Yaar e Bewafa Episode 04 Review – Emotions Done Right!

Ohkay so, another week, another brilliant episode of Yaar e Bewafa. I must say I love how the writer & the director have made it possible for us; the viewers of this drama to connect to the characters. I really like the easy-going approach that the director resorted to because that immediately helped the viewers in forming a relationship with these characters, that is why now when they are going through some tough times, we can actually understand their struggles & pain. I really really hope that the team of Yaar e Bewafa maintains the same standard for the rest of the drama because I can’t emphasize enough on how good I think it is & how much I like what I get to see every other week.

So, Amna came up with a plan that they should sell their house in order to pay for Saleem’s treatment. Obviously, Saleem was emotionally weak & even though he didn’t want to show it to Amna, even he was scared of death & may be that’s why, after resisting a bit, he allowed her to go ahead with what she had planned. I find it endearing how hard Amna is trying to fix things in her life, that too without complaining, because life keeps on throwing one curveball after another at her but she doesn’t waiver & faces everything with courage. I really wish Saleem had been of some help too, at least moral or emotional help but it is sad to see Amna being deprived of that right too. It is hard to see Saleem not realizing that because of him, Amna is the one who is suffering the most & unfortunately, she doesn’t have anyone by her side who would understand her feelings, except that Khala of hers!

Things finally shaped up for Fizza & Zaid. Fizza got her PR & Zaid got one too, which I found a bit inappropriate as things usually don’t roll that way, because in reality, the PR holder after spending some time in Australia applies for TR (temporary residence) for his/her spouse, but I do understand that since it is a drama & they had to make things simpler, they showed that both Fizza & Zaid got the PR & were ready to fly to Australia. I enjoyed seeing the scene where Zaid discussed Sara & her attitude with Fizza, like after a long time it is refreshing to see such a relationship on screen which is a realistic depiction of what a marital relation is all about, where husband & wife discuss every little detail with each other & discuss those things out.

To be honest, I was actually dreading seeing the conversation between Zaid & his mother where he would tell her that he was going to Australia leaving her all alone, on her own but that conversation didn’t take place & for reasons more grave & depressing. At that point I did feel that Fizza chose not to understand Zaid when he told her that it was hard for him to even imagine leaving his mother behind. Fizza no doubt has compromised & sacrificed a lot but looks like she played her part once & ever since she has always demanded compromise from Zaid’s side & he has always obliged. Even in this situation where Fizza should have understand where Zaid was coming from, she chose to talk about her parents only to make Zaid understand that they both couldn’t afford his concerns for his mother at this stage in their life which I found a bit unreasonable. Zaid surely listens to his wife & it does look like she knows how to make the most of it because she always weighs his argument down by presenting her own story & expects him to understand no matter what.

Sadly, Zaid’s mother got paralyzed, I must say, even though I am always against such situations where they show heart-attacks & deaths in order to take the story forward but what happened with Zaid’s mother didn’t seem like something out of the blue because ever since the drama has begun, we have seen that she was on medication & Zaid would always remind her to take her medicines on time. It looks like Zaid & Fizza’s better future will have to wait a little more since Zaid is not in a position to leave his mother. To be honest, even I am also not a fan of children being used in our dramas but I loved both the kids since they were shown as kids & not as pre-mature Dada Abba’s who wouldn’t do justice to their age. Ahmed’s questions were innocent but very sweet & I love the bond that Ahmed & Zaid’s mother share, it was absolutely sweet when Ahmed said he would be telling his Dado some stories before his bedtime. I also liked Amna’s child, his question about his new house was also very innocent yet heart-breaking, it is hard seeing such a young kid suffering at this age whereas he shouldn’t be exposed to all these things at this stage of his life. All this while I used to think how will Zaid & Amna cross paths, but looks like with both of them visiting hospital regularly, so I do see a chance there but obviously, the story is in an early stage for something of that sort to happen so let’s see.

Overall, I loved this episode, I love how effortlessly emotional they have made all the scenarios, like even though this episode was quite heavy-duty, I didn’t feel burdened, in fact I felt more for all the characters, especially Zaid’s mother. It is amazing that even though her character didn’t get much coverage but in such limited scenes, Samina Ahmed made such an impact that I find myself feeling for her character. Imran Abbas, Arij Fatima & Sara Khan have made Zaid, Fizza & Amna’s struggles look real & their flawless performances are adding more charm to the drama. Even though I have said this ever since the drama has begun, but I will say that again, I love how simple everything is about this drama & how simply yet realistically the story is progressing. Can’t wait for the next episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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