Besharam – Episode 08!

Ohkay so, this episode of Besharam didn’t offer much but it did take the story forward a bit in terms of characters & the changes they are going through & have started to feel in their perspectives. I am so glad that I tuned to this drama because it has a set of strong characters that know how to deal with the pressures in a best way possible & that makes it a very interesting watch.

I loved how Haider tried to convince his mother that Mishi will do everything to please her while looking at his wife with an expression that she should understand & put up an act in front of Khadija. Mishi agreed that she’d say no to modelling only because she wanted to give respect to Haider as he has initiated this aspect in their marriage where he believes in giving Mishi the respect she deserves & Mishi decided to reciprocate that gesture too. The glances that they both shared were so amusing which once again showed the level of understanding both Mishal & Haider have started to develop with each other. Mishal did however confess that she only agreed to the no modelling notion because she didn’t want to let Haider down in front of his mother which was quite considerate of her. It is actually quite nice to see how Mishal has slowly & steadily started to understand that this relationship means something & it deserves the utmost attention & care because they both have made a promise & now it is their duty to nurture it. I found it actually quite sweet that just as much Mishal was trying to compromise, Haider was doing his best to compromise too in order to make Mishal feel comfortable, accommodated & a part of his life & family.

The bits & bobs of Wahab were actually a treat to watch. I know Sofia didn’t laugh at his joke but I most certainly did. He says he is ready to solve their problems but little does he know that he is only adding more fuel to the fire. Wahab changed his stance quickly because he knew that he won’t be able to deal with the wrath of Saasu Ma & Sofie Jaan, that is why he suggested creating problems & misunderstandings between Haider & Mishal to bring Mishal back to their home. It was actually quite funny to see him trying to please everyone where he met Haider wholeheartedly & praised him in order to make Mishal happy & now behind her back, he was saying things that he knew would make Saasu Ma & Sofie Jaan happy too. His comment about becoming 4th Abba of Sofie was hilarious, he may sound or look stupid but even he has read this family quite well & he knows that Sara would do anything for money. Wahab did however say the truth that just because Mishal was a ‘sonay ki chiriya’ Sara was infuriated at her daughter as he knows that his Saasu Ma depended heavily on Mishal & her earnings. It is quite interesting to see Wahab being shown as someone who looks stupid on the surface but has quite an insight. :D

I wish Shakira & Saba didn’t get that much of coverage because their scenes ended up looking like fillers & I wish that screen-time was given to Haider’s political career but never mind, at least they did find out that Haider has brought Mishal back to his home & they both are giving this marriage a chance, which was a reality check that Shakira needed to know that Haider & his family are done following their orders. I was actually dreading seeing Khadija turning into a typical mother in law but I am glad that she has the forgiving bone in her body where when she will see how hard Mishal is trying to gel in their lifestyle, she will accept her & forget how she initially entered their lives. Even though Khadija’s tone was harsh but I liked how she reminded Haider of his responsibilities that he had towards Mishal, where she told him to go out & make some money because he now had a wife to take care of too.

I enjoyed watching the scenes of Mishal & Haider the most where they both were trying to find truce & set limits for each other, where Mishal told him that she is not used to sharing a room with anyone & Haider told her that he wants her to make breakfast for him. The thing he said about respecting Mishal was actually quite sweet, it left Mishal speechless & forced her to agree that she can make tea for him. Saba Qamar & Zahid Ahmed both acted brilliantly in those scenes because the amusement of Haider & irritation of Mishal was portrayed perfectly. I wish Haider’s political career hadn’t come to a halt, I thought Asfand Sultan will be able to differentiate between Haider’s personal & professional life but he is still concerned that just because Haider got married at a live show, people will point fingers at him which will also mean that people will question Asfand Sultan’s choices as a leader of his political party. I hope Haider finds a way back into politics because that is something he is passionate about.

Overall, I had a great time watching this episode & as the episodes are passing by, this drama is turning out to be my favorite & something that I actually look forward to the entire week. Saba Qamar looked beautiful & I loved the chemistry that she & Zahid Ahmed have as Mishal & Haider. The rest of the cast is doing a great job too & it feels that the director has made sure that the actors put a lot of hard work in establishing the relationships between the characters because it shows & completes the entire picture & last but not the least, I thank Malik Raza for portraying the character of Wahab so brilliantly on screen, he is also becoming one of the characters whose scenes I look forward to actually. :) Please share your thoughts about this episode of Besharam.

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