Yeh Raha Dil Episode 10 Review – Utterly Sweet!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yeh Raha Dil was absolutely amazing. I love how the human emotions have been conveyed in this drama that too with so much of clarity, like you actually understand what each & every character is going through. I think this is the strength of Mustafa Afridi & shows his intelligence as a writer where he gives so much of personality to his characters & adds so much of an insight that the viewers not only form a connection with them but understand them easily as well. It is amazing how the drama that started off on such a simple note has become so interesting that I find myself waiting for Mondays these days because of Yeh Raha Dil!

I don’t think I can praise the character of Haroon enough. I actually enjoy his ways where he always makes sure to convey what he wants without imposing his ideas on people. Haroon told his wife that for Zaki he found a better partner in Hayat than Nida & if Zaki will ever speak about it, he wouldn’t oppose the idea. Even though both Haroon & Azra want what is best for their son Zaki but what sets Haroon apart from Azra is that he analyzes the situation & makes sure to convey to his son what is better for him & what isn’t like a true well wisher, whereas Azra only believes in fulfilling his desires even if they aren’t fruitful for him. Both the parents have different ways of loving & caring for their son but in this case, I truly believe that Haroon has an upper-hand because he always wants to save his son from any such thing that he might regret later in life, which in this case could be his decision of marrying Nida.

So, obviously at first Zaki was taken aback by his father’s sudden mention of Hayat & he even tried to avoid that conversation but then when he gave it a little thought, he decided to continue that conversation with his father because he wanted a little more guidance, support & clarity. Even though Zaki did say that he loved Nida but may be because he saw that his father wasn’t actually ready to oblige & he wasn’t thrilled with the idea, he put up an entire act to show that he couldn’t live without Nida, exactly like a child with a reverse psychology who believes in doing what he is being told not to. However, ever since Zaki has gotten to know Hayat, at the back of his mind, he had these budding feelings for Hayat which he wasn’t aware of but now hearing about her from Haroon gave him nudge to think on those lines. I absolutely enjoyed the conversation that Zaki had with Haroon where in very easy words, his father made him understand how life was going to give him numerous options but the best option would be where his heart will come into the picture & will guide him to go for it!

I must say, the change in Zaki’s behavior with Hayat after his conversation with Haroon was quite sweet, like even though on his own he was always supportive & caring towards Hayat but this time around, it was something else. Yes, the change in Zaki might make one feel as if he doesn’t have a mind of his own but that’s not the case here because even before he had this conversation with Haroon, Zaki seemed emotionally attached to Hayat & quite a lot at that, but it’s just that getting a green signal from his father made things easier for him. So, Hayat was all busy in her thoughts when Zaki showed up, I absolutely love how Zaki makes Hayat feel that he is all ears to her problems because of which Hayat immediately starts discussing everything with him that is on her mind.

I must say, after Wali & Farah (Diyar-e-Dil) & Hammad & Imaan (Khuda Aur Mohabbat), Zaki & Hayat’s little interaction where Zaki hinted about his feelings to her made me feel that this is how beautifully & innocently romance should be elaborated on our screens. The chemistry, the ambiance & little gesture of assurance from Zaki’s side to tell Hayat that he was going to be there for her & he wanted her was absolutely magical. What made it even more special was that Hayat immediately understood what he was trying to say & Zaki, without saying much said it all but then Hayat obviously had to remind Zaki that he was involved with someone else & that someone else was Hayat’s sister. The usage of the OST in that entire scenario & the scenes that followed was spot on because the lyrics perfectly fitted the situation that both Zaki & Hayat were facing.

I just loved how effortlessly Hayat brought herself out of that situation but even she was affected by it because all of a sudden she reminded herself that if she was deducing Zaki’s intentions accurately, then she will land herself in deep deep trouble & this wasn’t something that she could afford at this stage in her life. Zaki & Hayat’s hesitance was portrayed really well too where later when they met, they tried to be very normal while still feeling a little pressurized by the interaction that they had. I just loved watching all these minute details in this episode because it added so much of depth & charm in the entire situation & what made it even better was how aesthetically everything was done.

I actually had a good laugh when Zaki had this expression on his face when he received a phone call from Nida, it was like he was so done with her & her questions but was just putting up with her because he obviously knows he can not end things all of a sudden especially when he feels burdened thinking what Nida must’ve gone through because of her father’s heart-attack. Even though all this while I have always said that Nida is honest & has no filters but hearing her thoughts about being dependent on Zaki made her seem a little too emotionally detached. Even Nida herself isn’t really sure if she loves Zaki or if she loves the idea of the life that she will have with a guy like him. Nida has always said that she loves him but whenever she had to show it, she couldn’t prove her love, may be that’s why Haroon has never wholeheartedly accepted her as Zaki’s better half because even he can see her shortcomings.

Another thing that I actually like is how the writer has balanced out Haroon’s character like before even noticing or speaking about Nida’s shortcomings, he spoke about all the flaws that his son Zaki had, which makes him a very wise & fair person. Even after Affaq told Haroon that he should sell Hayat House to him for Hayat, despite not being a fan of Nida’s personality, Haroon didn’t go ahead with it & told Affaq that he should convince Nida first as he saw how happy she was after getting this house as a gift & also how she considered it as her own now. It showed that Haroon just didn’t see Nida as a perfect life partner for his son Zaki & apart from that he had no ill feelings towards Nida, rather he respected her wishes & her feelings like a true gentleman.

So, I know, what Nida did & said at the end of the episode was basically an attempt by the writer to put her in a bad light, only to later justify Zaki & Hayat’s relationship but I think more than that, the writer relied on it to make Zaki turn against her because even though chances are slim that something like that would happen, he will eventually find out what Nida was trying to do & will call everything with her quits. I thought Nida believed in keeping her feelings to herself & yes, she actually does but then it makes it seen even more realistic that Nida kept her feelings bottled up for such a long time but now when she lost her cool she pushed herself to such an extreme where she has even lost the ability to think straight. It was good to see Jimmy back in the picture & looks like he will try to help Nida in keeping her relationship intact. I think after this episode, the notion about Nida being immature has been invalidated because if she was immature, she would’ve never sensed the change in Zaki’s attitude & she also wouldn’t have sensed something odd in Hayat & Zaki’s bonding as well.

Overall, this episode of Yeh Raha Dil was perfect & I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, like I had this smile on my face whenever Hayat & Zaki were on screen together. The chemistry between Hayat & Zaki was portrayed subtly yet perfectly by Yumna Zaidi & Ahmed Ali, like they both are such strong actors & it was a treat to watch them, especially in this episode. Anum Gohar has improved so much & her acting keeps on getting better & better with each passing episode. Arjumand Azhar Hussain as Haroon has really added so much of grace in this drama. The writer Mustafa Afridi has done it once again & he has given us another beautiful play. The director Siraj Ul Haq has done justice to such a beautiful script & has directed the drama phenomenally, especially by keeping things so simple & effortless, because it actually shows how his input made things easier for the actors & how it helped them own their characters. Everything about this drama is on-fleek. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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