Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 11!

Ohkay so, this episode was slow but was definitely good in bits & pieces. The story is definitely making some progress & that is a good thing to see. I can’t wait to see how things will be reversed for Haadi & Mahnoor & what Mahnoor will figure about her life & what she will be left with, in the end.

I honestly believe that if someone wants to watch Zara Yaad Kar, they should do it solely for Saba Faisal’s acting & for the character of Aneesa that she is playing. I can’t emphasize enough on how much I love her as Aneesa. She is so calm & composed but you can see through her expressions that a storm has taken over her entire heart & soul. Haadi finally decided to show up & the exchange of glances between the aunt & nephew was phenomenal. The aunt knew what her nephew was going through because of her daughter & the nephew knew what his ex-wife-to-be was putting his aunt up with. Aneesa & Haadi knew that things were about to change & what they valued the most, which is their relation was going to change as well. Aneesa sat there defeated & sad, while Haadi tried to give her some hope that things will be alright, that he will be alright too.

I loved the way Haadi told Mahnoor to think things through ‘once again’ for the very last time. It showed how much of a room his heart had for her & how much he was ready to budge & bend in order to hold onto what was theirs. Mahnoor sat there like an expressionless, soulless & heartless statue who thought she had some power over him because he gave her a higher status & also because he was making an effort to stop her once again from jumping into deep pit. Their parting conversation was written beautifully & more than theirs, I love the conversation that took place between Aneesa & Haadi. Aneesa told Haadi what should be his priority in finding someone to get married to. Aneesa was shaken & more than that she was ashamed that Mahnoor betrayed both, her husband & her mother, that is why Aneesa made sure to let Haadi know that he needs to find someone who will take care of him, who will love him just as much as he deserves.

Wah! I am impressed by Waqar’s farsightedness because he really is lucky when it comes to girls. His sweet-talking has taken him to such places, where one girl got divorced for him & the other is doing everything to keep him in her sights by going through such a pain of buying an apartment for him, which he shamelessly accepted. The importance Mahnoor holds in Waqar’s life was depicted once again where he didn’t bother leaving a message for her to not wait for him because he got caught up with some work. He indifferently left with Gaitiara to Umarkot & didn’t feel the need to inform Mahnoor who was waiting to get married to him, lol! With Mehtab Deswali gone, Gaitara needs someone to rely on, so who else would do the honors than Waqar himself. I am sure this will bring Gaitara closer to Waqar & she will fall for him completely.

I loved the way they depicted Mahnoor’s mental state when she kept on calling Waqar again & again & couldn’t get in touch with him. It was more than just a phone call & more than just a conversation that she wanted to have with her husband-to-be. It was more of an assurance that she needed after her divorce to validate that she made the right decision & despite losing one, she had another safety net to fall back on as well. Mahnoor was eager to speak to Waqar & when she couldn’t get in touch with him, it showed her fear that she will spend the rest of her life with because after what she has done to Haadi, I am sure she will always have a guilty conscious & a fear that the same thing might happen to her too. She will never have that inner peace because she knows what she did was wrong as she had no good reason to leave Haadi but just because she was unfaithful, she fell weak & lost her dignity. Mahnoor might think that she has won Waqar, but deep inside, she will always have a voice in the back of her head, affirming her fears!

Haadi is shattered & the way he decided to clean his house went to show how he was trying to move out of the head space that reminded him of Mahnoor & that is why he resorted to cleaning which often turns out to be quite therapeutic. I am sure now Haadi will start thinking about Uzma because Uzma fits the bill of all the things Aneesa said about the sort of a girl being suitable for him, but yes, I will also add that everything else is nice but someone please buy Uzma a comb as she’s in dire need of one.

This episode was pretty decent. I love love love Saba Faisal’s acting & for me, she is the saving grace of this drama. Zahid Ahmed was good too & depicted the mental state of Haadi perfectly. I must say Gaitiara looked nice in eastern outfits more but I wish she becomes fluent in Urdu ASAP. I enjoyed the dialogues of this episode in particular too & for the first time felt that they used the OST at the right time in the scene where Haadi drove away after finalizing his divorce, it added more depth to that situation. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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