Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 06 Review – Intense & Gripping!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar did seem slow in the beginning but as it passed by, it got intense & the note at which it ended had me biting my nails because of the way things unfolded. The actors deserve full marks for breathing life into their characters & the director deserves full marks for making things so realistic that you just can’t help relate to them on some other level.

It was quite interesting how they showed a transition in Zubiya’s attitude & her overall mannerisms, like she was on a different tangent because she met a guy who she was in love with & who was making her happy. This is exactly what happens when girls at a tender age fall in love where they don’t have any idea about the intricacies of life but just start living in some lala land because of the promises that their partners make to them. Just because Zubiya gave away every single detail about herself to Rameez, he made the most of it & used everything to manipulate her. It was interesting to see how Rameez knew what he had to say & when to push his luck because he had read Zubiya so clearly that he knew that she was just a lonely girl who longed for some love & attention. I must say the way the writer & the director elaborated their relationship was quite intelligent, like they showed how Rameez was testing Zubiya & the lengths she could go to by emotionally blackmailing her & just when he saw that she would do anything that he’d say, he made another move.

I must say the way Daniyal approached Noori’s case was brilliant. What is commendable here is how they have shown Daniyal being emotionally invested in this case as well. It was actually quite sweet that Daniyal wasn’t just playing his role as a lawyer but was encouraging Noori to pursue her studies, since he knows that she feels passionately about education & was a teacher in her village. Daniyal met SHO Ayaaz & told him to file the FIR against Jahangir & his friends. Once again they shed a light on how policemen despite knowing the reality do everything to put a lid on it but just because Daniyal had medical reports, Ayaaz couldn’t do much.

My favorite part of this entire episode was Daniyal’s meeting with Bilal. Even though I have always been against the usage of children in our dramas but characters like Zebo, Jazza & Bilal restore my faith in the fact that young boys & girls can also be used in the dramas to serve a better purpose & to add that quotient of innocence that children are a picture of. Bilal’s refusal to take the money was another very sweet aspect, it showed that Noori taught him self-sufficiency & even at such a tender age, he was mature enough to not take any favors. I think it was intelligent of Daniyal to put that opportunity to good use where he told Bilal to report him everything, like he could see that the young boy was eager to help his sister & wanted to do everything for her. I will say that I was disappointed in Lateef, like he is being scared for no good reason, at least he should’ve given Daniyal a chance to explain everything to him or could’ve asked him how Noori was doing. It seems as if Lateef is relieved that he doesn’t have to deal with Noori anymore, which is a shame.

So, Rameez pushed Zubiya to elope with him & Zubiya being naive that she is agreed to that. I think this was a bit unconvincing that a girl who comes from such a strict & conservative family got so much of confidence to take such a bold step. Yes, restrictions & undue ones at that can push people to the limit but Zubiya gave in a bit too easily. All this while I was hoping that may be Rameez’s intentions were pure but he proved the otherwise because Rameez just wants to use Zubiya & throw her like a tissue paper & just because he could see that Zubiya needed some sweet talking to get comfortable, he continued with it.

I must say I enjoyed seeing how Sheema devised ways to insult Khalil in front of everyone & how with so much of subtlety she got back at him. Yes, she was wrong in not guiding Zubiya & just being a spectator but then seeing how Khalil insulted her parents & didn’t allow her to attend her sister’s wedding, what else can be expected from her? Even though Sheema knew that Zubiya was planning to run away with Rameez, she kept it to herself & waited for the right time to use everything against Khalil where she started calling every other relative to not inquire but actually inform them that Zubiya wasn’t home. Khalil couldn’t see what Sheema was doing but then again, he is someone who doesn’t believe in reflecting on his actions otherwise he would’ve understood that this was karma’s spin on him!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode. Even though this episode had a slow start, everything was unfolded in a very convincing manner. The actors did such a great job & the director gave this episode a perfect treatment. The background music was spot on. I must say the switch between the scenarios where one girl was getting help to come out of her troubles & the other was falling into a deep pit was balanced out perfectly by the director. Beenish Raja stood out more than ever, she is a very fine actor. Sajjal Ali was phenomenal where she portrayed Zubiya’s hesitation but confidence in a perfect manner. Ehtashamuddin showcased Khalil’s state of mind to perfection as well. Bilal has to be one of my favorite characters in this drama & not to forget, the child artist has done such a brilliant job too. The preview has gotten me excited already & I can’t wait to see what Khalil’s reaction would be, so, definitely looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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