Yeh Writer Ka Pagalpan Hai… Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai- Episode Overview

In case anyone was wondering, YMDH aired its 41st episode! How they’ve managed to spin this web of nothingness week after week is beyond me. We cringe over dusri biwi scenarios repeatedly so it came as no surprise that YMDH would live up to the rather predictable cliche. But, they’ve actually managed to take it up a few notches- the two biwis aren’t fighting over winning their husband’s affection. They are engaging in a battle over his son! I’m almost willing to bet the writer was drugged while penning this masterpiece- how else can you explain this catastrophe from someone who wrote the very thought-provoking Ek Nazar Meri Taraf?

Jaani continues his thirst for revenge using Meena as his pawn- he marries her but humiliates and controls her hoping to traumatize his father and Phupi. He marries Mehtaab and Meena is relieved that at the very least, he succeeds in his mohabbat! Mehtaab insists that they can’t lead a normal life and she pushes Jaani towards a normal zindagi with his jawaan biwi Meena. But soon afterwards, she is consumed by jealousy and wins him back! Jaani enjoys playing mind games and using Meena to his advantage. Having seemingly won the love of her husband, Mehtaab realizes she wants to experience motherhood and when the doctor breaks the unfathomable news that age is more than a number, she again convinces Jaani to make his way back to Meena.

Meena has made her position clear- she’s accepted her fate as bearing the punishment of her mother’s sins but she wants no part of the marriage. After his father suffers a stroke, Jaani turns over a new leaf- or in this case, a new tree! The change is so paramount, it’s unfair to minimize the impact. So Jaani forgives his father, expresses his unrequited love to him, promises to take care of his Phupi and Meena and give him an heir… He expresses his sincerity to Meena who gives in and voila- Meena is soon pregnant! While everyone is rejoicing, Mehtaab has faded in the background until Nafeesuddin finally bids adieu leaving Jaani spiralling into solitude. Zeba makes her sporadic appearance and reminds Jaani that Meena is pregnant and he ought to take care of her. Jaani snaps out of his misery and starts focusing his energy on being a devoted husband until Mehtaab collapses due to a weak heart. And that brings forth yet another turning point- the previously meek Mehtaab undergoes a sudden transformation. She now wants Jaani to give her his unborn baby and makes him promise that the baby will be raised by her! And Jaani complies without question. He goes up to Meena, takes her baby, changes the mother’s name to Mehtaab and announces that Mehtaab will be playing the role of the mother leaving Meena feeling like a surrogate and nanny! Mehtaab is empowered by her control over Jaani and the newborn Shayaan but realizes she’s far too old to run around and attend to motherly chores and orders Meena to provide the necessary services. There’s even an awkward scene of Mehtaab and Jaani sleeping on the bed and Meena sleeping in the same room on the mattress!

Meena’s sister Zeba is expecting her third child and Meena probably jinxed her by repeatedly reminding her to be careful of the stairs and lo and behold- Zeba slips off the stairs resulting in an early labour and her expected exit. But not before she narrates to her husband how Meena loved him from the moment they met so now that she’s gone and Jaani will eventually divorce Meena, her husband should make Meena his shareek e hayaat... Mind= Blown!

With the way this serial/ soap is shaping up, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jaani has a change of heart after leaving Meena and then we have a halaala scenario! For now, it remains to be seen if Jaani will actually be a man and do what’s right for once! I used to hate Nafeesuddin but Jaani is far worse than his monstrous father which leaves me flabbergasted!

Kanwal Murtaza


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