Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 23 Review – Brilliant!

Ohkay so, what a brilliant episode of Yakeen Ka Safar tonight. What I loved & enjoyed the most about this episode was how the emotions were portrayed, starting from emotions of a mother to emotions of a man who felt a bit jealous seeing the lady he likes, sharing a hearty laugh with a male colleague, like there were so many moments in this episode that were portrayed beautifully & made this entire episode a treat to watch. After a very long time I felt that the writer & the director had the grip on the story & most importantly the characters because now they were actually looking real & relate-able, it shows what emotions if portrayed rightly can do to the characters & impact the story!

Gaiti’s decision of joining the hospital came as a pleasant surprise to everyone because all those who love Gaiti always wanted her to move on & do something with her life. The entire credit definitely goes to Zubiya & it was good seeing Asfand’s mother acknowledging the fact that it was Zubiya who convinced Gaiti. I must say I loved the way Zubiya warmly welcomed Gaiti, their friendship is one of the best aspects of the story & that particular scene came as a reminder that Zubiya & Gaiti were true friends who emotionally supported each other & now one was empowering the other.

So, the moment Gaiti joined the hospital, we heard a conversation about Dr. Haroon & his future where he should get married again. I totally ship Gaiti & Haroon together because obviously they would make a great reel-life couple as well. So, finally Asfand’s liking for Zubiya went a notch higher, that is why his reaction after seeing Zubiya with Haroon along with the red flower evoked such a reaction from him. Even though Asfand tries to avoid Zubiya whenever he is around people but it was interesting to see how he casually shares a sentence or two when they are together in privacy. It was interesting to see that out of all the people, Dr. Shehroz could sense what Asfand was feeling & despite his harsh behavior towards Zubiya, he could still feel there was something going on especially from Asfand’s side. Dr. Shehroz’s smile said it all & it was beautiful.

Coming towards the best part of tonight’s episode, Asfand’s mother & her stance regarding Faryal’s arrival. Even before she had a heart-to-heart conversation with Asfand, I knew why she was reacting this way. It was quite obvious that Faryal’s mention reminded her of Daniyal, the son that she has lost & all the bitter memories of how his reputation was tarnished, how even his own relatives especially Faryal’s family believed that he was guilty of all the charges placed on him. Even though Usman tried to calm her down but like she said, being a mother of two sons who were hurt by Faryal & her family, it wasn’t easy for her to let go of the past. For the first time I loved how Usman with so much of surety shared his perspective about Asfand as if he really understood his son. All this while we saw that for Usman, Daniyal was everything & there was this distance between Usman & Asfand especially after Daniyal’s death, but for the first time I felt the void was filled & now Usman was just as proud of Asfand as he was proud of Daniyal. Usman’s claim that Asfand despite liking Zubiya will not easily accept it was spot on because this is exactly what Asfand was struggling with, he has started liking Zubiya but is finding it hard to come to terms with it & give it some meaning. Similarly, Usman’s claim that Asfand will welcome Faryal without any hesitation was spot on too but this time around, his wife also had a point as she knew that Asfand has gotten used to keeping his emotions bottled up, that is why she was feeling more distressed that Asfand won’t get a chance to share what he must be feeling upon hearing about Faryal. I absolutely loved the conversation that Asfand & his mother had, where she wanted him to give words to every single feeling that he had regarding Faryal but Asfand proved Usman right & let her know that he was unaffected. Obviously, it wasn’t completely true, Asfand is still hurt but yes, he has gracefully moved on & has learned a lot to now feel anything for her!

Faryal & her selfish reason! The way her eyes were stuck on Asfand when he showed up was enough to know that she came here with only one intention, which is to rekindle her relation with him because now she is divorced. It was interesting how in such a small scene they once again made it obvious that Faryal was only thinking about herself & no one else because she wanted Asfand to immediately know that she is a victim seeking for emotional support from him especially.

Now talking about all those beautiful scenes of Asfand & Zubiya, I loved how even Zubiya could feel some warmth in Asfand’s attitude despite all the scolding that he directs at her. Zubiya hardly reacts to Asfand’s harsh comments anymore because she knows he has his mood swings especially when it comes to work therefore she chooses to stay quiet but yes, when it comes to all the other things that he says, Zubiya does understand what he is trying to convey. Zubiya has also started reading between the lines like she does get affected when he ignores her & can also feel that he cares for her. Dr. Shehroz’s dialogue ‘handle it carefully’ said it all, he has understood that there’s a lot of liking from Asfand’s side for her & it was his subtle way of encouraging it, which I found quite sweet. Even after the shortest counselling session with Dr. Asfand, Zubiya thought about the ‘good memory’ that she shared with him but since her past has shaped her character & mindset in such a way, she fears slipping up once again & for the exact same reason, she immediately cleared her thoughts because she knows she has worked really really hard to garner all the respect that she gets, therefore she can not afford to do anything differently.

This episode was absolutely beautiful, I loved everyone’s input in this episode, be it Gaiti, Haroon, Dr. Shehroz or significant coverage that Usman & his wife got, everything was conveyed beautifully. One thing I noticed when Zubiya was introducing Gaiti to everyone was how she had this confidence in her body language now, it showed that she has become quite comfortable & feels empowered herself, like it was a very small scene but it showed that Zubiya is pretty settled in this phase of her life & she is having a great time. Sajal Ali’s acting was brilliant & I absolutely loved watching her. Ahad Raza Mir has made it obvious that he was a perfect choice for the character of Asfand Yar, he has absolutely nailed it, there are such intricate emotions that Asfand’s character experiences & to portray them flawlessly at that was not an easy feat & Ahad Raza Mir has achieved that, so big thumbs up! Also liking the coverage that all the supporting characters are getting, they are making this drama a wholesome package which is great. Definitely looking forward to the next episode & I am really glad that the story has finally picked up & now we can see where it is headed. Please share your thoughts about this brilliant episode of Yakeen Ka Safar!

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