Ye Dil Mera Episode 22 Story Review – Intense Episode

Ohkay so, this was yet another interesting episode of Ye Dil Mera. It covered the much-needed story from the past & showed the consequences that Amaan is faced with due to his tragic childhood experiences at present as well. The promo of the next episode also seemed promising & it seems the drama-makers are now taking the story towards the end, which is definitely a good sign.

Humera & Meer Farooq

Zarnish Khan deserves all the praises for her acting in this episode of Ye Dil Mera. She showcased all the emotions that Humera went through after being harassed by Meer Farooq & later trying to recover from the traumatic experience to perfection. Meer Farooq has been psychopath all his life. He could not even imagine to see Humera living her life peacefully with a man she loved. He was not only envious but could not come to terms with the fact that the woman she loved could actually move on & get settled with someone else. For Meer Farooq, it was an insult that the woman he loved did not reciprocate his feelings. Meer Farooq tried really hard to win Humera over but he was faced with a bitter reality that she had not only moved on but was never ever in love with him to begin with.
I felt a lot for Humera throughout this episode, but one thing I really do not understand, neither do I agree with is her decision of keeping everything a secret from her husband who couldn’t complete a sentence without calling her meri jaan. Humera jaan had spent years with Obaid, they both shared a very strong relationship & she was a mother of his children, so it actually did not make any sense that she was trying to keep Meer Farooq’s reality a secret from her husband. Humera jaan should’ve known that Obaid was going to trust her no matter what she said & considering she was eager to go far away from Daryabagh, she had all the reasons to tell her husband the truth about Meer Farooq. Humera jaan was shown to be a very sorted person who had clarity & knew what she wanted from life, therefore it was absolutely unconvincing & unlike her that she decided not to be transparent with her husband about everything that Meer Farooq was upto. She also found out that Meer Farooq’s intentions were evil, so she had all the more reason to be upfront & honest with her husband. Yes, to take the story forward, the writer relied on this scenario but it actually shouldn’t have been the case. If they had shown Obaid to be a typical husband who was paranoid or doubted his wife every step of the way, then this scenario would’ve made sense but to see Humera being such a jaan of Obaid, this secrecy was uncalled for!
Meer Farooq didn’t even care that Humera was a mother of two & that her eldest son was at such an age where he could see or understand what was happening. That entire scene was intense & well-acted by both Zarnish Khan & Adnan Siddique but Zarnish Khan definitely made the viewers feel for Humera, she also allowed everyone to see through her fears & restlessness. It was also made clear that right after this encounter, Meer Farooq killed Humera’s entire family. It showed that he was not in his right state of mind after facing Humera’s rejection one more time & on top of that, the way Humera humiliated & slapped him bruised his ego. I am glad the next episode will also show Nilofer’s side of the story & they didn’t just wrap this scenario up by showing what transpired between Humera & Meer Farooq. Nilofer deserved to know the truth & not everything has been put into perspective that Nilofer was also killed because she got to see the real face of her husband!
I must say, at the end of such an intense & emotional episode, the director decided to show Farhana khala because to be honest, I took that entire scene as a comic break which was much needed. To see Farhana khala sitting in the comfort of her lounge, probably stuck to the coffee table, in a home which is nowhere near like your typical houses in the USA – is quite funny. Also, Farhana khala & her husband seem to have all the time in the world where without a worry in the world, they just spend time with each other, sipping coffee playing sherlock holmes. I know this drama is more about Ana & Amaan’s PTSD, but while watching this scene with Farhana khala sounding like a broken record, I also felt that maybe the writer has also tried to shed a light on the disorder of paranoia because Farhana khala sounds paranoid. What’s funny is that she doesn’t even do much & just sits in a similar position near the coffee table & tries to sort decades old mystery like she is playing sudoku. I actually thought maybe her husband will say that the best thing for her is to go back to Pakistan to solve the mystery because that seems to be the best idea but he seemed rather irritated because Farhana khala kept on interrupting him while he read a book!

Zarnish Khan Steals The Show

This episode of Ye Dil Mera definitely had a lot of important developments. I must say, not sure what sort of brief the director gave to the supporting actors because they all seem at their utmost discomfort while acting in this drama. Experienced actors like Naima Khan, Farhan Aly Agha & Maryam Mirza have done a commendable job as a supporting cast but the others such as the Mr. & Mrs. Farhana & Obaid seem to be competing for the award of worst performance in this drama. The way Obaid did a little stretch after he arrived from Sialkot & the way he walked to recieve his phone call made it look like the director wanted him to look as robotic as possible. Farhana Khala & her husband are equally bad at acting or maybe they are bored to the core because they have no other dialogues apart from a few. Anyhow, Zarnish Khan’s brilliant performance compensated big time & she was phenomenal in this episode. Adnan Siddique was just as convincing but Zarnish Khan stole the show for sure. Definitely looking forward to the next episode when Humera jaan will be telling Nilofer baji everything about Meer Farooq, I feel it is going to be intense as well. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ye Dil Mera.
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