Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 13 Review – Brilliant!

Ohkay so, it was yet another interesting episode of Yakeen Ka Safar. I enjoyed watching this episode because it turned new pages of the story & things moved forward, giving the viewers enough reasons to keep on following it. I must say the consistency with which the director has directed this drama is commendable, not once you find loopholes or mistakes & everything is covered in such a convincing manner that it shows the grip that the director had on this script. I wish the approach of the director remains the same till the end of the drama.

So, my prediction was wrong & Majid wasn’t alive. Asfand succeeded in his attempt of reaching to Majid only to find out that even he couldn’t survive. Both Asfand & Daniyal’s friend immediately understood that it was none other than Rab Nawaz Shah who did this to Majid as well. For the first time, I liked how Asfand’s character came to the forefront & he showed a completely different personality. Yes, this is exactly what happens when you are faced with trials and tribulations, sadly Asfand is going through a rough phase because he understands the gravity of the situation & more than that, he has a motive, where he wants to prove Daniyal’s innocence. To be honest, I am actually glad that after this episode, I won’t get to see the actor playing the role of Faryal, like I am glad that her role is over & I’d suggest her to improve her acting & dialogue delivery before appearing in any other drama again because she is quite a weak actor. Faryal only spoke the words of her father & she also believed that Daniyal was guilty of all the charges that were pressed against him. Asfand like anyone who is emotionally shattered relied on Faryal to help him overcome this depression but she in stead of doing anything, pushed all the wrong buttons, but it is good that Asfand got to know about Faryal’s reality & got his answer that she is not interested in him anymore.

Noori had to take matters in her hand. Yes, she knew that she was fighting the powerful & she also saw how trying to go through the proper channel cost Daniyal his life, therefore she decided to deliver the verdict to the culprits herself. It is sad that she died as well but at least, she proved it that she was a victim & that Jahangir & Rab Nawaz were the culprits. That entire scenario was executed brilliantly, like Rab Nawaz wouldn’t have ever imagined that the girl he was speaking about was sitting right in front of him, waiting for the right moment to wipe that smug look off his face. Even though it is sad that Noori had such a small life span & that she died proving her innocence but at least, by this move, she also proved Daniyal’s innocence to some extent too because it showed people that Jahangir was guilty & he died while paying for his crimes!

What Gaiti’s mother said was shocking. Yes, being a parent & being someone who wants what’s best for her child, she shared what she had in her heart but the way Gaiti stood her ground made me respect her even more. She refused to listen to her mother because for her, this baby is always going to be a reminiscent of Daniyal, the perfect husband that she had. I felt so much for Gaiti when she was sitting alone in her room, thinking about Daniyal, it is unfortunate that she is going to spend the rest of her life like that but at least, she is ready to invest herself in her baby & she will make something out of her life for herself & most importantly for her child.

I am glad that Zubiya’s track moved forward too. It was interesting to see how Zubiya got the motivation to do well in her studies only because she knew that she had her father’s support. It shows how little encouragement does wonders to someone & this is exactly what happened with Zubiya too. She survived the rough patch & now she was planning to shape her future. It showed that Zubiya found a motive in her life, a goal that she was eager to achieve & what made it even better for her was the fact that her father was ready to support her every step of the way. The way Rehan suggested Zubiya’s wedding & the way Khalil chose to listen to that advice was also understandable, but I would’ve liked if Khalil had warned Rehan to mind his own business as well. Khalil knows that Rehan out of his hatred for Zubiya suggested that she should get married but in stead even he thought it was a good idea. To be honest, I am getting tired of Sheema & her rants, like there’s nothing good that comes out of her mouth & I wish she gets zero coverage because she’s off-putting. Anyways, it does seem like Zubiya got a proposal from a decent family, but let’s see how things are going to unfold.

Overall, this episode was quite interesting. It was good that Asfand got some coverage & we got to know more about him. He most certainly is not going to sit quietly but I have a feeling that he will be discouraged by Usman. In the precap, the way Usman suggested moving to a new place goes to show that he is just a coward who is not ready to face the reality, like I know losing Daniyal has taken a toll on him but to see him trying to move on in such a way only shows that he has no backbone to fight for the right by defending his son & trying to prove his innocence. At least Asfand is going to try but I am sure Usman won’t let that happen. Everyone’s acting in this episode was spot on, I for the first time enjoyed Ahad Raza Mir‘s presence & performance in this drama & I hope Asfand’s character keeps on getting better. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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