Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 03!

Ohkay so, just like the previous episode, this episode of Zara Yaad Kar wasn’t impressive as well. I actually am quite surprised (read shocked) that a drama like Zara Yaad Kar has a name of Khalil ur Rehman Qamar attached to it because this is what enticed me to watch this play irrespective of a very mediocre cast but I am quite disappointed, not only with the characters but with the story & the dialogues too, which is something that always is one of the strongest points of his writings, but sadly, none of that is a part of Zara Yaad Kar, which makes me question whether this drama is actually written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar himself or not.

So, Haadi drew a line & told Uzma off clearly that he will not entertain her anymore. I was quite surprised at Uzma’s reaction, like she was actually heart-broken to find out that Haadi wasn’t going to accept any of her khidmaat anymore, like seriously what in the first place told Uzma that she could fall in love with a married man & also, in what state of mind did she expect that he will accept all that she was extending towards him? She was so heart broken that she promised to not open the gate for him & also told him about her timings so that they don’t cross paths anymore. Seriously, I do in my heart feel that Uzma is a nice girl & she deserves to be happy but I don’t think there ever will be a justification that will convince me that her feelings towards Haadi were reasonable, understandable & acceptable. Yes, I know, Haadi & Mahnoor’s relation will end pretty soon & then Haadi will have nowhere else to go but still, keeping that aspect aside, it is definitely not ohkay to see a girl getting the married man of her dreams in any case!

So, Mahnoor got a lift from her neighbor & just a single visit to his place has enticed her enough to probe about him & his personal life that she took it as an opportunity & put it to good use. Mahnoor really is immature, isn’t she because a guy, who she has hardly spoken to asked her why she wasn’t wearing a ‘leepstick’ & she didn’t find anything odd about it. Also, Mahnoor’s response was quite dodgy where she conveniently said ‘ghar walay’, which obviously showed that she wasn’t ready to tell Waqar about Haadi just yet because if she had been honest, she would’ve told Waqar that it is her husband who doesn’t like her wearing make-up in public. The door-bell prank that Mahnoor played on Waqar was quite cringe-worthy, it is like she is not letting go of him anymore & she is interested in maintaining some sort of contact or relation with him, which is quite awkward & questionable.

Haadi took the interaction between Mahnoor & Waqar the hard way because he knows the sort of people exist & the sort of people working women come across in their practical lives, who actually end up becoming a deviation for them & that is why, he didn’t hold back in telling her that he wasn’t too happy with the way Mahnoor was becoming comfortable with the idea of getting the free rides from home to office from her neighbor. The only thing that I liked about this entire episode was the note at which the episode ended where at first Haadi gave Mahnoor a free-hand to do what she wants, which was also a gesture to show that he respects Mahnoor’s choices, accepts all her likes & dislikes & loves her so much to curb his own feelings to make her happy but after doing all of that, he put forth his perspective that brought Mahnoor down to the ground & served as a reality check that she will come across a lot such people who will praise her for her beauty or for many other things but deep down, she needs to explore if she has that much of a will power to endure all of that & curb these temptations. I really really liked how subtly Haadi told her to grow up because he knows that this is exactly the right time for Mahnoor to wake up & smell the coffee.

I somehow feel that they should’ve given us a little background story of how Haadi & Mahnoor got involved & agreed to get married because going by what is being shown, Haadi definitely is not the kind of a guy that would appeal to a girl like Mahnoor so much that she will fall in love with him, so somehow I am kind of feeling the need to know more details about how it all started because seeing how Mahnoor is slipping away so conveniently from Haadi doesn’t really justify their decision of going for a Nikkah as well. I so wish Mahnoor wasn’t shown as such a desperate immature girl who fails to acknowledge & understand the gravity of the situation & intricacy of this sacred relation that she shares with Haadi.

Overall, this episode was quite disappointing but it ended at a good note where Haadi said the things that had to be conveyed. I am not impressed with the dialogues too because I am used to those deep & meaningful dialogues that we get to hear in Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s dramas but Zara Yaad Kar is a totally different case & not to sound harsh but some of the dialogues are so cheesy & typical to the point of being cringe-worthy as well. Also, I really don’t know what will I do if I hear the terminology ‘mard ka bacha’ one more time, like eeewww!!! Anyhow, I so feel that the director is trying really hard to maintain the pace but is not being able to achieve it because there aren’t many situations to combine & make a decent paced episode, therefore she has kept things quite slow to fill the 40 minutes up. Adnan Jillani’s character seems more like a caricature as there’s nothing realistic about him & not sure if he has a substantial role to play in the rest of the drama. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar!

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