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Yeh Raha Dil Episode 09 Review – A Treat To Watch!



Ohkay so, another week, another beautiful episode of Yeh Raha Dil. Even though the factor of comedy has completely subsided in this drama for now but I am actually quite amazed how those initial episodes & that comedy quotient helped the viewers in forming a relationship with the characters because now when they are going through a hard-time, we feel for them. This episode was emotional & everything was done in a right manner. I can’t emphasize enough on how beautiful this drama is & how amazing all the characters are because we can relate to them & their struggles. The team of Yeh Raha Dil has surely brought us a beautiful drama & we highly appreciate it.

So, Hayat got to have a word with Affaq only because Zaki convinced her. Even though Zaki never imagined this would happen but he has gotten involved with Hayat & her struggles to such a level where he deems it as his duty to help her when she needs it & guide her when he thinks she is lost. I am sure if it wasn’t for Zaki, Hayat would have never had a conversation with Affaq. So, finally, Hayat decided to come clean & let her father know of all the pain that he has caused to her & her mother for so many years. Hayat’s claim that 20 years of gap couldn’t be curbed in a 20 minute long meeting was spot on, it just showed that she had no space for him in her life because when she actually needed him, he was nowhere to be seen. Even though Affaq tried to reason with Hayat but he knew that it would be difficult because she believes in her mother’s side of the story. I am sure there would be more to Affaq & Hayat’s mother’s divorce but for now, Hayat seems justified in everything that she feels for her father as she doesn’t have any emotional connection with him. Affaq did try to hint that may be it was Hayat’s mother who had problems & may be she was the one who wanted a divorce but then he chose not to say a word as he could see that Hayat was not only furious but she was also not in a mood to give him a chance to explain himself. Hayat is someone who has seen her mother suffering, that is why it is natural for her to be inclined towards her mother more than her father, who she assumed lived a happy & comfortable life when she & her mother were struggling on their own!

I found Nida’s reaction so believeable & realistic, like at first she seemed indifferent & aloof to the fact that Hayat turned out to be her sister. At first I also felt that Nida was also emotionally detached to her father that is why she wasn’t feeling angry or insecure after learning the truth that he had a daughter from his first marriage too but later the way she reacted when she found out that he had a heart attack went to show that Nida is someone who only keeps her fears & emotions to herself. Yes, when it comes to Zaki, she is quite expressive & shares her concerns & fears with him because he understands her, but when it comes to her family, she deals with things her way & I really like that about her. The way Nida threatened Hayat also seemed justified because those were the words coming from a daughter who was concerned about her father’s well being!

I must say, Zaki’s father Haroon has to be my favorite father character in the recent dramas that I have seen, like I absolutely adore how cool he is & how he always makes sure to keep her son safe & secured from the problems he might get involved into. Haroon can see that Zaki is getting himself involved in Hayat-Affaq-Nida fiasco that is why he just advised him to be cautious & to take a step back. The way Haroon spoke about Hayat in comparison to Nida showed that he would immediately give a nod of approval if he will see Zaki getting interested in Hayat because looks like he sees Hayat as a better life partner for Zaki than Nida. Even in the beginning when Nida started blaming Zaki for being too worried about Hayat, Zaki didn’t have much to say to negate Nida’s concerns as even though he might not admit but what he feels of Hayat is definitely something more than sympathy & after what he told his father, it looks like he is going to explore his feelings for Hayat pretty soon!

Well, let’s talk about the character of the episode, lol, for me it was Nida’s mother. Even though she is selfish & conceited but Ayesha Sana has made that character so realistic. She is unapologetically like that & that is why she is not even scared to voice her concerns despite knowing that her husband wasn’t in the best of his health. Nida’s mother can already see that with Hayat being in the picture, her & Nida’s position can get affected, also she knows that Affaq is quite an emotional person, so that is why she felt threatened that may be Affaq will bless Hayat will all that he has accumulated till date. ‘Beti ka deemagh kharab hai, baap ka dil kharab hai’ was hilarious, even though she is quite a unique character, I enjoy watching her & her scenes. Looks like Nida’s mother also didn’t really approve of Nida being overly concerned for her father because the moment she saw that happening, she started reminding her of all those times when Affaq opposed what Nida wanted to do. It was good to see that at least at that moment Nida understood the gravity of the situation & she was aware of the fact that this was not the suitable time to be discussing those differences because right now Affaq was in a hospital & he needed his family by his side.

So, Hayat came to see Affaq. Even in the initial part of the episode, when she heard that Affaq got a heart-attack, she wanted to go & see him immediately but she stopped herself because she knew this way she will nullify everything that she said to him about not wanting him in her life at all. Hayat took some time to reflect upon the things Affaq said to her & the way she came to meet him did suggest that may be Affaq’s confession about Hayat believing in one sided story, did affect her & may be she did realize that Affaq had a point. Even though at this stage, Hayat didn’t seem too keen to find out what her father wanted to say to her but she came with an intention of giving a closure to this chapter because she actually didn’t want to depend on her father emotionally & she didn’t want to stay associated with him. It was quite wise of Hayat to say that she neither had any hatred for her father nor misunderstanding, but just because she was used to this kind of life, she didn’t want to have any contact with him. I am not sure if Affaq is in a position to not forgive Hayat because his claims didn’t really make sense as he is the one who is guilty.

Overall, this episode was beautiful & emotional. I love how the writer has conveyed the human emotions in such a beautiful manner by writing such perfect situations which when backed by these emotions give so much of depth & meaning to the story. I loved the scene of Hayat & her mother, like it made my heart break for Hayat because at such a young age, she had no father figure in her life, she saw her mother battling a terminal illness & then eventually losing her life to it, like that girl has endured so much, yet she never compromises or sacrifices on her values & dignity, which is commendable. I am loving the direction of this drama, I am loving the acting of all the actors & most importantly, I am loving all the characters too, not sure about Affaq though as I am not too keen on him but the rest including his 2nd wife are amazing & a treat to watch. Loving Yeh Raha Dil. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Yeh Raha Dil!

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