Ye Dil Mera Episode 15 Story Review – The Manipulation

Ohkay so, this episode of Ye Dil Mera focused on how Ana was being manipulated by both her father & husband. Other than that, not much happened in this episode, however the preview of the next episode seems promising because Amaan will now start revealing his plan & agendas slowly. Yes, Ye Dil Mera has its fair share of flaws, but it definitely is one such drama on air right now that keeps you guessing & makes you look forward to what the future holds for the main characters – be it Amaan, be it Ana or even Meer Farooq. Ye Dil Mera has its directorial & editing flaws, however the writer has created a perfect mystery. It is a rarity to see such stories, therefore it definitely makes it an interesting watch.

The Manipulation

The highlight of this episode was Nargis Bua & her parting words with Meer Farooq. The resentment on Nargis Bua’s face for Meer Farooq was evident & it was enough to show that she did not respect that man. She was only there for the sake of Ana & now with Ana gone, she had no reason to be around the man that she knows has done no good in his life. I loved how subtly Nargis Bua’s expressions made it clear what was running through her mind. She was done with Meer Farooq, but that didn’t mean she won’t keep his secret forever. She knows it will only harm her because she has seen how far Meer Farooq can go. This conversation between Meer Farooq & Nargis Bua also made it clear that she knew everything about what he has done all his life but it was her love for Ana as well the promise she had made to Ana’s mother that made her stay in this house. For Nargis Bua, not only Ali Baksh even Meer Farooq is the same. Meer Farooq faked his calmness in front of Nargis Bua to let her know that her words did not make any difference but after she left, the discomfort was obvious. Meer Farooq is someone who has spent his entire life hiding his dirty secrets, therefore he would definitely feel threatened that the woman who is aware of all his secrets is out in the world, away from his control. Nargis Bua left, it was emotional how she was still concerned for Ana’s well-being. I can’t wait to find out why Amaan has a soft corner in his heart for Nargis Bua & I hope she stays safe from Meer Farooq.

The shift in Ana’s attitude & overall behavior with Amaan was another interesting & important aspect of this episode. Ana is running low on patience & it won’t be too long before she will fall out of her love for Amaan. She loves him, that’s a done deal but the way Amaan has been controlling her to the point of misbehaving with her goes to show that she is unable to come to terms with the fact that in the name of love, she should be accepting this kind of treatment. Ana has started to retaliate, obviously Amaan continues to manipulate her with his cheesy words but slowly & steadily, she has started to see Amaan for who he is. No matter how much Amaan tries to carry a facade, the fact that he has allowed Ana in his life obviously means that she is going to learn more about him each & everyday, even if he tries hard to keep everything from her. Amaan continues to test Ana, he wants her to never question him but that is definitely not going to happen. Ana surely loves Amaan with all her heart but by the end of the day, she comes from a background where everything was about her, it revolved around her & her mental & emotional health was taken care of but Amaan is expecting her to deal with every wrong coming her way without batting an eyelid. This will either make or break Ana, where she will either learn to take a stand for herself or she will completely become a stooge to Amaan. I think we have yet to see a drastic change in Ana’s character, she will definitely evolve. She did show those signs in this episode, therefore I am sure she is going to surprise the viewers with the transition that her character will go through.

Farhana Khala, I so wish she had known that sipping 10 cups of tea/coffee that too in the comfort of her home was not going to take her anywhere. If she really wanted to, she could’ve stayed back in Pakistan, away from Meer Farooq & inquired about Nilo Baji’s death. Does she really think that those who lied to her in person were going to spill the beans over the phone? They all are loyal to Meer Farooq, so they are obviously never going to tell the truth. The only person who can actually help her is Amaan, but not sure if she will consider getting in touch with him or not. Meer Farooq continued with his manipulation, this time the person being maligned was Farhana & the one who was getting manipulated like always was Ana. While watching this particular scene, I kind of felt bad for Ana. She is the only person who is innocent in this entire equation, but still, she is stuck between two men; Meer Farooq & Amaanullah who both have their issues. While watching her believing everything Meer Farooq was saying, I was just wondering how’d Ana come to terms with the truth. How will she deal with the fact that her father is a murderer & also that Amaan only got married to her to avenge his family’s death? Ana is already being used & she has no idea. I do feel for her but I want her to emerge stronger than ever. Let’s see how that will happen.

Interesting Preview

This episode of Ye Dil Mera was interesting & yes, the preview was enough for me to look forward to the next episode. Ahsan Talish at times does go easy on basic details & ends up making petty mistakes. This episode too had some glitches. Sajjad was shocked to learn that Amaan was already married, whereas he was at Amaan’s home right before Amaan left for his mehndi function because that’s when Ana called him & he let Sajjad know that he was getting married to the daughter of his enemy Meer Farooq. Amaan was not wearing a coat when he came from the office, which showed that he had unwinded a little but in the very next scene he was wearing his coat while talking to his friend on the phone? Anyways, Amaan’s conversation with Sahira was interesting too. Just when the viewers thought that his contact with Sahira will be his undoing, they clarified it that Amaan is being very diligent & he knows that he shouldn’t just trust her blindly. I am looking forward to the next episode when Amaan will take Ana to his childhood home, things won’t be smooth for both of them. Let’s see what happens next. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ye Dil Mera.

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