Zakham Episode 08 Review – Three Cheers For Takbeer


So we have just seen episode 8 of zakham and honestly, except for Madiha Imam’s character and her powerful performance, we are just going around in circles here. There was no development at all in the drama except maybe showing Khabarovsk even longer than we first thought and his sister more evil than previously shown and Takbeer’s dad even more unreasonable than depicted earlier.

The only strong point of the episode was when Takbeer rose her voice and refused to apologise to Khawar when three stupidly egoistic men were verbally pouncing on her. They had her cornered but she still stood her ground, for which she was absolutely correct. The way Khawar insulted her mother and banned her from coming to their house again, was enough for any self respecting girl to want to leave that man. But alas, Khawar unfortunately holds the trump card at the moment. He knows how blindly her father trusts him and not his own flesh and blood. Later, when her father was shown regretting being so harsh, failed to strike a chord since he should be more supportive of her daughter when she needs it, rather than feeling sick with his own mistreatment of her in her absence.

And as to why Moosa was standing on the road in front of their car and how they flared in anger on seeing him was beyond my comprehension. How did they judge he is still after Takbeer? Because he is walking on the road when they are coming back from her house? Takbeer’s father and brother are almost at par with Khawar in their stupidness. Maybe even more since he proved to be quite crafty with his pretense as the meek, humble and wronged husband infront of them and they fell fully for it. Later, when Takbeer came out of the bath in distress and Khawar tried to kill the baby was not impressive at all. Faisal Qureshi did not do any wonders to the scene or maybe by now, Khawar is such a disgusting character that even Faisal does not seem likeable anymore.

The only high points of the drama were Takbeer’s behaviour infront of these oppressive men in her family and her conversation with her mother. When she asked her mother as to why she never inquired about her older sister’s anguish in this house, there was a mutual jolt of pain that passed between them and without saying it aloud or blaming anyone, mother and daughter yearned and grieved for Tehreem, silently acknowledging what she must have endured.

One funny thing was that Takbeer’s mother came to meet them the next day and Ahmed was as good as new. No sign of the bandage or wound that created such upheaval in both houses just a night before.

Hope the drama picks any pace now, we have understood quite well that Khawar has a mental illness, Takbeer’s elder brother and father are hopelessly chauvinistic and Moosa’s heart is in the right place but he has no strategy for saving Takbeer which her really wants to do. For last three episodes, drama is roaming around these three facts…

About time something more happened in the play.

Mehwish Mansoor

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