con met another con. Akram reached to a conclusion that it was Naheed who did everything, like left a letter for Taimur & ruined Pari’s life but as expected, his reaction was not the usual one where he went & confronted Naheed, rather he took his sweet time in solving the puzzle & getting to the crux of the situation as to what must have forced Naheed to do such a thing, that too with her best friend! Akram knows that he had found the secret that he will use to his advantage when the time will come & in stead of speaking to her directly, he chose to leave some hints because he wanted to see her reaction to further confirm if he was right or not!

Well, Pari broke down because she could see that people around her were running out of patience & courtesy that they had for her & she eventually ended up doing that shook Naheed’s ground – which was curse her for misfortune. Naheed very well knows that she has called this upon herself that is why she seems unbothered about everything that is happening around her, like she is so not in a mood to fix things between her & Akram, that is why despite the constant reminders from her mother, Naheed is just pre-occupied feeling guilty for ruining Pari’s life!

Akram is the best part of this drama & Zahid Ahmed’s portrayal has taken its level a notch higher. I am sure Akram won’t go easy on Naheed & he will keep on teasing her till he gets a confession from her about what went wrong & why she did all that to ruin Pari’s life, well Akram does know that it might be on the basis of jealousy but then, he will keep on guessing till he actually hears everything from Naheed! I’m honestly loving this play, it sure is one of the best one among those on air. The direction is perfect, the editing, story, characters & acting – everything works in perfect harmony & makes Visaal a complete entertainment package. All the actors as well as supporting actors should be very very proud of themselves for giving us viewers a successful drama because they all make Visaal what it is. Please share your thoughts.

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