Visaal Episode 7 Review – Super!

Ohkay so, this was yet another interesting episode of Visaal. What I love about this play is the simplicity of both, the characters & the story-telling. This drama shows that if a simple script is well-written & well-directed, it turns out to be a drama that is worth watching.

Shabbir & Pari were still struggling. Shabbir couldn’t come to terms with what happened & that is why he was still bitter. Pari has gone into this shell & despite not being guilty, she is feeling like that because she is seeing how hard her father is suffering. Jumman Bua’s scene was so emotional, it is good that at least she has all her sympathies with Shabbir & Pari & her presence at least pacifies them a little, even though both of them haven’t come out of their misery yet!

Taimur proved to be a coward & left without saying a word. If not Pari, he should have contacted Shabbir despite his boss telling him not to because he himself was well aware of the fact how Shabbir & Pari’s life was ruined. Even though Taimur did think of calling his mother which would’ve showed that he was ready to give Pari the respect but going away proved the otherwise.

Akram, Yasmin & Dilbar succeeded in doing what they came together for, which was fixing his & Naheed’s marriage. Yasmin was right, Naheed was not happy but it wasn’t the news of her marriage that was bothering her, it was the guilt of wronging Pari that was making her restless. I enjoy seeing how Yasmin every single time snubs Dilbar & how he is always left speechless, lol. What Yasmin said to Akram about wronging his lady love hinted that may be she has been through the same too that is why she assumed the same about Akram. I am low-key rooting for Dilbar & Yasmin, they will make a very interesting couple, lol!

The way Shabbir’s colleagues spoke about the entire fiasco showed the reason why Shabbir was so not ready to face the world yet but those things apart, all the comments those oldies made about Pari were cringe worthy & left a very bad taste in the mouth. Last time one of them praised her for her beauty which was not cool but still somewhat acceptable if we take it as a general conversation but now the things he said about witnessing her beauty with his own eyes was cheap.

The precap showed that Akram will eventually find out that he is getting married to Naheed & not Pari, will this eventually turn out to be karma’s spin on Naheed where she will get humiliated in front of everyone too by facing this rejection, the way Pari faced humiliation because of her? Things are super interesting so far & I can totally see them getting even better in the remaining episodes. All the actors are doing a wonderful job but till date I haven’t been able to come to terms with Zahid Ahmed’s wig. Even though I like how this drama has a very subtle dramatic feel to it, still everything in it is believable but his wig is another story. Please share your thoughts.

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