Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 08 Review – Pretty Convincing!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar was slow but still had some developments to its credit. I must say I love the way this drama has been directed, its like the director has made sure to make all the scenarios convincing & the grim treatment he has given to most of the situations add a lot of depth & meaning to them & not to be forgotten that specific soundtrack & that humming, it just makes things perfect!

So, Faryal got some coverage after a while & it is interesting how without making it too obvious, all of Faryal’s shortcomings & her immaturity are brought to the surface. Faryal’s attitude & her personality is completely opposite to Asfand’s & even his family, so it will definitely become difficult for them to keep up with a girl like Faryal but still it was nice to see her being treated so nicely by her in-laws-to-be. For a change, it was good to see Gaiti in Shalwar Kameez but then she fulfilled the quota by showing up in her night gown by the end of the episode. It was also good to know that Gaiti is a dietitian & she intends to run her own clinic, whereas I never saw that coming!

Khalil has lost everything, he has lost the drive to live, he has lost the courage to face the world but then again he still hasn’t understood that Sheema is equally responsible for getting the word out because usually in such situations, people brush the facts under the carpet but Sheema aired the dirty laundry of her in laws because she wanted to get revenge. It was interesting to see Sheema’s reactions & that satisfaction on her face when Khalil was handing over everything to her & Rehan. Sheema never would’ve thought that this plan of hers will yield her all these rewards that she has longed for all these years. As much as I have detested Khalil in the beginning, I find it easy to feel for him now because he hasn’t done or said anything to Zubiya & is just engulfed in his own guilt for being a failure, as a husband & also as a father!

The phone-call that Zubiya got from her cousin was so convincing because this is exactly what happens, people forget to even greet you for years but the moment they pick something, they come up & act as your well-wishers to get the gruesome details & this is exactly what her cousin Summaya was trying to do. Zubiya’s flashback of her mother was another beautiful scene, it showed that Zubiya was not only feeling lonely but she was feeling guilty for ignoring the things that her mother taught her.

So, the new entry Urooj is a spy planted by Rab Nawaz Shah’s lawyer into Daniyal’s office. To be honest, for a moment I did want to believe Urooj & her story but all this while I did find something off about her, mainly because of the actress who has been chosen for this role. I have never seen this actress playing any positive role so I thought may be she actually tried something new but she didn’t prove me wrong & ended up proving that she was once again playing a negative role in this drama. So, Urooj & her speech showcasing her helplessness got the better of Daniyal & he ended up giving her the job only to make things difficult for him further. I really hope nothing happens to Daniyal at this stage but we’ll have to see. I think Usman should have hired some security guards for Daniyal immediately after he received a phone-call from Rab Nawaz Shah because he already told Usman that things could go wrong. Also, I don’t know but I found it a little unconvincing that in such a well-reputed & well-run law firm, there were no surveillance cameras in the offices because Urooj looked through such confidential documents & no one found out about it!

Overall, this episode was interesting & I loved the direction of the last scene where Daniyal walks out of his office, like there was this quotient of suspense which was covered brilliantly. All the actors have done a great job. I really wanted to see some more developments in Zubiya’s track which thankfully the preview of the next episode promised, I think Khalil will be taking a stand for Zubiya & he will end up supporting her which will rile Rehan up. Let’s see. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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