Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 27 Review – Intense & Emotional!

Ohkay so, what an intense & emotional episode of Yakeen Ka Safar that too with so many developments to its credit. This episode definitely moved the story forward a great deal, almost making it look like they are now headed towards the end of the drama, that is why all the loose ends are now being tied. Even though the team of Yakeen Ka Safar took a while in bringing the story to this point but the way they are slowly wrapping things up makes it look like we will be getting a proper ending for the first time & things won’t be rushed like how they usually are with the rest of the dramas.

So, the Bar Council paid tribute to Daniyal and Usman couldn’t help but accept the invitation because he knew that he had to accept the honor that Daniyal was getting. I totally understood Lubna’s feelings too, she being a mother is still bitter about the fact that everything turned a blind eye towards Daniyal when he needed everyone’s support the most & now when someone else did the heavy lifting, everyone else was ready to have their say. I liked how Usman made Lubna understand that despite all what Daniyal & they went through, everything got a closure & he had to be a part of it because he had do that in order to show his respect to Daniyal as well. All the things Usman said were so touching & emotional, Daniyal indeed was a very brave lawyer that is why, he didn’t think twice before putting his life in danger for Noori because for him, getting her justice was the only aim of his life.

With this closure, everyone’s feelings & memories of Daniyal rekindled, be it Usman, Lubna, Asfand or Gaiti, even though they all moved on & learnt how to live without Danial but the way they all shed the tears went to show that everything related to Daniyal or his death was fresh in their minds & he still were finding it hard to get over everything that happened. Usman for obvious reasons felt the need to apologize to his sons because when they both needed him, he was too busy holding onto his principles which obviously weren’t in line with Daniyal & Asfand’s values. To see Gaiti feeling guilty for the fact that she parted with Daniyal on a bitter note was heart-wrenching. She only wanted him to be safe, the fact that Gaiti was upset with Daniyal was her way of showcasing how much she loved him & how much she wanted to protect him, but just because Daniyal didn’t come back, she has this burden on her heart that she couldn’t show Daniyal the support he needed from his family members, especially his wife. Even though Asfand didn’t say much but the fact that he told Gaiti to be happy obviously was a hint for her to start afresh, right now Gaiti mustn’t have understood what Asfand was trying to say but later she definitely will.

So, Zubiya got to know that Asfand’s family was now seriously thinking of making her their family member that is why Lubna asked her about Mehjabeen’s address. The conversation between Zubiya & Asfand was so intense, it was so obvious that Zubiya was deliberately trying to hurt Asfand in a hope that he would back out. It was sad that for the first time Asfand openly told her that he loved her but Zubiya wasn’t in such a state of mind to accept him or his feelings. Zubiya loves Asfand herself but the past that she is hiding from everyone isn’t letting her move on as like she said, she thinks Asfand deserves someone better, someone who has a clean slate & hasn’t committed such mistake that Zubiya committed years & years ago. It goes to show that Zubiya hasn’t forgiven herself for what she did, that is why she is even hurting herself but turning away from something that she knows would make her happy. The way Zubiya cried after she left Asfand’s office was an evidence enough that she was hurt, for herself and also for hurting Asfand.

Well, the scene between Kharjista & her mother in law was sweet but it also went to show that you can not predict what will happen the next moment, you really can’t tell what life has in store for you. Kharjista was so happy & so was her mother in law, they both were excited about the baby that was going to become a part of their family but Bahadur took everything away. It literally took him one second to snatch all the happiness away from everyone. Everything that Kharjista’s mother in law said about her while sitting outside the operation theater was so emotional, she finally accepted Kharjista as her daughter & she was doing everything to make her feel special, that is why she was grieving at the thought of what Kharjista was going through.

Overall, this episode was beautiful, it was emotional, it was sweet & it was complete because it had all the elements that made it perfect. Ahad Raza Mir & Sajal Ali should take a bow for such brilliant performances & also all the other actors because they have supported phenomenally as well & it is because of all of their efforts that Yakeen Ka Safar is what it is. Seeing Daniyal again & again is bittersweet, his tribute was touching, it is absolutely sad to know that he couldn’t survive the cruelty of this world. The preview of the next episode promised a lot of drama as well, looks like Asfand will be in trouble & Zubiya will just get the feel of what it would be like losing Asfand, may be that will convince her to let go of her past & start afresh as well. Let’s see. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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