Ye Dil Mera Episode 1 to 12 – An Overview

Ohkay so, Ye Dil Mera is written by Farhat Ishtiyaq, directed by Ahsan Talish and produced by MD Productions. It has been on air for 12 weeks and has made quite a buzz and for all the right reasons. Ye Dil Mera is a story of love & revenge, which has been set in a genre of mystery & thriller. It also gives the viewers a deep insight into the life of a person dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Dramas like Ye Dil Mera are a rarity on Pakistani television & it definitely is commendable that more & more writers are exploring these subjects. I have binge-watched Ye Dil Mera, but before starting off with the overview, I want to mention that all this while the drama was on-air, I succeeded in staying away from all kinds of spoiler alerts. I did not even watch promos or followed any news about it, so that when I watch it, I create my own opinion about it. I will however say that so far, I found Ye Dil Mera to be intriguing, intelligently written, brilliantly directed & perfectly executed drama. I never was disappointed at what I was coming across because Farhat Ishtiyaq most certainly knows how to bring such stories to the table.

Every character of Ye Dil Mera has been written in detail. Although I did not know about the story but somehow, while watching it right from the beginning, I could figure out what the suspense might be. It by no means is to state that the story is predictable but the way the drama has been directed with so much detailing & the way the actors have portrayed their characters on screen, made it very easy to connect the dots & solve the conundrum. All this while watching Ye Dil Mera, I could not help but notice & appreciate the fact that the plot has so much clarity in every aspect of its execution. I also found clarity in expressions & the emotions conveyed by the actors & this for me was the biggest factor that helped in figuring out the story. It was the clarity in their acting that actually gave away the story & that too in such a manner that the writer as well as the director wanted to. Ye Dil Mera definitely is an intelligently written script which has been given a perfect treatment by the writer.

Characters & Introductory Plot:

Meer Farooq Zaman’s (Adnan Siddique) entire life revolves around his daughter Noor ul Ain Zaman/Ana (Sajal Aly). Being an only child, she has been pampered all her life & her father has made sure that she never has to face any hardships. Ana lost her mother when she was 5 years old & ever since, Meer Farooq has been extra cautious in dealing with his daughter. Ana suffers from anxiety, she can not sleep properly for weeks, she feels her nightmares are basically foreshadowing of some miserable experience in her life. Ana’s father wants her to get better but on his own terms. Ana also visits a psychiatrist Dr. Arsalan (Mohammad Ahmed). The other two important people in Meer Farooq & Ana’s lives are Nargis Bua (Naima Khan) & Ali Baksh (Paras Masroor). Nargis Bua is Ana’s governess but she is more like a mother figure to her. Ali Baksh happens to be Meer Farooq’s right hand & he is very much loyal to his boss. Although Ana has been raised with a lot of love & care, but she never once comes across as a spoiled brat.In fact she is a girl with dreams & aspirations.

Ye Dil Mera Episode 1 to 12 - An Overview

Amaanullah Khan (Ahad Raza Mir) is an orphan who has built a business empire at a young age. He expanded his business by investing the money that he inherited from his uncle who passed away. Amaanullah’s uncle was married to a Britisher who had a sound financial background. After completing his engineering degree, Amaanullah comes back to Pakistan & established his business. Amaanullah is trusted by Ghori (Farhaan Ali Agha) & his entire family. Ghori happens to be best of friends with Meer Farooq. Amaanullah loses his father, mother & baby sister when he was 11 years old. The person responsible for the murder of Amaanullah’s entire family happens to be Meer Farooq.

Brilliantly Executed Drama:

Now that the introductory details of the characters are out of the way, I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching Ye Dil Mera. It is the kind of drama that makes you look forward to every single episode week after week. Ye Dil Mera is gripping & it has the kind of story that keeps you guessing about what is yet to come. This factor of suspense, when done right turns out to be the biggest strength of the drama. If a team behind a drama is able to play with the audience mind & pique their curiosity, it shows that the drama makers have a complete grip over the script & they are playing their cards well. The story of Ye Dil Mera is different, but what makes it even better is that everything gets revealed at the right moment, that too when the audience are least expecting it.

There were some of the most interesting scenes which I could not take out of my mind. The first one being Ana’s meeting with the psychiatrist. Sajal Aly’s acting in that entire scene was so powerful. I also had knots in my stomach when I saw Meer Farooq & Ali Baksh killing Amaanullah’s family. Usually such scenes are directed in such a way that they do not actually show the killings but the fact that nothing was censored & the director took his time in showing each & every expression of the murderers made it very impactful. All the scenes which covered the budding relationship of Ana & Amanullah were beautiful too. It showed how seamlessly Amaan was making his way into Ana’s life. The thing that I found quite interesting was how Amaan got to see Meer Farooq through Ana’s eyes. For his daughter, he is a hero but for Amaan he is evil, a villain who killed his entire family mercilessly. Farooq’s possessiveness for Ana at times also made it very clear that it was stemming from the guilt that he feels. It is left to be known what actually happened with Ana’s mother & how she passed away but going by Meer Farooq’s statement that he does not forgive when he feels cheated makes it very obvious that he probably killed his wife too. The psychiatrist’s analysis about his lies was spot on. Meer Farooq has fooled Ana into believing the version he has created in front of her, probably because she matters to him the most.

Ye Dil Mera Episode 1 to 12 - An Overview

The clarity which I spoke about in the beginning is the best part for me about the entire drama. I could totally see Amaan’s hatred for Meer Farooq even before it was made obvious what he had done. It was also brilliantly executed that Amaan, who was so meticulous with his planning was not just bumping into people around Meer Farooq coincidentally. He had planned it all along & now with his plans being revealed slowly & steadily, when you go back & analyze, you can totally see each & every emotion being visible in Amaan’s expressions. I guess it was easier for me to keep all these details in my mind because I watched all the episodes back to back so everything made a lot more impact & these minor details stayed with me. The moment he locked eyes with Ana for the very first time gave it away that he was making sure to draw her attention towards him in such a way that she actually is forced to think about him. Farhat Ishtiyaq has shown all the characters in a very different light, through all perspectives & angles. It completes the picture in an effortless manner & makes it even more intriguing to anticipate what is going to happen next. The element of thrill & suspense has been done to perfection in Ye Dil Mera & very few drama-makers are able to achieve it in such a flawless manner.

What sets Ye Dil Mera apart & makes it a very strong drama is the fact that there is so much more to the story. The writer has not just kept the entire focus on Amaanullah’s PTSD or Ana’s anxiety. Farhat Istiyaq has turned it into a very realistic story where she has covered all the emotions that one feels. There have been some very cute moments between Amaan & Ana. Some emotional ones shared by Meer Farooq & Ana or even Nargis Bua. The way Amaan’s story is being carried forward & all the details are being revealed shows that there is so much that is left to be discovered & it makes it quite gripping. Ana & Nargis Bua’s relationship was definitely the stand-out factor in the initial scenes, the way she took care of Ana & was always vigilant towards her needs was sweet. I am keen to find out why Amaan has a soft corner in his heart for Nargis Bua. It shows that he knows her & respects her but I want to know about the connection. I also like how complete & well-rounded Ana’s personality is. She has her fears & demons that haunt her but still, she has not let any of it defeat her. She tries to fight, she does acknowledge that things might not be right but she tries her best to deal with everything. Her faith in Amaan was also beautiful. It was nice seeing her feeling so protected & secure around Amaan. Ana found Amaan the same as her father, she could see that he will take care of her, that is why she forgot about her worries when she was with him. Amaan at times too felt guilty when he learned how much Ana trusted him. He knows his intentions are to hurt Meer Farooq which eventually will hurt Ana too.

Ye Dil Mera Episode 1 to 12 - An Overview

Highly Recommended:

This drama definitely is an intelligent piece of work. The director has used the full potential of all the actors to portray these characters. Farhat Isthiyaq has surely written a brilliant drama & the detailing that she has added, as well as the layers in every character is commendable. Sajal Aly has looked like a doll & her acting is phenomenal. All the meltdowns, her anxiety episodes, she has embraced Ana’s personality & breathed life into her character. Ahad Raza Mir has given yet another memorable performance. It ain’t an easy feat conveying such a layered character with so much finesse but he has done that. I must also commend the writer for wording Amaan’s dialogues so brilliantly. The way he carefully words his feelings & then takes a pause in between because he is being cautious is always interesting to watch. Rabia Butt as Sahira is another very important character that has been brilliantly portrayed. I am glad in the last few episodes she decided to wrap a scarf around her head because the way she touched her hair in the initial episodes was not only distracting but a little irksome too. Adnan Siddique is graceful as Meer Farooq, in his good & bad, he has been in his element & the grip he had on this character is very much expected from an experienced actor such as him & also is a treat to see him play this character to perfection. It won’t be wrong to say that Paras Masroor has been one of my favorite character actors, therefore to see him as portraying Ali Baksh’s character convincingly was an added bonus. The young boy playing Amaan’s character is adorable. He made me feel so much in all of his scenes. All the supporting actors have acted convincingly & except the one who played the role of Amaan’s Chacha, his dialogue delivery was way off.

I can not really comment on the pace because I binge watched but I am glad the drama is at such an interesting stage now & the story is developing. In the last episode, introduction of Amaan’s friend & confidant was also a nice twist & a good change. It is interesting to see at least someone having Amaan’s back. The conversations are simply carried forward which has helped the characters to develop a candid chemistry. Overall, Ye Dil Mera is a drama which should definitely not be missed & I highly recommend to those who are still on the fence about it. Please share your thoughts & pour your heart out about whatever you have felt so far because from tomorrow onward, I’ll be back to usual programming of weekly reviews.

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Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.

  • Good review Zahra. An entertaining play with good performances. Could have been better. The production values, editing and direction could have been better.Noor is the daughter of such a rich man yet the clothes and jewelry she wore on her wedding did not give a good look. On the whole too the whole physical representation of Mir’s wealth is not convincing. Expected better from MD. The director has a habit of making the actors in his play look beautiful whether or not the situation demands, wake up Aehsun Talish this is not suno chanda!! It’s okay if Noor’s hair and make up isn’t always perfect!! Doesn’t work here. Noor’s father taking a completely back seat in her life after Aman entered was illogical. Any helicopter parent with such a criminal mind cannot and does not do that. He was too trusting of Aman. The writer could have shown this development more convincingly. Noor was there at Aman’s house whenever she wanted which suggested that all of a sudden she had the freedom to go wherever she wanted without supervision or even permission. Very weak script in that way.

    The biggest plot hole in the story is Mir not going after Aman or not knowing that he missed one member of the family. This was obviously planned. They even killed a little baby. How could they not know that there was a boy too? This was a planned murder, didnt they know that one member of the family was missing. The whole drama rests on this situation that Aman survived but the way he survived was terribly lame. Had he been shot and then he survived it would have been logical. This cunning ruthless serial killer must have thought things through but he never worried about the son who survived or tried to find him. If somehow he didn’t know already, which is unbelievable then he must have read something to the effect on the news at least that the boy survived. Farhat Ishtiaq writes the characters well but when it comes to certain situations, the logic does not support the scenarios. Aehsun Talish’s direction is not helping, Nadeem Baig should have directed this play. The story is good, the survivor coming back to avenge, very filmi and thrilling but it is not logical enough. The sister played badly by the model Natty is asking all these questions after so many years like she is an inquisitive kid. Aman is the cunning planner and like some other dramas in which the negative characters ran the show, that is what we are being shown here.

    Such plot holes are easy to ignore on the big screen because films more often are more about visual experience, in dramas writers should be more careful. Bin Roye was a blunder by Farhat Ishtiaq and Yakeen Ka Safar was mostly a hit because of characterizations and the performances. Ahad deserves all the praise here for pulling this one off brilliantly. Sajal’s character is more like Gul-e-Rana, no personality and not much margin for acting. Farhat Ishtiaq recently criticized Khalil ur Rehman and other writers for the regressive representation of women yet her own heroine here is the ultimate caricature. Even when Aman’s friend comes and mentions his background, she doesn’t bat an eye. This girl who has done engineering must be intelligent enough to at least think why he said that. Innocence is one thing but such stupidity just to make sure they get married was weak development. They should at least have shown that she thought about it especially after what Aman did with her.

    On the whole an entertaining show if you don’t read too much into it. Critics should notice such details and point them out so that writers and directors can make better dramas for the viewers in the future.


    • Good points Hassan. I noticed the same thing. Meer is a ruthless and cunning murderer + businessman but all of a sudden he is so trusting of Amaan. This one didn’t sit well for me too. Your observation is correct. All of a sudden Meer let his daughter roam around freely. After 20 years why is he so scared of the questions his sister in law asks. A person like him shouldn’t shake so easily. True about Noor’s character. I wish it was more meaty but none whatsoever. Fine she is a daddy’s girl but she is also an intelligent girl. She should be questioning some things. Why do writers do that? Show that one person is so clever and everyone else is dumb.

      • Right about everyone being so dumb. Sajal should not have done this character. She suits better in roles which have more shades.

    • Good review brother. The drama is entertaining but it has the flaws you rightly described in your review. We were discussing these points too when we watched this drama last week.

    • Thank you Hassan for raising your concerns. As far as Meer Farooq getting relaxed was because his best friend Ghori assured him. Before the discussion with Ghori, Meer Farooq did not let his guards down. Also, Ana’s love for Amaan convinced him too. He saw how Ana was so vocal about the fact that she feels safe & secure with Amaan & how he makes her forget about her fears. For any father, be it a sane or criminal minded person would definitely put his daughter’s happiness ahead of everything, that too when Ana has time & again assured him.

      Regarding Amaan’s survival, I wouldn’t look too much into it because while attempting such a crime, people not only falter & make mistakes but also hurry due to the fear of being caught. He & Ali Baksh both did what they wanted to & ran away. I do hope somehow they do clarify this point in the upcoming episodes. I guess Farhana’s questioning was not bothersome at all. It was because she came years after her sister’s death & like she said, even her parents couldn’t see Nilo, so it was natural for her to collect whatever facts she could even after all these years because she was meeting Farooq in person now. I think more than Farooq shaking at the Farhana’s questions, he was more concerned about Ana & the fact that she continued to question him right in front of his daughter who he knows suffers from anxiety. Obviously he was getting uneasy but more than that, it was more about Ana.

      For me, Ye Dil Mera worked. I have just come out of an editing disaster like Ishq Zahe Naseeb & a story which had so many loose ends & plot holes, therefore I thoroughly enjoyed Ye Dil Mera & also liked the detailing added in the characters. I must say your observations are good because I did not even pay heed to Ana’s bridal dress or jewellery. All I could see was how beautiful Sajal looked. :)

      • Zahra you are a good reviewer and a good advocate for your opinions. You just gave a whole explanation for a directorial blunder as acknowledged by the writer and mentioned by the commenters here. In my humble opinion when viewers comment on a forum they just want to express their thoughts opinions and they are not looking for justifications or answers. Otherwise they can easily reach the writers and directors and ask them the questions. Hope you won’t mind. I am sure when you review the new episode you will keep in mind that people expect a critique from a reviewer. They don’t want reviewers to sell the drama to them. I am a student of journalism giving a friendly advice. Will be reading your next review, I am certain you will follow my advice. You have good command over language but have a look at the comments section to learn how to observe all the aspects of a drama. Your review suggests no flaws in dramas, most viewers see the flaws and mentioned them in comments. We all learn from each other.

        Waiting for your review of the new episode. Have a good day.

        • Thank you so much Anila for a friendly & respectful advice. I hope you have read other reviews of mine on different dramas because I do point out the flaws as well, but yes, I will definitely critique the drama once I will start watching it on a weekly basis. I watched 12 episodes back to back, so somehow, positives stood out for me more. Plus, I just recovered from flawed Ishq Zahe Naseeb, so Ye Dil Mera came as a very pleasant surprise because I could not appreciate the fact enough that they had executed it brilliantly. I didn’t follow any news about Ye Dil Mera when I was not watching it, therefore did not know that the writer herself wasn’t happy with that particular scene.

          The comment section has always been kept open to the readers so that they speak their hearts out. I was not selling them Ye Dil Mera because I myself started watching it just now. Just like all the others readers felt & shared their opinions, I was sharing mine. :) Hope to see you on next thread & have discussions with you.

    • According to Farhat Ishtiaq, that scene in which Mir shoots Amaan’s family has not been shot well. There was supposed to be some massive explosion and their car or whatever was meant to be burnt to ashes. But director only relied on guns so the scene seemed confusing. Wrna script k mutabiq yehi hota k Meer sochta Amaan too has been burnt alive with his family.

      • Oh acha, thanks for letting me know. Actually, I have not followed any news regarding this drama, therefore I don’t have any idea. I can understand the changes made by the director but even then, I did not find it odd that Amaan survived. They did not show them cross checking inside the car, all they did was shoot & run, so it seemed very realistic that they actually did not pay heed to the fact that one of the family members survived.

      • Shorbaan that makes sense because that scene did not make sense to me one bit. I watched it so many times and it was the most illogical developments like a big flaw in the screenplay. I already had my reservations about Aehsun Talish. I am surprised that the reviewer did not notice such a big glitch. Critics should have an eye for such missing details. Thank you for your reply. I searched the writer’s twitter page and get why I felt the way I did. It is not a pretty situation when a writer and director are not on the same page.

        Regards and blessings

    • I am agree that Amaan’s character is intriguing. I get to know from your comment that you don’t like Sajal. You are not considering her all brilliant performance. Characters of Chup raho and Gul-e-rana are very different. Zubiya is one of the most strongest female lead I see in any drama. Stornger protagonist is not that who can fight from whole world, it is that who fight from her own fear, from in demons. Ana is another female lead which is strong yet fragile. She is bubbly, optimistic but has a breakdown too in form of anxiety. I rarely see any Pakistani drama which focused on PTSD characters, even IZN didn’t touch that topic thought I expected very much from that drama. No doubt there is a problem in editing and directing but characterisation of every character is perfect. Coming ton KRQ’s script, the only thing which I like about his script is dialogues, sometime those philosophical and heavy dialigues become over the top according to situation. He always write same kind of script which us entirely focused on a single character like Afzal, Danish, Faris.So far, the only drama of his in which he give importance to each character Mohabbat tumse nafrat hai. No doubt his dramas get ratings but they are somewhere overrated, there are many better scripts. We can’t relate to any character because of heavy dialogues. I watched his all of the dramas, MPTH is worst because of not showing strong development between characters. There are few moments which make no sense especially Hania’s character, Rumi behaving like a adult instead of a child. Yes, Nadeem baig just created magic with his directing which is only grace(Danish character too). Alif is another script which is far better any of these dramas, cinematography is amazing, directing is another level, dialogues are not too heavy nor they are light.

  • I was thinking how you will wrap 12eps in one go…
    But u did it & it’s splendid dear!!
    In the whole drama the most interesting character for me is amanullah… the way farhat writes his male protagonist is beautiful, I must say! Few weeks back only I read matae jaan hai.. and I was astonished by her, She makes you fell in love with her character so easily , the way she potrays love is so pure and magical!
    I’m sure aman will eventually fall in love with ana, and yeah u r right the nargis bua has some or the other connection with aman, and definitely she knows everything about ana’s life.

    • Amanullah is interesting but why is Meer acting so naive suddenly? Farhat Ishtiaq is a good writer but sometimes her dramas depend more on one or two characters. Did you not find it strange that Mir let her precious go so suddenly like he was free. I am a mother and no over protective parent can let go of their child like this especially one who has such a criminal mind.

    • Thank you so much LFI for appreciating the review. :) Yes, Amaanullah’s character is the backbone of the story & it is nice to explore his story. Yes, Farhat Ishtiyaq really has a grip on her characters & she has written some of the amazing love stories.

      Yes, Amaan will have a hard time dealing with Farooq because of Ana but since he has been so focused right from his childhood, he will definitely make sure he shows Farooq his place. Even I want him to pay the price for what he has done, but more than that, at this stage I want to know the backstory of Amaan’s father & Farooq. Yes, Nargis Bua knows everything, even the kind of relationship Nilo & Farooq had, this is why she stuttered when Farhana asked her about it. Let’s see if Nargis Bua will be of Amaan’s help or not?

      • Aoa Zahra very detailed review i must say! But i started watching it with alot of interest and honestly lost alot of it! I am amazed at the popularity of the drama but i think that is because of sajal n ahads pairing ! People are in love with their couple n in this drama they get to see all the romance n relate it with their real lives! But there is no doubt about the brilliant acting by all the actors! In the end i have one question has Aman actually fallen for Aina? Like they have shown that Ahads intentions are not good but at the same time he is not giving any evil expressions n has not done anything evil with Aina! Like what was Farhat Ishtiaq thinking! Like he is going to emotionally torture her after marrying her n this will be his revenge from Mir Farooq?? I really dont get it

        • Walaikum Asalam Manager. Thank you so much for appreciating the review. Oho, I do hope that the upcoming episodes bring your interests back in the show. :) Yes, Ahad & Sajal’s pairing is definitely playing a part in the popularity of the show but the different storyline as well as mystery element is also contributing a lot to the success.

          I think Amaan has not yet fallen in love with Ana. He likes being with her but at this point, he is so focused on hurting Meer Farooq that he has not paid much heed to Ana. However, I do feel he will fall for her eventually or may be he has thought that he should protect Ana by taking her away from Meer Farooq because later, he will make Ana’s father pay the price for all the murders, therefore he wouldn’t want Ana to be under Meer’s control or a part of his life? I am not too sure how this is going to go but this is just the theory that I could think of at this stage of the drama. :)

        • Manager I also lost interest along the way and for me not Sahad but Ahad is the reason for coming back every week. Aman’s character keepS me intrigued and I think his ultimate aim will be to destroy Mir in all ways. I agree with you though a business alliance would have been a better plot point. I am not looking forward to watch Sajal in yet another chup raho and gul e rana situation, how many times have we seen that before. I was also expecting better from Farhat ma’am but there is too much pressure on the writers nowadays to make commercial script. As much as we hate it when a man mistreats a woman in Pakistani dramas people love it. That is unfortunate but it is true. Even the best writers have to compromise on quality. I find it hypocritical that female writers get away with showing men in negative characters but when male writers show women as grey or negative characters all hell breaks loose. We have the strangest double standards as a society.

  • Glad to see that you are reviewing YDM Zahra Baji. You have written a very detailed review, sums up everything PERFECTLY. Totally agree with your words. YDM is undoubtedly a brilliant drama. I have been watching it weekly so shuru wali episodes slow lagi theen. But last few episodes were really fast paced. And I loved that. I must say Farhat Ishtiaq has really worked very hard after coming into drama industry. You know that I am a huge novels lover. By reading FI’s novels, one could only predict that her next work is going to be romantic. A simple love story with complicated relationships aur bus. (Believe me almost all of her novels are like that). But when stepped into drama industry, she kept surprising. After romantic dramas like Humsafar and MJHT, Rehaii was totally unexpected from her. Phir Parwaaz aur Udaari. She kept working on different genres and I became a bigger and bigger fan of her. Same goes for YKS. Novel was not at all something new but when she wrote the script, she turned it into something Amazing!! This is what we expect from writers; keep trying different genres and keep surprising viewers. This is how a write should be and FI deserves tons of praise for this.
    Main tou abhi say he جو بچے ہیں سنگ سمیٹ لو k liye excited ho gya hun 😄
    Aur should we expect a review for tomorrow’s episode? Keep writing such wonderful reviews and keep shining.
    اللہ آپ کو نعمتوں میں سے بہترین نعمتیں عطا کرے۔ آمین

    • Aap duae kitni khubsurat dete hai… mashallah!
      And yes shorbaan I started reading haalim as per ur suggestion..
      I’m around 450 pages..
      And no words of mine can justify the beauty of it,seriously!…thanks a ton for suggesting.

      • Haalim is one of the best adventure thriller I’ve ever read …I never knew any Urdu writer can write this so Beautifully… it’s my debut in Urdu novels… Definitely gonna try others!
        I’m sure you’ll love it even more as the story moves ahead!… happy reading 🤟

    • Jazak Allah Shorbaan for your immense kindness, it is very heart-touching. :) All the prayers reflected back at you. :) Oh yes, even I am super excited for Jo Bachay Sang Samait Lo. Any news about the project? Please do let me know. :)

      Thank you for sharing your insights about Farhat Ishtiyaq’s novels as well as her work as a playwright. She indeed has given some of the most memorable dramas. However, at times I feel directors do not do justice to her dramas & then the commercialism like reaching a certain episode mark also compromises upon the impact that her script would’ve made. I remember loving initial and ending episodes of Yakeen Ka Safar but found it super slow in the middle.

      I can not comment on the pace of Ye Dil Mera as of now but yes, I will definitely understand more about it now when I will start watching it weekly. Yes, I am going to review the 13th episode tomorrow Insha Allah. :)

  • I have been waiting for this for a long time and it was a worth it! Brilliant overview, I must say!👍🏻
    Also, I can feel reading this that how relieved you are after getting out of that Ishq Zahenaseeb disaster Lol!
    I couldn’t help comparing these two because of the fact that both of them have some kind of mystery attached to them (Although the stories are very different) but we can clearly see the difference whether it is writing or direction!
    You’ll agree Zahra that in IZN the makers dragged every mystery like a chewing gum to an extent that viewers lost the interest in even solving them out, while here as you said, every mystery is revealed at a perfect time & credit definitely goes to Farhat Ishtiaq! She’s undoubtedly one of the best writers we have & here she’s once again outshone herself! Handling such mystery/thrillers isn’t an easy feat, usually they end up making the viewers bored but I’m sooo glad that it’s the opposite here! It speaks how well a writer she is! I’m sounding like her fan right now, I am one actually😅

    Also, this script wouldn’t have been as enjoyable without the brilliant and phenomenal performances of the actors especially Ahad. Amaan’s character has sooo many shades, there are literally a hundred colours on his face in a single scene & the way Ahad instantly switches his expressions and make the viewers able to read Amaan’s face is unbelievable! His anger, sorrow, pain and confusion all are written on his face! One moment he feels sympathetic for Aina and the very next moment his sinister mode is on! Just wow! This is his performance till date!

    Moreover, I feel that Aina’s character may not be as simple as it seems to be! (May be… It’s just a prediction of mine) I just feel that her character has a lot more to offer! Because being a reader and watcher of Farhat Ishtiaq, her heroines are not so naive (with a few exceptions) and having watched Sajal’s work, she rarely chooses a plain character (though Aina is not so plain, she’s her own demons to fight with but it is just that she’s not very intelligent, like we are able to read Amaan’s face but she just never notices his weird behaviour! But it also makes sense in a way that she’s never really seen the world outside her house… I don’t know LOL.. this play plays with my mind every week like this)

    Looking forward to your review of tomorrow’s episode! Now you’ll also be waiting impatiently for Wednesdays like each one of us!
    Stay blessed! :)

    • Hey Fatimah, thank you so much for sharing your insights & for appreciating the review. Haha, yes, I am glad you could sense that I feel so relieved I don’t have to tune to Ishq Zahe Naseeb anymore. Honestly speaking, this is exactly why Yeh Dil Mera seemed even more convincing because I was also drawing comparison & thinking about how differently the mystery factor was dealt with in these dramas. I hope they continue giving the same treatment to Yeh Dil Mera because it deserves it.

      I feel we have yet to see Ana’s character evolve. Her life is going to change so much & she will slowly learn how to fight her battles. I also feel she has a lot more to her. I feel her naivety is basically a result of over-protected environment that she comes from. Meer Farooq didn’t let her experience what real world is like, he kept her so protected & in a bubble that she really couldn’t read between the lines. I am sure with a husband like Amaan & later getting to know about Meer Farooq, she will evolve & become far more mature.

      I so agree about Amaan’s character & Ahad’s performance. His character needed this clarity to make an impact on screen, the way he has flawlessly conveyed every single emotion of Amaan’s character is outstanding. I can’t wait to find out more about the story. So looking forward to reviewing Ye Dil Mera now. :)

  • Hi Zahra. That is a good review & I have been enjoying the drama from the first episode itself. Loving how Ahad has overshadowed everyone.

    Though I do have some complains w the story/direction/screenplay. I think the whole murder scene was lazily directed. I wonder how did they not know about Amaan when they were murdering his family? I mean when you go out to wipe out somebody’s family, you obviously do your homework well.

    When Sahira comes home after meeting Amaan, MFZ is shown waiting for her at home and he fishes through her handbag & discovers restaurant bill which seemed like a blooper. I mean it was Amaan who was drinking the coffee & I am sure he only paid the bill.

    Also why does Sahira have to give her brother constant reminders to find her wedding photographs LOL.

    I do like the thriller aspect of the story. I also think that MFZ murdered his wife cuz maybe she knew more than she should. Noor ul Ain is probably a witness to her mother’s death & the nightmares that she gets are connected w her mother’s murder.

    Bua ji has a lot of secrets buried deep in her chest and there is definitely bad blood between her & Ali Buksh cuz I remember in one of the initial episode she was requested to coordinate w him over something wherein she flat out refused & made a face.

    Amaan is either a family friend or MFZ’s sister’s son (I read somewhere that Amaan’s mother was possibly MFZ’s sister who married against his wish) cuz knew Nargis Bua made delicious pakore & it did seem they’ve known each other for long! Anyway let’s see how the story pans out.

    • Deepika I would like to add to your comment. Even if he somehow missed one family member which was just not possible because his assistant went back to check in the jeep and fired at the baby again but even if we suppose he did then was this mass murder covered by the media? Did the newspaper not mention that their son had survived? When such murders happen police obviously investigates and when they do they must have found out that the son was missing. And when they did Mir would find out too through newspapers. I was never convinced that why Mir’s wife wants revenge so much, the motive again is not convincing. This was such a stupid mistake that I lost interest in the drama. Watching it out of curiosity now but seriously disagree with such a big flaw in the most important part of the story.

    • Thank you so much Deepkia for sharing your insights & for taking the time out to read & comment. I am sure there are these loopholes in the direction that you & the rest of the readers have mentioned. At this stage, I don’t know why I am so happy to be watching Ye Dil Mera because I have just come out of a long-term commitment to blood-boiling Ishq Zahe Naseeb. :)

      Yes, Nargis Bua definitely knows in & out of Meer Farooq but because she loves Ana like her daughter, she has chosen to stay. I am keen to find out what connection Amaan has with Nargis Bua because he seems emotionally attached to her & cherishes her presence. Yes, now that you have said it, I do feel may be Ana’s mother was running away with her daughter but Meer Farooq found them, took Ana away & killed his wife. Looking forward to the unveiling of the mystery. :)

  • Assalamoalaikum.
    Good to see that are reviewing my fav drama from now onwards.
    It was a wonderful review of total 12 epi together in which each and everything was touched in a perfect way.
    I think es drama main koi character overshadowed nahi hua agar aik di epi main meer Farooq ki scenes amaanullah ki muqably main kam thy bhi to is liye ki story ne move karna tha. And Meer Farooq ki full story to abhi ana baqi hay. Besabar kiyon ho rahy ho?
    Dusri bath Meer Farooq ne apni beti ko pehli dafa amaan ki sath protected dekha is liye Amaan pe trust kiya. Shaid aap log woh lift wala scene bhool gaye jis main ana amaan hi ki waja si ithni jaldi apny fear se bahir aa gaye the.
    Zahira aap ne har chiz ko perfectly mention kiya.main es main aik chota sa scene add karungi jis main Nargis bua,Ali bakhsh ki sath hospital jaany se inkaar karti hay. Second ya third epi main tha jab past story ki barey main kuch bhi nahi show nahi kiya gaya tha but this scene gave me a clue that Ali bakhsh is the right hand of Meer Farooq and are absolutely right that the story is opening at proper time with accuracy and credit goes to the writer as well directer both.

    • Walaikum Asalam Noor Fatima. Thank you so much for your kind words, even I am looking forward to the weekly discussions of this amazing drama with all of you guys. Thank you for taking the time out to read & comment. Yes, abbhi to kafi kuch reveal hona baqi hai & I am so looking forward to it. :)

      Yes, absolutely. Meer Farooq ko ye decision lene mai isi liye asaani hui because us ne Ana mai wo confidence dekha plus sab se important ye dekha ke wo Amaan ke saath safe feel karti hai. I am sure Nargis Bua ko kafi kuch pata hai, even Ali Baksh ke baray mai bhi but wo sirf Ana ki wajah se is ghar mai ruki hui hain. So glad itni interesting story itnay arsay baad dekhne ko mil rahi hai aur Ishq Zahe Naseeb ke baad to sab kuch acha acha lag raha hai. :)

      I must say appka naam parh ke hamesha acha lagta hai. Meri Naani Ma ka name Noor Fatima hai, so I love it. :) Thank you for commenting. <3

  • Perfectly summed up Zahra!!
    The story is gripping, different and the performances are top-notch but I am not happy with direction and I get irritated by the continuity issues in such a brilliant story.
    One such example is from the episode where Amaan takes Aina to hotel and sees the locket, they have deleted the scene where Amaan gives her locket. In that scene Aina’s dress in uiversity is different, in car it’s different and in hotel it is again the one she wears in uni. They have also deleted the scenes after Aina resigns from office that how did they get together again. There is a long scene where Farooq and Aina visit Amaan’s plant and that is where they start talking again which they haven’t shot.
    In last episode, Khala says ‘aina shaadi k baad islamabad chali jae gi aur aap Karachi to main chali jaati hoon waapis’ when they are living in Islamabad.
    I lovee the OST.
    The scenes which are my fav are the one in which Aina tells bua Main normal nai hoon, Sajal nailed it. And the one in which Farooq tells khala that how much he loved his wife, Adnan siddiqui’s change of expressions was brilliant.
    I am so glad that u are reviewing it. Looking forward to the discussions we are going to have.

    • Thank you so much PP for sharing your insights. I am excited for weekly reviews of Ye Dil Mera too. Yes, I am sure they have had these issues but because I watched all the episodes back to back, it will take a while for me to process everything in detail or let’s just say I was sooo happy to be watching a far better drama than Ishq Zahe Naseeb that I actually took everything lightly. Yes, I did notice the Islamabad conversation because they actually have shown them living in the heart of Islamabad, not sure what they meant though. Sajal’s acting in that scene that you have mentioned was brilliant. Looking forward to the rest of the story & our discussions. Thank you for taking the time out to read & comment PP. :) Much much appreciated. :)

  • Thankyouu zahra I was sooo waiting for this! You summed it up reallyy well. Iam sure hum must have been alot more interesting to watch binge watching than episode by epiosde. I feel like there are flaws in the editing and direction. But full credits to the makers to make something very different. It’s still quiet interesting and some thing i look forward to Every week. The performances are absolutely top notch. I just wish Aina was shown to be a littleee more sensible. Let’s see what’s in store in the coming epis! Will look forward to your reviews 😍

    • Thank you so much Fatima for your kind words. I am glad you’re going to be on-board for the discussions. It definitely is the kind of drama that makes you wait for it plus after watching Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Yeh Dil Mera seems to be such a nicely executed drama. :)

      Yes, I wish Ana had taken those hints seriously but sadly because she is so much in love with Amaan, she thought he was incapable of hurting her. Let’s see how she will deal with the situation. May be her experience with Amaan & learning about Meer Farooq will actually evolve her. Even I am intrigued to see her transition from a madly-in-love-wife to a more sensible girl.

  • Perfect review Ma,am. Had the directors executed the ending of Ishq Zahe Naseeb like Ye Dil Mera, it would have finished on a high.

    I have two questions regarding Ye Dil Mera;

    1. What is the relationship of Farhana’s sister (Nilo Baji) and Amaanullah? Are they mother and son?

    2. How are Amanullah and Ana related apart from Husband and Wife?

    Because as of now, it seems that Amanullah and Ana are Step-siblings


    • Thank you so much Shah Taj Ali for your kind words. Yes, Ishq Zahe Naseeb definitely deserved a better treatment & proper execution. It seemed they too were kind of tired of the khichri they had created, so they cut corners & just wrapped it up. Feel bad that the drama which couldn’t ended on such a high note ended after so much dragging & lost all its impact.

      Yes, at one point I also felt that may be Amaan’s mother Humera was Meer Farooq’s ex-wife but I think it is more grim & complicated than that. I guess we’ll have to wait for the answers. :)

      • Thanks you sister for responding. Today’s episode brought some clarity as the picture Sajal Ali was holding showed someone else than Zarnish Khan. So yes they are two separate characters. Regards

  • Sajal and ahad are phenomenal. Power couple. In terms of acting they both are too good. Gems of industry. In alif and in YDM, she is flawless. The both characters are totally different and the way she portrayed is beyond brilliant. Sajal aly is truly a power house of talent. Rangreza, aangan, YKS…… She js just remarkable. Same with ahad. He has proved himself in a short period of time.

    YDM is really unique of its kind. Really appreciate that at least humtv is bringing different concepts. I dont like all Pakistani channels right now due to their race of trp and bad content. But i admire that at least some of the dramas are good enough to tune into.

    We are glad zahra you are reviewing it. You reviewed it perfectly.

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