Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 12 Review – Heartwrenching!

This episode of Yakeen Ka Safar was emotionally overwhelming because every single emotion & reaction related to Daniyal & his death was portrayed so realistically & with such accuracy that it actually touched me on a very different level. The director along with the actors deserve full points for executing this aspect of the story in such a convincing & realistic manner.

So, another page was turned & once again, another ugly truth was revealed as to how people in power shut those eyes who dare to look at them & their flaws. Daniyal lost his life because he dared to air Rab Nawaz Shah & his son’s dirty laundry in the public. What’s sad is that Rab Nawaz’s goons turned Daniyal’s murder into a suicide & made it look like everything became a bit too overbearing for Daniyal to cope up with, whereas those who were close to him knew that Daniyal was anything but a coward. Yes, the evidences & the scenarios do paint the picture of a suicide but those who are aware of the corrupt system know that this is nothing but a murder as Daniyal was trying to punish the criminal for his crime but sadly, that criminal was far more powerful & evil.

I must say everyone’s reaction to Daniyal’s death was heart-wrenching. Daniyal’s mother, his father, then Asfand, everyone was not only shook but in denial as they were finding it hard to accept the reality that Daniyal, such a perfect son & brother was no more. For Usman’s family, they lost their precious son but for others, they were a bit quick to judge & still believed the false picture that the police investigation & the media was painting in regards to Daniyal’s character & his death. For that reason I loathed Usman’s brother, like he didn’t have an ounce of compassion in him to at least stand by his brother’s side in such a difficult time.

I found it loathsome how Rab Nawaz rewarded his goon with an overseas trip & what made me hate him a bit more was the fact that he was now concerned about the NGO worker too & wanted to put a pressure on her using her son as well. They actually have revealed the real face of such men in power & authority who do not care about anyone else but themselves & for them, taking someone’s precious life means nothing because it guarantees them mental peace that their opponent is not going to reveal their truth to the world as his tongue has been tied forever.

I must say out of everyone in Daniyal’s family, I was dreading seeing Gaiti’s reaction the most & yes, I couldn’t contain myself when I heard everything that Gaiti had to say about her husband. The fact that Gaiti was feeling guilty that she didn’t talk to Daniyal properly before he left was heartrending, like she knew she couldn’t undo that moment when her husband wanted to talk to her & she didn’t give him a chance because she never in her wildest dream would’ve imagined that her husband won’t be returning home. Gaiti is expecting Daniyal’s child & the fact that he is not going to be there when that child will be born is horrifying.

I really wish they move Zubiya’s track a bit forward now because all that’s happening in her side of the story for quite some while now is that she either is quiet or is getting taunted by Rehan & Sheema. I really want to see some progress in her track now even though I do understand that they had to make this episode entirely about Daniyal but just a scene or two other than Zubiya getting taunted would’ve sufficed.

Another thing that I liked in this episode was how Asfand visited Daniyal’s office to look for some sort of clue, even though he didn’t get anything substantial but the fact that he & his friend got to know about Majid was a very little progress that they made. Sadly, now when Asfand will spot Majid’s house, he will find out that Majid is no more too or may be Majid didn’t die because after he got shot, they didn’t show anything about him after that. May be they are keeping this suspense & Majid is alive who will now help Asfand. While looking at how helpless everyone was feeling, all I could think of was how are they going to find out the truth? Usman is not going to do anything so I don’t really expect much from him but will Daniyal’s family ever find out the truth behind his murder? Will they ever find out how Daniyal died? The fact that Noori was told to leave also showed that even the NGO Worker lost the hope in this case & wanted out from it because Daniyal’s tragic ending obviously weakened her too.

Overall, this episode was perfect, like the way every single actor acted to portray the sadness that Daniyal’s death brought to them was phenomenal. For me, Hira Mani definitely took the crown in this episode with her perfect performance, like she actually convinced us all to cry with Gaiti at the loss of her husband Daniyal, which is her win as an actor. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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