Zakham Episode 16 Review – Leaves You Clueless

After watching today’s episode, i was like WHAT JUST HAPPENED ? The story has taken an abrupt turn on an unknown road with obstacles it does not know how to navigate.

Just now Ahmed had died and the whole family was mourning him. After that, Khawar was suddenly seen giving property papers to Takbeer and then he left, only to be kidnapped for ransom, and then police declared him a prominent member of the drug mafia who is on the run.

Did it make any sense to all of you? Am I the only one who is lost?

I had thought we would get to know more about why Khawar treated Tehreem and then Takbeer like a mentally disturbed and unstable husband. Why did then Ahmed die? And why was Khawar kidnapped? I could still take that as part of the story… but the police? What about that angle? Why are police calling him a drug dealer? Who is Khawar? And why did Khawar say to kidnappers that he had no one. Surely he knew Takbeer’s family would help him, especially since he now has an unborn child to think of as well. Or was it because he was so hopeless after Ahmed’s death?

The question of the drama has shifted from why is Khawar like that to who is Khawar?

Also, why has Sultan sent his wife abroad? They are such a well to do family and he is so family oriented. Why did he feel the need to send his wife for delivery abroad and nationality for the child and all? Eludes me completely.

A special award for the most selfish woman on earth should go to Khalida. The lady is so blinded by her self serving ideas that she has no compassion for anyone. Firstly, she was selfish enough to ask her husband to stay away and let Farhan rot in jail in place of her beloved brother whom she claims to be so close to. Secondly, she calls Takbeer’s family as if they are her personal servants to ask for the progress in finding Khawar. Sultan gave her a good curt reply but she deserved even more. People like her are just so self centred that they believe everyone’s existence is crafted for providing them services. She was loathsome in this episode.

All in all, the episode raised many more questions on top of the questions that were already there on top of those that rose in initial episodes. Madiha Imam and Faysal Quraishi were good in the limited scenes they had today.

If any of you can enlighten me about the plot, and the recent twists, please do so.

Mehwish Mansoor

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