Yeh Raha Dil Episode 19 Review – The DJ Stole The Show!

Ohkay so, this episode belonged to the Local DJ & honestly speaking, when he was in the scene, I didn’t concentrate on anything else because I was busy enjoying his lousy singing & I was busy laughing my heart out. I swear, after Zaki Hayat chemistry, this DJ is the best thing that has happened to Yeh Raha Dil & I wish he makes an appearance again when someone else in this drama gets engaged or married.

So, the episode started off with Hayat making sure that everything in Nida’s engagement ceremony was perfect, she allotted a lot of work to Jimmy & also her friend Sidra. I enjoyed the way Jimmy complimented Fatima time & again & she gracefully accepted it because she knew she was looking gorgeous. I actually felt that may be Salman Peerzada couldn’t be on the shoots, that is why they suddenly removed his character from the scene but I was pleasantly surprised when Nida received his phone call. That was one beautiful scene which completed everything, like a father who couldn’t be there was told that he was being missed & even the father took the opportunity to make his girls feel special by complimenting them & giving them his prayers. It was such a sweet scene which I absolutely loved. I also liked seeing Nida & Hayat in one frame acting like typical sisters who were cutting each other off because they were excited to speak to their father, that entire scene was done so effortlessly yet it had so much of the beautiful emotion which father & daughter share that it just made it perfect.

Hassan showed up too & Sidra & Zaki got to have a conversation about everything that Hayat had been lying about. Zaki finally got the confirmation from Sidra that Hayat loves him too but she is too afraid to admit as she doesn’t want to ruin Nida’s life. It was interesting how Zaki once again decided to have a final conversation with Hayat to know what was in her heart. That was another beautiful scene because finally Hayat confessed but she only did to further convince Zaki that he shouldn’t leave Nida only for the sake of Hayat & the love that he has for her. Zaki decided to do what everyone expected from him & finally exchanged the rings with Nida. I thought Zaki will finally come clean in front of everyone but he didn’t & in fact he chose to put Hayat in an awkward position, it showed that Zaki has only gotten engaged to Nida because of Hayat but now he will try to throw every curve-ball at her to get back at her, more like telling her to pay the price for the sake of her sister’s happiness. That confession scene was quite beautiful & I am glad that such an intense scene came after the viewers got their fair share of laughter because of the local DJ.

Now coming to my favorite part of this entire episode, DJ & his take on different songs, my goodness, who would’ve thought that Abbi Khalil of Yakeen Ka Safar could turn into Local DJ in Yeh Raha Dil to make us all laugh out loud. I loved how for a good chunk of episode he was the center of attention & everyone was getting bothered by him. Haroon had an issue with his wrong lyrics, he even believed that Mirza Ghalib would’ve murdered the DJ. Even Fatima was unhappy while Jimmy was dancing to his tunes. Hassan was finding it hard to talk to Hayat because he was getting annoyed by the noise pollution that the DJ spread, my goodness, I seriously enjoyed that entire part so much & for the first few seconds of his performance I was about to spill the water that I just drank because he was hilarious but then I made sure I didn’t drink anything till he was in the picture because I knew what could happen. From his dressing to his dance, to his singing, each & everything was simply perfect!

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of Yeh Raha Dil & the credit definitely goes to Ehtashamuddin, because when the episode began I was finding it a bit slow but he just changed the entire mood & because of him I literally enjoyed every single second of this episode till it ended. I think Ehtashamuddin deserves a special thanks for this phenomenal guest appearance, so, thank you so much! Well, I must say everyone was looking lovely in this episode especially Anum Gohar. Even though I liked the dress that Hayat was wearing but I wish the stylists had styled her better overall. We all know that Yumna Zaidi doesn’t rely much on makeup or glamour but there’s no harm in carrying oneself in accordance to the occasion once in a while. Nevertheless, both Yumna Zaidi & Ahmed Ali acted brilliantly in that confession scene, their chemistry is undeniable & they make Hayat & Zaki the couple that we root for. I am sure now Zaki is going to play mind games with Hayat & she will find herself facing one challenge after another, let’s see what happens next. Please share your thoughts about this hilarious episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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