Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 07!

Ohkay so, this episode of Zara Yaad Kar was definitely better than the previous episode & I am guessing this is going to be the pattern that this drama will follow where one episode will be average & the next one will be good. I must say that the only reason why I liked this episode was Mahnoor’s mother. I think her character is the saving grace of this entire drama because the main leads aren’t making much sense & are quite weak in my honest opinion.

So, Mahnoor has started lying to her mother just to buy her some time in order to spend it with Waqar. She went from ‘aap’ to ‘tum’ quite effortlessly & without even asking him about his feelings, she has started to doubt every single reason why she got married to Haadi & stayed in his Nikkah in the first place, thinking that after getting rid of Haadi, Waqar will be standing there with open arms to get married to her. Waqar got a bigger car & that was enough of a validation for Mahnoor to believe that he is her Mr. Right as he not only has a personality but he has a bigger car too.

Waqar said what Mahnoor wanted to hear & yes, very cleverly he convinced that Haadi wasn’t the right person for her. When Mahnoor went on & on & on about her ‘gham’, I was sitting there rolling my eyes so hard because I don’t see any gham in her life? She was happily married with a man who loved her to bits & still, that wasn’t enough. I want to know what does Mahnoor think, that by doing all this, is she putting herself in a good light in front of Waqar & what guarantee does she has that Waqar will not judge her or her character that while being already married to someone, she is not only lying to her mother but going on a date with him as well? Does Mahnoor really think that Waqar will not question her sense of loyalty that when she couldn’t be loyal to Haadi; her husband, she will remain loyal to Waqar?

Once again, I really thought that it was Haadi’s fault where he didn’t speak to Mahnoor directly. He can not avoid her & believe that things will get normal. He knows that Mahnoor needs some time but yes, he should give her the space but should reason with her as well because giving space to someone doesn’t mean that you ignore the problems that exist in between & think that everything will work in your favor.

Haadi got to spend some time with Uzma & Ikhtiyaar & that particular scene showed that all three of them can be like a happy family in the future. I must say the entire scene where Mahnoor came across Uzma & Haadi was quite forced & didn’t seem right because she spent a lot of time with Waqar & considering that Waqar has enough finances, him taking her to a road-side stall for gol gappas didn’t really make much sense. I guess he should’ve taken her to a proper restaurant because if we compare, then there’s no difference between Waqar & Haadi because they both can only afford gol gappas for Mahnoor, isn’t it? So, Mahnoor’s life is not going to change massively if she opts for Waqar as he is going to feed her gol gappas too.

I loved the way Mahnoor’s mother told her off. I thought that she should’ve gone to her neighbor’s house & inquire from the servant if Waqar had returned or not but then the way she sat there crying over how things were getting out of her hands made it clear that she didn’t have to go & confirm her fear as she already knew where her daughter was at this hour of the night & with whom especially. Mahnoor’s reaction was ridiculous. She really thinks that by laughing it off & brushing it off her shoulder & putting a blame on Haadi for everything will not make her look like a culprit & will put a lid on her disloyalty to her husband. She is being way too manipulative but she is living in a fool’s paradise to believe that her mother can’t see what she is up-to. I loved everything that Mahnoor’s mother said to her & made her realize that more than Haadi, she was the one who was at fault & in stead of putting his wrongdoings in the limelight, she should come clean about what’s in her heart & mind first.

Well, I’m still not feeling Uzma’s character at all. She is sweet & what not but the guilt pangs that she shows about jaiz najaiz are ridiculously contradicting. She is in love with Haadi; a married man & there she is worrying about what is jaiz & what is najaiz for her. Get your head together girl & stop being so controversial.

Anyways, this episode was decent & as always the only saving grace was Mahnoor’s mother & the things she said to her daughter. I guess her character has to be my favorite because she is the only one making sense in this entire drama & I believe that the writer heavily relied on her character to do some sensible talking because he himself knew that right from the beginning the main characters will stop making sense. Also, can anyone please help me with Mother’s Name because I want to speak about her using her actual name in stead of referring to her as Mahnoor’s mother all the time. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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