Visaal Episode 8 Review – Interesting!

Ohkay so, this episode of Visaal revolved around Naheed’s marriage & Pari’s continued suffering. This drama is very likeable, though simple but the team of Visaal has shown how simple dramas if done well, work well too. Things have become pretty intense, so let’s see how the story will unfold!

Naheed tried to convince Pari that she should attend her wedding but even though Shabbir gave her the permission, Pari knew that she couldn’t really face the world. Pari did the right thing by not going because the ladies there were still judging her except Jumman Bua who genuinely wanted Pari to attend her best friend’s wedding as she knew what Naheed meant to her & what sort of relationship they both shared. Jumman Bua is the only one who feels for both Shabbir & Pari & that is why despite being told not to, she keeps on visiting them as she knows that they are going through a hard time.

Naheed gave her one last try to find Taimur & fix things up but that couldn’t happen because he had left. At least Taimur did leave a message behind & as he said, he was trying to contact Naheed too but he couldn’t get through. The misunderstanding between Taimur, Pari & Shabbir is not going to get resolved it seems because what he wrote in his letter is what Pari has told her father a million times but not sure if he will ever be able to trust her again. I hope Pari hands over the letter to Shabbir but then again, she will be scared because he might misunderstand her again too as to how did she get a letter from Taimur?

Well, Akram got married & even with all the lies, everything worked in his favor only for him to find out that he got married to the wrong girl. I don’t know why but I found that entire situation quite funny especially Dilbar’s questions & reactions made it more humorous. Akram got fooled but he just didn’t give up. It is unfortunate that he still hasn’t dropped the idea of finding Pari because in all honesty, he wasn’t in love with Naheed so he won’t be considering the fact that he will be ruining her life. Akram is someone who will go to any extreme to get what he wants & he also wouldn’t care if he will end up hurting people because he is just cold & selfish like that. I am interested to see how Pari’s love will bring any changes in his personality, if any?

Overall, it was a very interesting episode that I had a good time watching. Yes, some of the scenes showing Pari’s sorrow were a little stretched but then that’s alright. I’m really liking everyone’s acting but I really have a good time watching Saife Hassan as Dilbar, he is really funny. Hania Amir, Saboor Ali & Zahid Ahmed have done a good job too. Please share your thoughts.

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