Yeh Raha Dil Episode 18 Review – Intelligent Piece of Writing!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yeh Raha Dil was amazing as usual. I loved how the writer gave all these justifications for different scenarios, like without putting any character in a bad light, the writer just explained what they went through in the past. I must say it is a rarity these days for writers to be so intelligent to justify everyone’s actions without giving any reason to the viewers to judge any character. The writer Mustafa Afridi here deserves full marks for giving us such an amazing script in which we’re getting to understand every character & not once we found a chance to develop detest for anyone. The way the pages of the past were turned in this episode made me love this drama even more because whatever happened was in-line with everyone’s character.

So, Hayat decided to take the next step forward & she announced that both Nida & Zaki should get engaged as she wants to get over with this phase as soon as possible because she is tired of feeling guilty & she is also tired of dreading that Zaki might say something to Nida or his family. Hayat is just doing everything like a responsible elder sibling but in the middle of this chaos, she is unable to read Nida & her intentions.

I feel Nida is going overboard, like at one hand she dreads that Zaki might insult her in front of everyone but then on the other, she is going with the flow & is happily pressurizing him to do something which she doesn’t want. For a moment I felt that Nida was only doing everything to get the truth out of Zaki but then I was reminded that he already told her everything, yes he hasn’t told her who he is in love with, but despite knowing everything, Nida is pushing all the wrong buttons. I think Nida should realize that by the end of the day, she will end up hurting herself more, so it’s time for her to pick herself up & move on.

I absolutely loved the backstory of Zaki & Nida, like not that I am a fan of their couple but I am saying I loved how it was revealed in such a convincing manner. I must say the writer should be applauded for keeping all the characters true to their nature from the beginning till this point of the drama because everything, everyone has done so far is completely in sync with their personality & not even a single character has done anything which would’ve made us feel that we were watching a different person altogether. We all were introduced to Zaki as a soft & kind-hearted individual who despite not wanting to would walk an extra mile for anyone, he did the same with Hayat when he was in Nepal because at that point he couldn’t stand Hayat but still he kept on helping her because that’s his nature, so now his niceness was costing him a huge price which Nida was trying to make him pay. I loved how the writer connected everything so seamlessly, because in the very first meeting that Haroon had with Nida, it was mentioned that Zaki once tried his hands on fashion photography, so I was actually pleasantly surprised how that minute detail was put into good use to show that only because of Zaki’s short-lived passion, he crossed paths with Nida.

As the story has progressed, we have seen how Nida is impulsive, controlling but also quite a lonely person that is why she ended up confusing Zaki’s friendship & courtesy as his love. Nida met Zaki when she hit the rock bottom & just because Zaki was being nice to her, basically just because Zaki was being himself, Nida misconstrued it as something else & then formed a relationship based on her own assumptions. I loved loved loved how without putting anyone in a bad light, the writer revealed everything at the right time. I must say I feel the director also deserved full points here for keeping everything so simple & seamless because of which we are able to understand these little intricacies that the writer has added in his script. It is quite intelligent of Mustafa Afridi to tackle a character like Nida in such an amazing way because very easily people would’ve started seeing her as a Negative Nancy but nope, the more we get to see her, the more we get to know that she is like that for a reason & she behaves a certain way for a reason too. Nida imposing her self-assumed relationship on Zaki was so like her & then Zaki accepting Nida’s request was again so like him. It is absolutely amazing how they showed Zaki/Hayat track in Nepal because now when Zaki was explaining everything starting from how he met Nida to how he kept on consoling her & how he continued being courteous towards her, I immediately connected everything & realized that’s how Zaki is as this is exactly how he treated Hayat in Nepal too when he just couldn’t stand her but couldn’t ignore her either, so Nida made the most of this trait of Zaki. Another thing that the writer connected was how Nida is used to guilt-tripping people, she is doing it with Hayat now & she has done that with Zaki in the past as well where she used her emotional fragility as a trap to make Zaki feel the guilt if he ever decided to leave her!

It was actually quite interesting how the writer here drew a thin line & justified Zaki’s feelings for Hayat by showing that even though Zaki treated both the girls the same way, there was a difference because one girl herself started everything & imposed herself on him & the other didn’t do that, that’s why Zaki on his own fell in love with her. Zaki’s love for Hayat was justified even more because all this while we thought that just because Haroon told Zaki that Hayat is compatible with him, Zaki fell in love with her but that isn’t the case anymore, Zaki actually wasn’t in love with Nida in the first place & all this while, there was a place in his heart which was filled with the love that he felt for Hayat, that is why he grew out of the ‘courtesy’ that he had for Nida just so easily.

It was sad that Hayat chose not to believe in Zaki, even though she was moved & touched by what she heard but now that she already has put her mind to it, she is going to make sure to do everything to give her sister what she wants. Seeing Zaki’s condition also reminded me of the conversation that both Nida & Jimmy had about him, where they compared Zaki with Tabrez & said he was gullible. Indeed, Nida knows that Zaki is gullible because he put up with everything that Nida demanded till date, that is why she is keen on not letting him go. I knew that Hayat will eventually use Hassan for this matter & with Hassan trying to be cordial with Hayat, she won’t shy away from asking for such a favor from him as well.

Overall, this episode was one of the best episodes of Yeh Raha Dil & the entire credit goes to the writer for bringing out the past in such a convincing manner which changed everything, like this episode helped the viewers understand the characters even more & it is commendable how till date, not even a single character looks negative or unrealistic. The director & the actors deserve a lot of credit too for doing justice to such a beautiful script. If it’s a Mustafa Afridi drama, you’ll know that quirky dialogues are always going to be a part of every other conversation, so the one that made me laugh out loud was ‘tumhara to baap bhi shadi karega’, ‘oh ho sorry, mere muh se nikal gaya tha’, lol! I loved how Haroon was sympathzing with Zaki all this while because he knows that his son is in a deep trouble & even Haroon can’t do much about it. This episode was amazing & I can’t wait to see the next episode already. Please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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