Yaar e Bewafa Episode 02 Review – Another Interesting Episode!

Ohkay so, it was quite an interesting episode of Yaar e Bewafa. I must say what I am loving about this drama at the moment is how realistically & effortlessly everything has been portrayed. What I also enjoyed the most in this episode was the how there was this unpredictability in almost every other situation because I found myself thinking one thing & the very next moment, something exactly opposite happened, which actually kept things quite engaging. I must say the foundation of the story has been laid in such a convincing manner, that I am actually looking forward to the rest of the drama.

So, Fizza pushed Zaid to the limit & it showed how desperate times call for desperate measures. Zaid ended up mortgaging his house in order to please Fizza & fulfill her dream of a better & secure future. It is admirable how they have shown Zaid & Fizza as a couple that stands by each other & believes in transparency, like I don’t think we usually get to see such a marital relationship in our dramas where they show how a husband & a wife think on the same lines & their mental wavelength is in sync with one another. Yes, Fizza does seem a little, I repeat a little unreasonable to put pressures on her husband like that but then again, it is also a fact that due to her motivation, Zaid finds himself obliged to do everything for his family’s betterment. Also, it is worth noticing that Zaid hasn’t forgotten what Fizza left behind in order to get married to him, may be that’s why he feels a little more burdened to do better because he wants to give her everything that she had to sacrifice to be with him. The note at which their marriage started was very interesting, like right from the beginning, they showed that Zaid had nothing but love to offer to Fizza & he didn’t mind going to any extreme to please her, even if it meant taking someone else’s ring to gift it to his wife. I must say the way the writer has shown Zaid & Fizza’s relationship is quite amazing, like they both are unapologetically themselves in front of each other, which makes their relationship quite strong. At one point I thought that Zaid would keep house mortgage a secret from Fizza because he wouldn’t want her to feel concerned but he ended up telling her everything because he believes in transparency. Also, to my surprise I thought Fizza would feel a little guilty but she showed no such signs because right now, Zaid’s immigration is her main priority.

Also, even though there are a very few moments that Fizza & her mother in law share but it shows that Fizza has not only accepted Zaid but she has also accepted her mother wholeheartedly too. I enjoyed seeing their interactions & how Fizza kept on reminding Zaid that he should tell his mother everything because it was the right time. I don’t know why but I must say Fizza’s character is quite interesting, like you can not form a definite opinion about her because you understand her struggles but can also find her a little selfish. There has been an amazing balance that the writer has drawn in her character & I am definitely looking forward to see more of her.

I must say, even though I had a good laugh at the scene where Zaid felt he was being chased, I loved the quotient of reality that the entire scenario had. It showed how desperate Zaid was & how having so much of money on him was making him conscious. Zaid was so eager to get things done that he was unnecessarily adding a bit more pressure on himself. I must say, just when I thought things would go wrong now, everything turned out to be great, starting from Zaid getting his visa to getting his medical reports cleared. It does look like good times are rolling in for Zaid & Fizza at the moment but we’ll have to see how far things will remain the same. Also, I liked how they showed that after getting his visa, Zaid attained this confidence because it showed in his body language as if a huge burden was taken off his shoulders & he was more than ready to embrace the change that his life was going to offer.

Fortunately, where one family was rejoicing at the opportunity that life presented them, on the other side one family was falling in a deep pit continuously. Saleem lost his job & he had his justifications for it but he didn’t feel the need to answer his wife Amna as to why things went wrong. Also, Saleem was diagnosed with lung cancer which means even more trials and tribulations for Amna because things are only going to get worse for her henceforth.

Overall, this episode was quite interesting & engaging. I loved seeing Fizza & Zaid’s relationship, like for a change it feels nice to see a realistic portrayal of what marriage is all about, where a husband & wife struggle with each other, stand by each other’s side & then share some light-hearted moments too which turn into beautiful memories. Zaid surprising Fizza was another good aspect that was covered. Also, the way Zaid took such a huge risk & literally gambled everything to make Fizza’s dream come true went to show how much he loves her. I am actually interested to see who will turn out to be ‘yaar e bewafa’, like at this point I do have a feeling it will be Fizza may be when things will go wrong in their life, but the way everything has turned out to be quite unpredictable, I most certainly can’t be sure of anything & for that I am eager to see how the story is going to unravel. I must say everyone’s acting was effortless & spot on, I liked Imran Abbas & Arij Fatima’s chemistry as husband & wife, like they have made Zaid & Fizza’s relationship a treat to watch. I however do want to see more of Sara Khan because I am sure she is going to impress us all as well. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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