Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Episodes 31&32 Review – Useless Details

So these episodes were a masterpiece of dragging, prolonging and filling with useless scenes that contributed nothing to the story.

First we will get to the main points, Naheed has gone into severe depression since Anum has also proven to be stubborn and headstrong like Amber and went against her mother’s wishes. Anum has gotten a reality check that the sophisticated and cultured Dr Jawad is an emotionally abusive and degrading husband when it comes to his first wife. Amber is slowly but surely making Anila’s life a hell and Anila is realising that times have changed and she cannot get much out of her old bullying and manipulative techniques.

So these were basically the few advancements that took place but to elaborate them and fill the course of two episodes in one go, scenes and dialogues were stretched so much that they lost all their depth and beauty. The parts where Amber acts sugar sweet when Ahsan is around and that makes Anila seethe in anger and Sadiq act clueless is repeated too many times. Such useless banter between Anila and Amber has become quite monotonous now. No point in it anymore.

Anum’s marriage and Naheed’s expressions on it were very touching and made complete sense in the loneliness and melancholy of that scene. Somehow, despite being around the same dark moods, Saima Noor’s scenes still did not look boring or over the top. Even her depression seem justified. Anila’s boys are doing bad to her because she herself is a bad parson and the cause of much grief to a lot of people. Naheed, on the other hand was a genuinely good mother who certainly did not deserve such selfish daughters.

Anum has seen how Jawad mistreats his first wife and now she is intent on making Fehmida look and feel good after snatching her husband first. Maybe they want to show that all second wives are not evil, but it still makes no sense. Why would she want to improve the lifestyle of a woman whose husband she has already married.

The episode was stuffed with filler scenes. At one point, I thought we will have to suffer through the whole haircut, such is the slow pace of this drama. Also, just to show that Iqra has started a new job, there was not much need to show how Iqra met each and everyone of her students and also how she walks to her home when school is off. We were literally walked the whole way from school to Naheed’s house. Mamoo and mami were not given much time today which is good in a way that atleast Naheed could mourn in peace.

The next promo looks quite promising.. stay tuned to find out more

Mehwish Mansoor

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