Visaal Episode 16 Review – Story-telling At Its Finest!

Ohkay so, this episode like all the previous episodes of Visaal was very interesting. I like how the story is progressing & even after so many episodes, they have one thing or the other to offer in every episode.

This episode focused more & more on Pari’s wedding & everyone’s participation as well as feelings related to it. Pari feels she has no other option left that is why she has given in, despite not wanting to. Jumman Bua feels she has no say whatsoever in anyone’s personal matters because firstly no one feels the need to discuss anything with her & lastly, there’s not anything that she can do because she isn’t that self-sufficient herself to be taking care of & supporting Pari.

Ghufran finally accepted that his wife meant nothing but well for Pari, that is why he had a conversation with Pari to convince her that she should accept whatever is coming her way. It is nice to see Ghufran being so simple-minded & clean-hearted but I wish he was a little more aware of what his wife’s intentions actually are. Naheed was sent back to her house but Akram welcomed her with another hint that shook her to the core, just a little reminder to her of the day when she stabbed Pari in the back – her black shoes. Naheed obviously thinks she is dodging the bullet but I am looking forward to when she will learn the truth that Akram has all the actual details that claim she’s the culprit!

Naheed has been reminding Pari again & again that everything will sort out once Taimur will be back, but then she can not go into details to clarify the doubts Pari has in her heart against him as that will mean revealing her own secret which Naheed can not afford at this stage. Pari has pretty much lost all the hope that is why she always sounds so dejected, part of it is also because she sees her wedding looming in the future which she so wants to avoid but can not!

Akram is playing his cards well, he has picked the right person who is doing everything according to him as it will the guarantee his marriage with Pari but then again, it will be interesting to see if things will go against his plan? I do feel may be Naheed will step in once Akram will tell her how he wanted to get married to Pari, which is pretty much the next episode is going to be about but then again will Naheed choose to stay quiet in order to keep her secret hidden which Akram will threathen her with or she will put everything aside to save Pari from Akram in order to overrule the guilt that she has for ruining Pari’s life? Let’s see if this will turn out to be Akram’s mistake or he will eventually succeed if Naheed will stay silent?

Overall, this drama has surely exceeded my expectations. I must say the highlight of this episode for me was the coverage that Tariq’s feelings for Pari got. I just couldn’t stop laughing during that entire scenario where they depicted that he was in love with wind blowing in his hair, music in the background, with him jumping casually on his way back & then sitting by the wall engrossed in his thoughts – just how real I swear. Obviously Tariq is on the brink of a heart break as Akram loves Pari & he stands zero chance but then, he’s totally entitled to feel happy just with the idea of being in love with someone. Amazing acting, amazing script, even better story-telling & perfect direction – that’s Visaal for you. Please share your thoughts.

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