Ye Dil Mera Episode 18 Story Review – Pretty Stagnant

Ohkay so, this episode of Ye Dil Mera had a couple of important scenes to it but nothing major. The pace of the drama has slowed down considerably & there are a few scenes which have started to seem repetitive. Indeed, they are doing everything to cover Amaan’s turmoil & mental state but it has now started to look like there’s nothing much to Amaan & Ana’s track than him manipulating her & she falling for it every single time. I hope when they go back to Islamabad & resume their normal routines, Ana starts showing some growth in her overall personality.

Same Pattern & Pace

This episode clarified how Amaan exactly recognized Meer Farooq the moment he saw him killing his family, which actually validates all the questions the viewers have been raising about Meer Farooq making a mistake of killing Humera’s entire family & not knowing about her son. Meer Farooq clearly met Amaan & they both were properly introduced, so yes, it does look like a glitch that he conveniently missed the detail of ending everyone’s life then & there but not paying the heed to the fact that Humera’s son was not in the car. Anyhow, Amaan has used this time in Daryabagh to recall everything in order to stay focused on how he has to take the next step in exposing Meer Farooq.

When it comes to Amaan & Ana’s personal equation, it was pretty much the same. Amaan telling & showing things to Ana differently only to confuse her further. One thing that was convincingly shown was how Ana’s mental health was deteriorating which was affecting her overall demeanour & behavior. She was just not herself anymore & was finding it very hard to be there, this was something that was portrayed brilliantly by Sajal Aly & her strong performance.

The major development in this episode was the effect that Sahira’s call had on Meer Farooq. It was enough to rattle him & once again, for him, no one else matters anymore but the fact that he can not even fathom the idea of standing with his head surrendered, guilt-stricken in front of Ana – this is what was making him restless. Meer Farooq knows he can get rid of anyone at any given time but the only person that matters to him, Ana won’t be able grasp it. So, Amaan ended his deal with Sahira right after he got all the evidence to prove that Meer Farooq was actually married to her. Sahira does feel trapped but Amaan definitely gave her the right advice that she should just stay by Meer Farooq’s side & not do anything that will make him suspect her. Ali Baksh is being over-efficient but for now he was unable to find any clue but I do feel his vigilance will lead him to something which will put Sahira in trouble later!

It was good to see Nargis Bua, she was trying to move on but was obviously finding it hard to cope with the fact that Ana was not a part of her life anymore. Nargis Bua knows in & out of Meer Farooq, that is why she chose not to stay under his roof. One thing is for sure that after everything will be revealed, Amaan will probably take care of Nargis Bua like his own family member because he genuinely feels for her. Humera & Meer Farooq met in front of Nilofer & he didn’t shy away from making it obvious that he was still not over Humera, maybe this is what she picked up too because of which she decided to leave ASAP. It seems even young Amaan didn’t like Meer Farooq much because Amaan was pretty unhappy with the way he was ogling at his mother. Kids obviously are very intuitive & observant so Amaan obviously picked up on little details & could notice that even his mother was not much comfortable though she portrayed him to be. I must commend Humera for the fact that she didn’t mind leaving her daughter alone with the servants every chance she got? Doesn’t make much sense & doesn’t seem realistic either.

The Story Should Move On

The overall episode started & ended on pretty much the same note, nothing major happened & it ended smoothly. The preview also didn’t really promise much in terms of story development because it looks like Amaan will still be playing riddles & then screaming at Ana only to later apologize to her & then cook a meal for her attentively. The story of Ye Dil Mera is so gripping & interesting but unfortunately, it is not the kind that can be spread over 30 episodes & still be able to hold the viewer’s interest. Stories like these deserve one development after another, one happening episode after another rather than being all about the number of episodes that were used to cover them. I feel it’s high time that they now shift the story to Amaan’s revenge & him putting his plan into action rather than hinting about his resentment. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ye Dil Mera.

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  • Thank you for the review. Even I found odd that Ayesha was always left behind with servants. But someone told me probably the avoid showing Ayesha since have eventually killed her and a little infant being murder would have looked brutal.
    Sajal did very well.
    I think Aman will be caught at some instances from now on.
    The good think about Aman is that he gave good advise to Sahira even after getting details he was after. I think Farooq will eventually find the SIM.
    It was good to see Bau Jee.

    • Despite the oddity, I guess that they didn’t wanted to introduce a child star and kill him in the next scene.. it might have been very horrific.

      But yes, Amaan is always seen remembering her mother or father, not a single scene is shown of Amaan and Ayesha, which makes it difficult to relate sometimes.

  • I so agree with u on the pace of YDM. Thrillers all over the world like Stranger Things and You have major( or atleast I interesting) developments to their credit with every passing episode. I fear that YDM might meet the same fate as IZN if the director and the management does not handle it properly.

    But atleast, can we appreciate the fact that they were no such major continuity issues in this episode. Looks like the northern breeze had a positive influence on Aehsun Talish as well;-).

  • Great input by a director to destroy the drama. 🤦 Achee bhalee story ka satiyanas kerdiya hai. Barish ki zaroorat hee kiya thee dikhana agar is tarah pani banana tha. Ridiculous mistakes are done mostly. Except few scenes, the episode this time was even boring.

  • Only one question, why the hell are Ana and her father out of touch like they are living on two different planets. The stupidest part of this drama for me is the lack of communication. Ana did not mention her missing phone once even. Doesn’t she miss staying in touch with bua and her father. Totally unacceptable. Ana is wearing warm sweaters and Aman is Shown in sleeveless to entice the fans. Dumb move Mr. director. Ahad’s muscular arms do not make up for the weak screenplay and direction. Farhat Ishtiaq should be blamed here also for not handling the story properly.

    • The director is to be blamed here, he has cut alot of scenes. I am sure there must have been a scene, where she finds out that she left her phone at home, and then asks Amaan to give her his phone, to which he replies k yahaan signal nai aatay. Bcz in this episode Aina when sees him calling his friend, she says ‘mje to tum ne kaha tha kay yahan signal naiaatay, tum kesay cal rahey ho’

  • Good job zahira. Aap ne koi bhi cheeze nahi chori.
    Mujhy bhi es episode main sab se zyada meer Farooq ka panic hona acha laga.
    Amaan and sahira ki telephonic conversation es episode ki main point tha. Amaan ki strategy zabardast hay. Sahira ki ghar main cameras ka izafa MEER Farooq ki leye mehenga parega. Pata nahi mujhy aisa lag raha hay ki sahira ko qatal kiya jayega but not sure cz amaan told her that usny sahira ki hifazat ka bandobast kar liya hay. Agar sahira mar bhi gayee tho Meer Farooq ki gird gaira mazeed tang ho jayega

  • Perfect review Zahra. This episode was the worst till date, it was not just slow, but also Amaan’s behaviour is getting on my nerves, There is absolute no justification for this pathetic treatment given to Ana, he can handle her with care too, why to scream on her when he knows that he is playing with her and why is she taking all this nonsense from him. There is no balance in his character, the director/writer seem to be confused whether to portray him as a psycho or just a revengeful hero.
    he has soft corner for buaji as he feels that she was a good person, then he also knows very well that Ana is also completely innocent, and he supposedly loves her, then why torture her.
    Farooq and Ana not trying to contact each other is another loophole. Even if Amaan fooled her by saying that network is not good there, still she should have asked abt her mobile and yesterday when she saw him talking on mobile, she should have asked him to get in touch with farooq immediately.
    The way the suspense keeps getting revealed is also in the least thrilling manner, overall disappointed.

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