Zakham Episodes 21&22 Reviews – Ridiculous

The drama has lost all common sense by now. You just cannot understand anything. It looks the story was written by someone else while the characters of Takbeer’s family were created by someone else. On one hand, Takbeer, her mother, her brothers are genuinely nice, kind people and so are Musa’s family. On the other hand though, the story makes no sense. Where is Khawar? Why are those people keeping him captive? Why is he not telling them about his relatives if they are only after his wealth, which he was shown to have quite a lot of? If Takbeer cannot marry Musa because she is still Khawar’s wife according to Khalida, her husband and even Sultan, then what was the court’s decision of Khula about? Why did Khalida have that sudden change of heart on hearing about her pregnancy and why did she become so mean again? Just because her son told that Takbeer was out shopping with a man? Didn’t it occur to her that it could be Farhan? Whose side is Khalida’s husband on, anyways?

If Nuzhat was going to be such a good and cooperative bahu, then why was there so much issue in the earlier episodes? And most importantly, who are this Ayesha and Mustafa and why have suddenly Mustafa started beating and suspecting Ayesha? Did I miss something or have they really introduced a problem without introducing the characters first? Or was it just a filler episode and there can only be certain times Khalida’s scheming face and said aloud thoughts can be shown on screen, so they randomly brought some Ayesha and Mustafa in the picture??

Just when I though Zakham was finally going to make some sense and give the characters their due, it just loses all its marbles. There was a hope about Takbeer and Musa coming together and putting an end to the series of Zakhams that Khawar had been giving the sisters of this family. However, they just put them both on the back burner for these episodes and brought random things like Nuzhat’s change of demeanour and Khalida’s much awaited pregnancy and some Ayesha and Mustafa in the plot today.

I would again request you people to enlighten me if you understood any more of the drama and the direction in which it is going. Please share your thoughts…

Mehwish Mansoor

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