Ways to help you restrict from spending too much

We all wish to have all the money in the world to buy anything and everything we desire, but it is surely not that easy as we have bills, rent and what not to pay. Here’s a guide for you to curb overspending if you simply cannot control your unneccessary expenses:

Only buy what you need and not what you want

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When you go out for shopping, only buy what you need and not what you want. Stop looking at the cute decoration pieces or another pair of jeans. Once you learn the act of sacrifice, life gets much easier in terms of saving money.

Leave your credit card at home

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Hide your credit card somewhere in your drawer. Since you won’t have it with you once you’re out, you won’t be spending unnecessary amounts on money just for the sake of it. It is much easier splurging and getting carried away while shopping on a credit card, since you don’t have to worry about paying money there and then. Just be sure about carrying a certain amount of cash that you’ll be spending, once the cash is out of sight, you’ll know it’s time to head home.

Try to curb online shopping

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Try not to browse online stores just in case you’re bored. Just because certain items look good, looking at new online stock and glittery, sparkly clothes, shoes, stationery, bags or jewellery will make us want the items even if we don’t need them. Try and switch your activity to watching movies or reading books or meditation instead of unhealthy online splurging.

Ditch the malls

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Restrict yourself from going to the shopping malls and go to individual shops instead. Shopping malls have many shops under one roof which provides relaxation and ease especially for splurging money. Once you know you’ll be going to individual shops instead, you’ll instinctively cut your plans short thus saving money.

Try going to more sales and lesser launch seasons

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Some places provide really good sale experiences and you can get a whole lot of things in a decent amount of money. Look for sales around you and try to shop during these times. If you’re not a sales person, you can always survey shops and check out price differences between clothing and other items. Some places stock the same items with staggering differences. Shocker, isn’t it? Also try and not attend launches because of various reasons. During launches, you cannot really know about the quality of products. Secondly, the same items would be available in reduced prices sooner or later, which is a sensible period to buy them.

Shop with the right people or shop alone

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Try distancing yourself from the people that can’t get enough of brands, or make plans that don’t revolve around shopping. You really don’t need the new bag just because it’s the new in trend. You can make use of the same money on more useful items such as giving it to the someone who is unable to affored the luxuries of life. In this way, you not only keep yourself happy and earn rewards from God, but also put a smile to someone else’s face.