Ye Dil Mera Episode 20 Story Review – Happening Episode

Ohkay so, it was one of the most important episodes of Ye Dil Mera. I hope after this episode, the story takes a new direction with Amaan finally taking things further because so far, all that he is doing is not only controlled but has mostly been done in the background. This episode showed yet another brutal murder of the one who dared going against Meer Farooq, this definitely should be a reason enough for Amaan to do what it takes to bring him down.

Meer Farooq Should Be Concerned For Ana!

Sahira wanted Amaan’s help but he couldn’t do much because he obviously feared getting exposed. Amaan is definitely going to regret not helping a woman in need because she actually relied on him & Amaan knowing Meer Farooq in & out should’ve been able to foresee something like this happening. Sahira knew something was not right & she feared getting isolated but unfortunately, she never would’ve imagined that her so-called loving husband wouldn’t even think for a second before ending her life.

This episode pretty much covered all the fronts where Meer Farooq was now getting to know some details about Amaan which were making him suspicious. His conversation with Ghouri was enough for him to grow concerned about Ana as well as Amaan. Ghouri finally figured out that he was being used by Amaan all these years & now when he finally achieved what he wanted, he has started to ignore him. However, as far as Meer Farooq could go to get the business inquired about Amaan’s oil refinery, it was once again unconvincing that he didn’t even bother calling An.. This so far has to one of the most unconvincing aspects of the story that the father & a daughter who were so close to one another are doing absolutely well without getting in touch with each other for days. At first, it did look fine that Meer Farooq was satisfied seeing Ana being happy & feeling secure with Amaan, but as the days are passing by, he being the vigilant father he has always been should’ve shown more concern after seeing the difference in Ana’s attitude. A parent, no matter what, can always figure out when the child is lying or hiding the truth, so Ana’s white lies shouldn’t have put Meer Farooq to so much ease for him to literally become distant & emotionally detached to his daughter. Meer Farooq may not be wanting to get Ana worried about Amaan’s business but when he heard all the things from Ghouri, the first fatherly instinct should have been to call Ana & get to know about how things are between her & Amaan. It was kind of amusing to see that Meer Farooq inquired about Amaan’s business but not his equation with Ana.

Finally, the change in Ana’s behavior was one of the most interesting aspects of this episode. It is about time that she starts seeing Amaan for who he is. She has started to figure things out on her own & the more she gets into it, the more she is learning that Amaan has been constantly lying to her while also keeping secrets. Amaan is obviously going to lie further but now it is solely on Ana whether she falls for it again & again or not. Seeing Ana just roaming around in her house aimlessly also makes one think why can’t she just go & spend time with her father, where they both can talk & even if she doesn’t want to get him worried about things not being as good as they seem, at least some hints would help Meer Farooq understand what is happening & how Amaan is not as he poses to be. For a girl who has nothing to do the entire day, the thing she would want to do the most is definitely spend time with her friends or family at least a couple of days a week. Also, shouldn’t Amaan encourage her to get involved in some sort of activities due to the fear of her becoming more curious about his belongings & secrets that he has been hiding in his study or basement?

So, Sahira was murdered by Ali Baksh on the orders of Meer Farooq. I actually felt bad for her. All the directional flaws aside, the way these killing scenes have been shot definitely leave an impact & make the viewers feel a little uneasy – exactly how they should make one feel, therefore the director definitely deserves full points for the realistic & brilliant execution of these scenarios. In reality as well, it just is a matter of split second when something unfortunate like this happens & this is the essence that the director has gone for which makes it hard-hitting. Anyways, if Amaan would’ve wanted, he could’ve easily saved Sahira’s life by helping her break free from this house arrest & hiding in a safe & secure place. It would’ve definitely made more impact when later Sahira would’ve personally met Ana & told her about Meer Farooq. If not in his Daryabagh cottage,, Amaan could’ve made her stay in one of the rooms in his guest house. Well, they did show that she got shot but did she really die or will she survive the bullets is the question to be asked!

Interesting Episode

Overall, this episode was pretty interesting because a lot happened & every other character was shown to be doing something. Amaan & Ana’s relationship has become pretty one-dimensional but it is interesting that Ana has stopped falling for his lies & is now trying to understand him better. After watching this episode & seeing how Meer Farooq spoke about murdering people who deceive him, I have a feeling that if he will die, Amaan will end up dying too. Obviously, he has spent his entire life so far dwelling in the past & his childhood misery, trauma of losing his family, so it is highly unlikely for him to ever recover. So far, his hatred for Meer Farooq & revenge has kept him going so once he will achieve that, he won’t really find a purpose to lead a normal life. That can obviously change provided Amaan himself wants to move on but at this point, it is hard to predict, which makes it yet another interesting aspect of the story that you really can’t guess what will be the end of these characters. Will they ever find a closure or the only one they’ll get is in the form of death? Let’s see. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ye Dil Mera.

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  • Thank you for the review. The story some intriguing aspects that keeps us hooked. Today’s direction were really good. Ali Buksh did not find the phone right away. He had to look for it all over the bathroom. Aman and Ana’s dresses where not readily changing like previously and went they changed, it made sense.
    Aman is good at heart. He was worried for Sahira and even went to Dubai to look for her. He must have wanted to keep himself secured but Sahira was really stupid, she took have taken her phone with her to shopping and thrown it somewhere. I think police will find the phone and it may lead to something that is why they showed are putting it in the pocket before leaving.

  • Having turbulent history of mental health, Ana is a conscious lady who knows the adverse effects mobile phone on brain cells except it’s use for taking pics, or else she neither calls her beloved baba nor mother-like bua jee. The only thing she likes to do to stare at Aman and say nothing kam ka.

    Generally it was happening episode. Maza aaya dekhnay main. Though the car window was not open when murderers reached to kill her, it was shown open later. However, scene was quite impactful. The highly loyal Mr. Bakhsh also shared his role to fire ensuring Sara was dead.

    What happened to clues found by Ana’s Khala? She can also travel to Pakistan if she was so shown so concerned. She might come after sometime because it’s Corona virus everywhere. 😷

    Wonderful review.

  • This was my EXACT discussion with my mom last week.. but she is hoping for Amaan to live: “Obviously, he has spent his entire life so far dwelling in the past & his childhood misery, trauma of losing his family, so it is highly unlikely for him to ever recover. So far, his hatred for Meer Farooq & revenge has kept him going so once he will achieve that, he won’t really find a purpose to lead a normal life… ”
    Great to see you put words to my exact thoughts.. great review as always..
    Yes I also noticed about the car window not breaking when bullet shot through and then no site of broken glass either and window was perfectly rolled down all the way before Ali Baksh fired the last shot….. hmmmmm!!

  • Gr8 review Zahra, everything you covered and agree with it . Only thing I want to add is also the carelessness of Amaan, why would he ignore Ghori uncle to make him suspicious, also till now he has done nothing to harm Meer Farouq, just married his daughter and torturing her, but other than that he has not succeeded in causing any damage to Meer, and before he could do anything, he and Ana both come to know that he is a liar and has some hidden agenda, this is a huge flaw.

  • Assalamoalaikum zahira. Very precise review.
    Mery khyal main meer farooq ka ana se amaan ya uski company ki barey main poochna theek nahi lagta cz Meer Farooq har kaam seceretly karna chahta hay es liye to usny apny assistant ko bhi kaha ki MERA NAAM BILKUL NA AAYEY. Us ki beti ke ghar ka masla hay and woh kabhi bhi apni beti ko es tarah pareshan nahi karega jab woh khud confirm na ho.
    Dusri bath yeh ki woh ana se contact main hain zarori nahi ki screen per show bhi ho. I mean woh Ghawri se kehta hay ki Ana bilkul theek hay and khush hay. I think this statement is enough to explain that he think that everything is perfect in Ana’s life.
    Mujhy sirf aik cheez ka dukh hua ki Amaan sahira ko protection kiyon provide nahi kar saka jab usny promise kiya tha?

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