Yaar e Bewafa Episode 8 – A Decent Drama To Tune To!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yaar e Bewafa was a bit on the slower side but then again, it had a lot of development to its credit. I must say that even though I appreciate the progress Zaid & Fizza’s track is making, I want to see the similar, if not, then some progress in Amna & Saleem’s track too because their story has been stagnant right from the beginning & there’s nothing much that is happening in their lives!

So, not only Zaid but Ahmed was struggling too & it was quite a surprise that just so quickly Fizza began the procedure to finalize her divorce. I was actually quite amused that Neelam not only brain-fed Fizza but also swooped in to fight her case, not sure if she is a friend or a foe but then Fizza deserves it since she herself is gambling with her life. I liked the fact that the judge did give Zaid & Fizza some time to rethink about their decision but even though Zaid doesn’t want any of this to happen, Fizza is adamant since for her, better future is worth sacrificing a perfect, healthy marital relationship & a loving, sincere husband.

This episode had quite a lot of flashbacks for my liking but then again, they were needed to showcase how hard Zaid was struggling without his family, especially his son Ahmed because now the thought of Ahmed going away from him for good was haunting him. It was so kind of his neighbor to offer to talk to Fizza but Zaid knows how stubborn Fizza is that she is not going to budge because even he has tried & all his attempts have been wasted.

Fizza always was selfish & even then her selfishness seemed justified because she used it to motivate Zaid to do better for himself & his family but who knew that this trait of hers will drive her insane & push to such a limit that she wouldn’t even think about her son for a second. Fizza thinks ignoring Ahmed’s innocent but valid questions is the right way to go about it but she has no idea how tougher things will get when Ahmed will grow up, when he will become sensible enough to analyze that his mother was wrong, not his father. Seeing Fizza’s father back in the picture made it clear that now he will support his daughter too because the only reason why he estranged her was Zaid & now when Fizza is pushing Zaid out of her life, there’s no reason for her father to hold onto his grudge anymore. I am sure now he will assure Fizza of his complete support since she herself has filed for divorce & wants the better (read materialistic) future for her kid!

I swear if Saleem will scream at Amna one more time, I will grab a frying pan & hit him myself. I just can not stand this man I swear. Yes, I get it, he is frustrated that things didn’t turn out according to his plan but seeing him treat Amna like a doormat only when she showcases her reasonable concerns is a bit too much. I think there needs to happen more in their story because this entire Amna-questions-while-Saleem-screams scenario is becoming repetitive, monotonous & boring. I wish they also give us an insight into Amna’s background, may be when she will come across Zaid & they will have some conversations, that’s when we will get to know more about her but I really am keen to know where she comes from & how she ended up with a loon like Saleem!

Overall, this episode was decent. I must say that even though Yaar e Bewafa is not unique or exceptional but it qualifies as a very decent drama that you can always tune to because the characters have some personality, the cast is good looking & the struggles of people coming from middle class background are shown with so much accuracy & reality that you can actually feel for the characters. It surely is a very very good drama & the writer, director & the actors deserve appreciation for it. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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