Tabeer Episode 12 – Last Review!

Ohkay so, I literally had to drag & push myself to tune to Tabeer in order to view & review it. Just like everyone else, I also tune to dramas to get a little break & have a pleasant time pass, but the dramas that drag my mood down are so not my idea of entertainment. Yes, there have been quite a lot of disasters in the past that I have reviewed, even reviewing currently as well like Noor ul Ain or Khasara (which I’m sure I will stop too) but I have either enjoyed reviewing them or turning them into an opportunity for sharing a laughter with my fellow drama-buffs but that is not the case with Tabeer & no, I am not calling it a disaster as it definitely is not one!

I will definitely give props to the team for achieving what they were aiming for – showing a reality based drama which showcases depression & trials & tribulations in a convincing manner but let’s just say, it is a way too realistic, way too depressing for my taste. I neither enjoy watching its episodes nor do I have fun reviewing it & that is why, I am backtracking & going to stop reviewing it as I have had enough.

This drama is based on a very serious theme & the team of this drama is doing a great job because they are conveying human emotions in the best way possible that is why I am sure a lot of people are tuning to it but it just is not my cup of tea. I can not force myself anymore to tune to a drama that puts me in a bad mood because this is not why I watch dramas to begin with.

Ajju was one story, even his brother Rafaqat & his wife Asma are upto no good. They definitely have their sights on the house that Yasir has left for Tabeer & Daadi. I think this will turn out to be the reason why Tabeer might be forced to face Fawad once again as she might need his help to solve this matter once she & Daadi will have nowhere to go to if Ajju & co. throws them out of their own home!

Daadi & Tabeer’s conversation was very heavy & emotional. Obviously Daadi can relate to what Tabeer is going through because even she has endured the pain of losing her husband & her child. Tabeer is now only going to live her life in regret & it will take a lot of time for her to forgive Fawad because he & his baby are the reason why she lost her child.

I was amused when I saw the doctor. He happens to be one comic factor in this otherwise depressing drama because of his monotony & 2-day prescription of formula milk, every.single.time. There was a new entry in this drama. I like Mizna Waqas but she is being typecast I feel. All her roles are more or less the same & not really looking forward to her antics as her character for now had cringe written all over it that too in bold letters. Now things are going to be stretched way too much & for that reason I am out.

Please continue watching Tabeer & have a good time. Please share your thoughts.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

PS: I will keep the window open for reviewing & if in the future I happen to watch an episode of Tabeer by chance & if I feel like, I will review that particular episode but for now I don’t see myself doing that as I’m pretty much done.

Zahra Mirza

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