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Zara Maaf Kar Last Episode – Khass Kam Jahan Paak!

Ohkay so, finally the drama that was stretched beyond limit has ended tonight. I will however say that the where the ending was partially convincing & there were a few bits that were unconvincing too. Usually when a drama ends, you are left with a feeling of emptiness because of it being good, or you’re left with a feeling of happiness because of it being bad, but to be honest, I’m not feeling anything as I’m numb, why, because I feel that I wasted my time. Zara Yaad Kar was a drama that began on a promising note, despite being slow, it still had some amazing dialogues & conversations to its credit that it drew the attention of the viewers & to be honest, it was because of the name of Khalil ur Rehman Qamar & the loyalty that people had towards him because of which they watched this drama despite being slow but the way the director Amna Nawaz Khan ruined it for unknown reasons is exactly what turned this drama into a huge mess.

Well, even though I wasn’t expecting the ending to be intelligently written, I feel that the director couldn’t do justice to it because she rushed things conveniently, whereas she had 28 episodes to elaborate the story properly. I feel the last 6 – 7 episodes were completely wasted & were treated as fillers, whereas if the director had wanted, she could’ve put those episodes to good use to establish the grounds for the finale properly. All this while, I kept on wondering why there was no sign of ‘character development’ in this story but unfortunately, the day when the characters showed some development, that turned out to be the last episode, which actually left me wondering, what changed overnight for the characters to be reacting differently???

Well, Waqar realized his mistakes that he played with the feelings of innocent girls & just when I was fuming at the thought of Waqar getting a happy ending with Anoushay, after literally spoiling Mahnoor’s life & betraying Gaiti, we got to see that he was sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment for something that he wasn’t guilty of in the first place. This was done well because even though Waqar didn’t get punished for his wrongdoings, he still ended up paying a heavy price for something he wasn’t responsible for. Even though I had zero attachment to Anoushay, I still feel that the director literally ‘used’ her character to drag the drama & stretch things till 28th episode & when her work was done, she was conveniently killed to serve as a punishment for Waqar!?!?! Is that justified? I most certainly believe no. Yes, I am glad that Waqar got a taste of his own medicine which is convincing too but to see it happening at an expense of an innocent girl’s life is most certainly unjustified & totally unconvincing. I hate to see that Anoushay was used literally as a ‘filler’ to waste our precious time, why did you do that Ms. Director!?!?!

Then we got to see that Gaiti left everything behind because after realizing that she couldn’t bring a change, she gave up. Gaiti’s decision was convincing in her own accord, but what’s unconvincing was showing all of her efforts as a ‘politician’ when in the end she couldn’t reap the benefits of what she sowed? I think the writer/director should have given Gaiti a satisfactory ending by showing that all her efforts didn’t go to waste & she was able to bring a change at least on a personal level & she succeeded in bringing justice to the innocent that lost his life because of her brother, but nothing of that sort happened which makes me question the purpose of adding this entire political track in this drama? Once again, an opportunity wasted!!!

Then we got to know Mahnoor’s fate. This has to be the most controversial part of this episode & the entire drama. Haadi made Mahnoor get married to Umar Din & just when she was depending on him, he backed out. I do understand that Haadi had his reasons as he heard what Mahnoor said about him & it drove Haadi to such an extreme where for the first time he wanted to get a revenge for everything that Mahnoor put him through but then again, I don’t think Haadi deserved a happy ending either because to be honest, he & Aneesa are two people who’re responsible for Mahnoor’s death. I don’t think that all the explanations that Haadi gave in regards to what he did justified his backstabbing. Yes, Haadi was furious & yes, he wanted to let Mahnoor feel the pain that she put Haadi through too, but the way he himself pushed her into Umar Din’s trap & backed out made me detest his character.

I always felt that Aneesa & Haadi could’ve straight away refused Mahnoor’s demands & they could’ve forced her to wake up & smell the coffee by letting her know that they, under no circumstances will go ahead & allow her to commit Halala. Aneesha & Haadi literally nurtured Mahnoor’s selfishness by literally babysitting her & letting her have her way but the moment they saw that she jumped into the deep pit, Haadi let go of her hand when she was holding onto it the most. Yes, I totally agree that Mahnoor’s selfishness was uncalled for, she was negative, immature, stubborn & a nightmare but that most certainly didn’t give the right to Haadi to betray her like that. I have no sympathies for Mahnoor & I always believed that she shouldn’t get a happy ending & she should sulk, but to see Haadi getting away after literally pushing Mahnoor to death made me cringe a lot. Yes, Haadi gave Mahnoor all that he had; the love, the attention, the care, the edge but when he found out that she didn’t value him or his feelings, he could’ve silently walked away & should’ve gotten married to Uzma to show it to Mahnoor that he was better off without her. I don’t think pushing her into a marriage & then backing out was the right thing to do.

Overall, this drama started off at a good note but lost the track, purpose & everything in the middle. While watching the last episode tonight, I had a feeling that it was originally written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, but Amna Nawaz Khan tweaked with it a little & added some personal touches, which actually stood out like the unconvincing bits in the entire episode. The actors did the the best they could with such one-dimensional characters. I definitely believe that this drama got ruined the moment Amna Nawaz Khan took over & thought that she could follow the footsteps of Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, that’s when things got messy & obvious that Amna was unable to tackle the story & failed in doing justice to the purpose of the drama. Even though the drama was slow but the episodes that Khalil ur Rehman Qamar wrote had this maturity & charm that actually peaked through but sadly, this turned out to be another drama that got massacred because of the hunger for the ratings. Anyways, even though I am not taking any ‘message’ from this drama with me, but I am definitely having a moment of glory that I survived this apocalypse & I will definitely thank all the amazing readers who supported & encouraged me throughout this journey because this wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. Thank you so much. Please share your final thoughts about this bad memory called Zara Yaad Kar/Zara Maaf Kar!!!

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