Yeh Raha Dil Episode 22 – & He’s Back!

Ohkay so, even though the star of the show is back, yes I am talking about the DJ but I will get to him later because first I have a lot of praising to do. I remember one of the commenters said that every 3rd episode of Yeh Raha Dil happens to be amazing & I think this time around I’ll have to agree with that notion because after 2 below average episodes, this one was perfect in every sense. I couldn’t stop smiling throughout this episode because the subtle, situational comedy was a part of it & after boring 2 episodes, to hear such witty & amusing dialogues did make me feel that this episode in particular was written by Mustafa Afridi again. Also, even the scenes which were emotional were executed perfectly that I couldn’t help feel for the characters. This episode, like all the other episodes of Yeh Raha Dil (previous 2 excluded) had all the flavors, some comedy, some serious talks, some emotions & for that reason, I loved it!

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed all the conversations that took place in this episode. Hayat tried to get to the crux of the situation & wanted to understand what was happening between Affaq & Fatima. Even though by the end of the previous episode I was annoyed by Hayat & didn’t like her approach where she tried to talk to Fatima about her personal life but this time around, I liked that she didn’t mind getting slapped & also in stead of speaking to Fatima, she finally spoke to her father to know what was wrong.

Fatima & Affaq’s conversation was written brilliantly as well but what I enjoyed more was the fact that the director didn’t give away everything just yet. Also, for now the writer very intelligently shifted our focus on Fatima & Affaq’s issues & forced us to do some thinking & assume things as to who stands wrong in this relationship. As far as I could comprehend, Fatima has misconstrued something & she is adamant on the fact that Affaq has cheated on her & may be only to get back at him, she got involved with someone else too. The focus on how Affaq believes in staying quiet & not giving explanations was another fact that was highlighted intelligently, because it showed that this trait of Affaq is literally ruining his relationship & he is not going to change himself to make things work. The way Affaq spoke to Hayat went to show that he was hurt that Fatima mistrusted him & assumed that he could cheat on her & because of that, he allowed her to think on those lines without saying anything to prove her wrong.

I think it was quite interesting that both Fatima & Hayat didn’t hold any grudges against each other & in fact, Hayat tried to take this entire matter in her hands because she believes in herself & feels she can fix everything, which I by the way am interested to see. I think this is something that will change Nida’s attitude & perspective towards Hayat. I believe this entire aspect has been added by the writer to bring Nida to that point where she will start seeing Hayat’s niceness & will regret doubting her & her intentions, because no matter how selfish one gets, if someone fixes something so important like their parents’ relationship, nothing else matters anymore. I am sure when Nida will see Affaq & Fatima back together that too because of Hayat, she will realize her mistakes & will give up on the hatred that she has for Hayat too.

Another surprising factor was that it was Hayat who chose to console Fatima when she broke down & not only that, she decided to confront her father for her sake. Where Nida was only bothered about herself & her face saving, Hayat was being considerate about her step mother more. The way the difference between Nida & Hayat’s mentality & perspective was shown was brilliant where Nida thought her father hated Fatima & Hayat could see how much he loved her. Hayat has finally understood her father & she can see that he is hurt & that is why, now she’d do everything to make both Affaq & Fatima fall back in love with each other again, which I think is very sweet. Oh well Mr. Mike, you have no idea that Hayat is chasing after you & she will make sure to throw you out of Fatima’s life, so get ready for some fireworks!

At the moment, I am expecting more from Zaki, like I know he is subtly playing his game only to make Hayat realize her mistakes too but then, something more. It was good that Zaki & Hayat had an interaction in this episode & I guess it was more than enough, for now at least. I enjoyed the conversation that took place between Affaq & his friend/Hayat’s Principal as well, like they were two very good & old friends who were teasing each other & finding humor in their interaction, that entire scene was acted out nicely as well. So, Hassan finally met Affaq & even though Affaq seemed impressed, Hassan left a certain kind of impression on him too. I lol’ed at how even Affaq couldn’t believe that Hayat would choose someone like Hassan for himself but then Zaki distracted him immediately & told him that Hassan’s the one!

For the first time I didn’t mind Hassan’s presence in this episode because it was compensated with other important aspects & characters that I found it alright that he got some coverage. I enjoyed his & Jimmy’s interactions as well where Hassan wanted to make Hayat’s birthday ‘isspecial’ & Jimmy showed him the real picture as to how much that ‘isspecial’ birthday would cost him, lol! So, Hayat was sent to the venue that Hassan & Jimmy chose & I think Jimmy did a huge favor to Hassan & to us all by sending the best DJ in town to steal the show again. I couldn’t stop laughing at his antics & I liked the fact that the DJ had some dialogues this time around as well where he got a chance to explain how he’s a master of his trade & how he’d help Hassan with his proposal as well. I wish I could’ve enjoyed his dancing a bit more but the episode ended but I am most certainly looking forward to his ‘isspecial’ geet that he’ll sing during Hayat’s entry. I say Isspecial thanks so much Ehtashamuddin by making the viewers of Yeh Raha Dil laugh out loud. You once again stole the show!

Overall, I loved this episode of Yeh Raha Dil, like it just made me happy. If this keeps up, I don’t mind seeing a lot more episodes of this drama as well but I think they are now headed towards the ending but with the right approach. I can’t wait to see Hayat & Zaki’s confrontation too & also, Haroon is going to make an appearance so yes, I am actually quite excited for the next episode. Ehtashaamuddin of course & then Adnan Jaffar definitely stole the show in this episode. It is amusing how comfortable Jimmy gets with everyone around him, like Hassan was quite skeptical but Jimmy acted all friendly with him to let him know that he is rooting for him & Hayat as well. I love how Anum Goher & Ayesha Sana have commonality when it comes to overall styling & personality, like both Fatima & Nida are always well put together, blingy & well-dressed, like they scream mother daughter duo to me. For the first time I enjoyed others performances more than Yumna Zaidi’s but that doesn’t mean she didn’t do her bit well. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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Edited to add: I missed the first minute of the episode as I was tuning to the live streaming, so I missed the fact that the confrontation between Hayat & Fatima was just an imagination of Hayat & it didn’t actually happen. Now that I watched the episode again after it has uploaded, I realized that the confrontation between Hayat & Fatima didn’t take place. Kindly, ignore the mistake. :)

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