Zakham Episode 23 & 24 Review – Epic Fail

These episodes of Zakham started with running around in circles and ended on the same theme. There was nothing, absolutely nothing useful that happened in the drama. The characters are stuck frozen in time, their transformations are unreal and their stories unrelatable. Filler scenes were added to waste the viewers’ time. The plot has been lost somewhere in the middle and now they are showing scenes just for sake of completing episodes.

Always being in favour of margins of doubts and seeing the glass full,I believe this drama’s glass is completely empty, totally bereft of anything worth watching. I wonder how successful actors like Faysa Quraishi, Madiha Imam, Shabbir Jan agreed to be part of all this madness. How can you act in a drama which has no top and no bottom and no sense and no closure.

One weird thing about the play is the ability of characters to turn over new leaves and shed their skins at one serious scolding. That was all it took for Nuzhat to become a completely different person after wasting a few episodes on showing how evil she is. Similarly, after spending almost half the drama depicting the terrible Khalida hell bent on destroying Takbeer’s life for no good reason, she has suddenly had a change of heart to become a very dutiful wife and mother. All it took was a serious scolding from her husband. Such an easy transformation. So these two episodes, she was totally and blissfully busy with her son, having no interest in Takbeer anymore and that is the end of Khalida’s story. Atleast till the writer needs another twist and gets her a psychic transformation once again. Anything is possible folks and does not need to have any semblance to reality. These sudden transformations of the main villianesses are enough to put you off this drama, and there are these other mysterious stories of Khawar’s disappearance, Khalida’s pregnancy, Sultan’s settling abroad and being there on phone all the time, Khawar’s reality and the police track and so many random unexplained things like some Ayesha and Mustafa’s domestic troubles.

On the other hand, Takbeer is in a weird state of mind. Now that everything is happening and she is having a chance to live again, she is upset and it’s not very clear why. Musa’s family is totally understanding and accepting of Fatima and yet Sultan has suddenly landed to take Fatima and raise her as his own. Nuzhat has had a complete change of heart and is such a good wife and bahu now, yet Farhat was warning Takbeer to keep her away from Sultan because he will get angry. What for? And another question, is Takbeer divorced now or not? When the court grants divorce, is there still any ambiguity whether the woman can re-marry or not. This drama is certainly creating one. Every episode, Khawar is shown the same way ; hurt, torn, hungry and reminiscing the details of how he tortured Takbeer and Tehreem. Life is passing by, episode after episode and Khawar is shown just to remind us that the show is not over not.

This play has lost all direction now. Please share your thoughts if you were consistent enough like me to bear these two hours of torture this week as well.


Mehwish Mansoor

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