Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 16!

Ohkay so, this episode was slow yet interesting. There were a lot of thought provoking conversations in this episode too & like we all expected, this is the charm of Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s scripts where he adds depth to the situations using the magic of the words & it’s good to see the drama doing well at this stage.

Mahnoor has proved it once again that she is not only selfish but emotionally absent too. If there’s one person she cares about, it is her own-self because if she had considered what Haadi will go through before their divorce or if she had considered what he must be going through after the divorce, she would’ve never ever played with his feelings & her own dignity like that. Mahnoor is one of a kind & that too in a bad way because no girl would do this to anyone else or herself either.

I must say, I am thoroughly disappointed in Haadi. I thought this divorce was enough for him to realize that Mahnoor never deserved him & he was better off without a selfish person like her. Yes, I do agree that one can love someone unconditionally but to think about getting back with someone after the divorce seems a bit too much. I totally agree to the notion of Aneesa about him where she referred to him as a hopeless guy. Aneesa knew that her daughter was at fault but she was more disappointed to find out that Haadi was justifying her fault by allowing her to rule him without having any association with him. Haadi has put himself in this misery because he is allowing Mahnoor to dominate him as if he has no brains of his own & he is her minion. If he wanted, he could’ve stopped her right away but he let her walk her way back in his life & I am sure it won’t take too long before she will walk all over him once again but now if this happens, I think Haadi will deserve it too. He really needs to have his heart broken again & again for him to realize how wrong he is.

Mahnoor doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation & she thinks putting a blame on others for her own mistakes is the way to go. First she blamed Haadi for making her fall out of love for him but she never owned her mistake that she fell for Waqar without having any reasons to & now once again she did the same thing by putting a blame on Uzma that it was because of her letter that Mahnoor ended up demanding divorce from Haadi. I don’t really understand why Haadi questioned Uzma about the letter she wrote where she ordered him to leave the room as soon as possible, Haadi has known Mahnoor for quite a while now, so why was it so hard for him to put two & two together & understand that definitely Mahnoor must’ve said something to Uzma that pushed Uzma to this point. It is like Haadi is also like one of those who don’t really want to face the problem & thinks that closing his eyes tightly will assure that everything will be fine. I actually feel that Haadi is trying really hard to accept everything that is happening but the way he is being submissive of Mahnoor’s demands is making him look quite weak. There’s a difference between loving someone selflessly & being weak & Haadi isn’t depicting a selfless love here.

Mahnoor thinks Halala is the right option for her but it was good to see that her mother was there to tell her the difference between shamelessness & Halala. “Waqar ko hi dhoondh lo, barbaad kar ke gaya hai to chalo jatay jatay abaad kar jaye tumhe”. Aneesa tried to make Mahnoor realize that she needs to sort this mess out & the only person that could help her will be Waqar because he is also responsible for the step Mahnoor took but I am actually dreading by thinking that may be, there’s a possibility of this drama becoming one of those Halala stories because when I saw the OST, I thought Mahnoor will get married to Waqar but I am not sure if she will get married to him only to part ways with him so that she can get back with Haadi. I hope that’s not the case & when she gets married, Haadi realizes how hard it will be to accept her back & he refuses to do that because practically, this is exactly what he should do. Mahnoor can not & should not have things her way.

“Mai aik larki hoon, isi liye kahoongi ke kar lijiye, kisi dusri larki ki aabroo ka sawal hai.”
“Ikhtiyaar sahab se poochoon?”
“Wo bhi kahainge ke kar lijiye, kyunke kisi dusre ki beti ka sawal hai”

Haadi knows that Uzma will never instigate him to leave Mahnoor & she will only support Mahnoor’s stance, despite being honest & truthful because she will also consider how Haadi still is in love with Mahnoor. It was like he only went there to hear what he wanted to. I feel Haadi has always relied heavily on Uzma’s opinions but in the end has always done what he has deemed fit, so this time around too, his urge to get an advice from Uzma didn’t seem justified because it was so obvious that he will do what his heart will tell him & that is already in the favor of Mahnoor. If Haadi had paid attention to what Uzma said, he would’ve understood the underlying message that Uzma only suggested getting back with Mahnoor because her values didn’t allow her to speak against a girl on human grounds but in general she didn’t mean it because any sane person would always suggest leaving the deceiving person behind & moving on.

Overall, this episode was pretty decent. Gaitiara & Waqar’s scenes are not sparking an interest & they end up looking like fillers. Gaiti is head over heels in love with Waqar & Waqar is making the most of it, so there’s nothing more to that. Sana Javed has really done justice to Mahnoor, it is so obvious that she’s into her character & that’s why she has succeeded in making us all hate Mahnoor’s character. Yumna Zaidi as Uzma is equally good too & for the first time, I felt for Uzma a lot, she is suffering because she can see that Haadi is suffering too. Her question about Haadi still being in love with Mahnoor & her expressions after she got Haadi’s answer told how hard it was for her to accept it. Zahid Ahmed has done a great job too but in general I am disappointed at Haadi’s display of weakness in this episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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