Zun Mureed Episode 18 Review – Meaningful As Usual

Zun Mureed is one of my favorite shows which I always look forward to watching and reviewing. It is one of those very few shows which are discussed in our house because it has so much to offer and gives you so many different perspectives. Apart from many other strong, important and positive messages my most favorite part is that the writer has repeatedly reasserted the fact that a strong and independent woman doesn’t have to hate a man in order to prove that she can survive on her own. The writer has also shown that even the strongest of women feel like giving up sometimes and they are equally capable of being heartbroken. A strong woman can love a man and compromise for him but she also knows when to take a stand for herself. I absolutely love all these beautiful messages which this drama is giving in a very intelligent manner. Although the pace of this drama has slowed down and there are certain things which can be highly repetitive but with every episode, there are some changes in all the tracks and the conversations are always meaningful and deep. Every episode gives an insight into the mindset of different characters and those factors which shape up their personalities.

Tonight’s episode opened with Tabbasum calling Sajjad so that she could talk to her son Bobby and know how he was doing. Her son’s refusal to talk to her came as yet another rude shock. Bobby has always been shown as an impulsive and emotional child who expects more from his parents than his sister. You can’t help feeling for these kids every time you see them struggling with their circumstances. Fari continues to play an important rule in making sure that Tabbasum doesn’t lose her perspective. She keeps on making Tabbasum understand things and also suggests what she should do. Tabbasum’s bhabhi mind games are getting annoying now and at this point she shouldn’t be getting so much screen time. Even though every time she has a different issue with the sisters but her track is going around in circles and the fact that she does whatever she can to make life tough for Tabbasum has been well established therefore it would have been better if her scenes were chopped down. Sajjad stubbornness has reached such an extent that he is convinced that a maid can run a house better than Tabbasum! Sajjad’s conversations with his friend were one of the many meaningful conversations in this episode. There is absolutely no change in him for obvious reasons and after watching this episode, it seems highly unlikely that he will get a wake up call anytime soon! Sajjad’s only focus right now is to teach Tabbasum a lesson, he couldn’t care less about anyone or anything else! Omair Rana continues to be faultless as an unreasonable and rigid man.

Abid’s character has completely changed and as a result Mariam’s life is very different now. She has to deal with all the things which Tabbasum had to deal with once yet she always called her brother a Zun Mureed. What is happening to Mariam right now is the perfect example of what goes around comes around. It looks like Mariam will eventually realize how wrong she was when her husband abuses her mentally and physically the way Sajjad did. Few weeks back it was impossible to imagine that Abid’s character will take this turn. Khalid Anum and Hina Bayat both are playing their roles brilliantly. These characters have been crucial to the plot so far and they will most likely play a much bigger role in the upcoming episodes.

Tabbasum and Sidra’s conversation was my favorite part of this episode. Everything that they talked about was relevant and on point. This is what we should be highlighting in our dramas and this is what the girls need to hear. Sidra’s plan and the fact that she chose Tabbasum to implement it went to show what an intelligent woman she is. Nadia Khan’s acting has grown on me and Tabbasum’s character has been etched-out so beautifully that it is easy to ignore the shortcomings in her performance.

The preview of the next episode showed how Rubina, the maid is running Sajjad’s house and everyone’s reaction when Tabbasum gets the notice of divorce. Zun Mureed never fails to impress and with the exception of a few scenes which could have been chopped down, this episode was perfect.

Fatima Awan

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