Yaar e Bewafa Episode 9 Review – Realistic Portrayal!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yaar e Bewafa took the story forward effortlessly but quite slowly as well, however the slow pace of the drama doesn’t seem to be an issue because the way things are unfolding is quite realistic. They have given us enough time to get to know the characters & form an opinion about them accordingly, which is an added detail & actually makes everyone’s journey quite interesting.

So, Fizza chose to go to her father’s place but then she also told her mother that she would never approve of her father’s interference in her divorce. I think if not anyone else, Fizza should’ve known her father better that he is not someone who would sit quietly & miss the chance of showcasing his power & authority. Also, I think it was quite immature of Fizza to ‘assume’ that as per her wishes, her father would mind his own business & wouldn’t try to break this relationship which he was never in the favor of right from the beginning.

I think in this ugly divorce Zaid has proved that he loved Fizza unconditionally, that is why even after going through so much, he is trying to do everything to stop Fizza from leaving. It really showed that in this relationship, Fizza was at the receiving end & Zaid was always the one who happily sacrificed & compromised for Fizza’s sake as he loved her. Zaid wasn’t the one who was keen on going to Australia but he still went ahead with the plan as Fizza wanted it. Now it looks like Zaid will also give up on this relationship because he knows that this is also something that Fizza wants.

I felt really bad for Zaid when I saw him thinking about all the things that Ahmed said & told him about his grandfather’s house. I think this is going to be the only deciding factor which would convince Zaid that he should let go of Fizza & Ahmed because he already started feeling like a failure thinking that he couldn’t provide the ‘comfort’ & the ‘luxury’ to his wife & son that they deserved. It was actually quite upsetting to see such a doting husband & a father like Zaid being forced to believe that he fell short of his responsibilities whereas Zaid never in the first place promised big things to Fizza, he only offered her love & she chose to settle for it for the time being, till she got over it!

Oh well, things are stagnant as smelly water in Amna & Saleem’s track. The only thing that changed was that Saleem’s diseased relapsed & now in stead of contacting the doctors, he was going to invest his time & energy on some Baba Jees. I am wondering if there’s one ‘right’ thing that Saleem has done in his drama-life so far? I am tired of seeing Amna putting up with Saleem’s behavior, I really wish he goes out of her life so that we get to see her life shaping for the better!

Overall, this episode was interesting, slow but yes interesting. I like the simple characters & simple situations because it shows that a simple story can still keep the interest of the viewers intact if it is tackled properly. All the actors have done an amazing job undoubtely & so have the writer & the director for bringing such an emotionally touching story to us in such a simple yet unique way. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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