Yeh Raha Dil Episode 06 Review – Comedy Done Right!

Ohkay so, just when I thought that things might get serious after Hayat & Zaki returning back to Pakistan, I was pleasantly surprised that the quotient of comedy was kept alive in the show even at this stage & because of that, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode of Yeh Raha Dil as well. I am so happy with the direction & the pace of the drama & I really hope it stays this way because every episode brings new developments with it, which is great.

So, Zaki left after learning the truth about what Hayat said to Nida. Even though Hayat couldn’t clarify herself & even though Zaki left on a bitter note, I found it quite sweet that Hayat missed Zaki & most importantly, the friend that she found in him. Zaki actually left a good impression on Hayat because she couldn’t imagine that a guy like him who would always get annoyed by Hayat was actually being considerate towards her & was taking care of smallest of things to comfort her. I think it was quite sweet that Hayat actually missed Zaki like a friend because actually the bonding that they shared was quite special to her.

So, just when I thought that things would get a little awkward for Zaki, he was welcomed with open arms by his parents & then Nida as well. I must say, I loveddd the new entrant in this show which is Julie. Julie actually got quite a lot of coverage & ended up being the one who not only brought Nida & Zaki together but Zaki’s parents closer to her too. It was quite amusing yet adorable seeing all of them like a one happy family being worried about Nida’s pet Julie & I thoroughly enjoyed that entire scenario.

Things surely are working in Zaki’s favor because his father is not only too generous but he loves his son a lot too. Even though it was quite a coincidence that Haroon ended up buying Hayat House but it seemed quite convincing. Haroon had a vision for his son where he saw Hayat House as a perfect place which Zaki could turn into his restaurant. Zaki & Nida were over the moon because they got Haroon’s approval & that is exactly why they didn’t mind the condition that Haroon put forth where he wants Zaki to establish his business in the span of 6 months. I must say, Ayesha Sana as Nida’s mother was a perfect choice, like the mannerisms of both the mum & the daughter were quite similar. I laughed a lot at the conversation that Nida’s mother had with Zaki where she couldn’t stop emphasizing on the fact that Zaki hit the jackpot because her daughter Nida the great, chose him as her life partner, lol!

I must say I loveee how Zaki is always the bone of contention between Haroon & Azra where they keep on fighting over their son but at the end of the day, they both love Zaki unconditionally in their own unique way. Where Azra is a typical emotional mother who wants to fulfill her son’s every single wish, on the other hand Haroon is a practical father who wants what’s best for his son because he knows Zaki a bit too well. I must say, I actually look forward to Azra & Haroon’s scenes because not only their conversations are witty but the actors playing the roles of Haroon & Azra have such an amazing chemistry as worried parents of their burger bacha. It is a rarity in any drama for the characters of parents to be as interesting as the younger lot of the characters & I feel the writer should be commended for that.

So, where everything was going extremely well for Zaki, for Hayat everything turned out to be a nightmare because she finally learned the truth that Salman sold her house & moved out of Pakistan. Even though Salman’s friend suggested filing an FIR against Salman but then again, even though Hayat was scared at the scene she witnessed at the police station, she obviously also understood that there was no point in doing that because Salman was out of her & the police’s reach. It was quite sad to see Hayat looking at her house like it didn’t belong to her anymore, where she had spent her entire life & now all she was left was with the memories of all those days that she lived there. Even though things are looking grim for Hayat at this stage but luckily for her, this house now belongs to Zaki & his family & Zaki has already shown Hayat what he is capable of, in terms of niceness & how he can be a Good Samaritan, so therefore, I am actually feeling relieved that Hayat won’t be suffering much as I assumed because she will have Zaki’s support.

The preview of the next episode seemed quite interesting because looks like Zaki is going to be the one pleading Hayat’s case in front of Nida & Haroon. I don’t know why but I have a feeling that Haroon might tell Hayat to work for Zaki, like may be his restaurant manager or something because she has quite a personality & if she’d come across Haroon ever, I am sure she will leave quite an impression on him. I am thoroughly enjoying watching Yeh Raha Dil because the story is quite interesting, the characters are beautifully written, the situations make a lot of sense & the best part is, everything is conveyed in such a comic manner that it completes the picture flawlessly. I must say, I love the fact that they have kept the comedy quite subtle, believable & situational where you can actually relate to all those witty dialogues because usually this is how regular people communicate on a daily basis too, the best thing is that nothing seems forced when it comes to comedy that is why it is working just right! Ahmed Ali, Yumza Zaidi, Anam Gohar & the actors playing the role of Zaki’s parents, all of them have done such an amazing job & I must say, their comic timing is commendable. Even though we have very few characters in this drama but all of them have such interesting personalities & have so much to contribute in their own accord, that all of them seem to be an important part of the story. I can’t wait for the next episode already. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil!

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