Zara Yaad Kar Episode 24 – Azaab-e-Jaan!

Ohkay so, all you guys who’ve watched this episode, can you tell me if anything happened in this episode practically which contributed in the story in any way possible? This episode was a complete filler & I am so not understanding that what is it that is preventing the director from wrapping this drama up. Seriously, this past hour was the longest & the most boring hour of my life & I am so done with this drama that I am unable to pay attention to what the characters are saying & for this, I hold the writer & the director responsible completely!!!

Accha, to yani Haadi ka kaam sirf botiyan torna hi reh gaya hai, I mean the amount of food he has gulped down alone is equal to a month’s supply of food of any regular sized family in Pakistan. Looks like the only purpose of Haadi himself & everyone around him is to make sure he stays over-fed all the time. Haadi has once again proved a point that he has no brains of his own because he does what everyone around him tells him to do. For Haadi, Mahnoor is quite an immature person, so why did he take her gibberish so seriously that he ended up calling Uzma to tell her that she was doing a compromise in the name of marriage. I mean, talk about being stupid. Haadi knows that Uzma loves him & Haadi also knows that he can not reciprocate the love she has for him, so why did he turn himself into a ‘phappay kutni’ & ended up brain feeding Uzma that she was only compromising with Fahad which she definitely shouldn’t do. If Haadi was so concerned for Uzma, then he should’ve manned up a bit, should’ve thrown Mahnoor out of his life & should have gone to Uzma straight away & proposed to her because in anyway, she is more compatible to him than Mahnoor, his mental wavelength matches to Uzma more than Mahnoor’s & he also emotionally relies on Uzma more than he relies on Mahnoor, so what is stopping him? He knows that Uzma loves him, so he should love her back & get married to her & IF NOT, then there was absolutely NO point in telling her to not get married & move on in her life. Haadi can happily live a life of a dog stuck with a bone, but he definitely doesn’t have a right to stop Uzma from moving on!!!

Seriously, it seems like Gaiti ki puri family sirf English aur Urdu ki taangain torne ke liye hi bethi hui hai!!! The coverage that Gaiti’s family got was so out of the place & unnecessary that I found myself reaching out to my cell phone during their scenes. I guess the director should have known better because IF we were interested in seeing a ‘realistic portrayal’ of a political scenario, we could’ve easily switched to any Pakistani News Channel because that’s where we would’ve gotten an authentic dosage of politics but guess what Ms. Director, everything that you showed us through Gaiti’s track didn’t spark an interest because this drama was based on something entirely different & I am still having a hard time in developing in interest in Gaiti’s life as a politician because this has nothing to do with the original story & this track seems to be a part of an entirely different drama. I don’t really understand how the director will wrap this particular track up because it just isn’t related to the main theme of the drama. We all know that Gaiti is an honest person & she is striving to be an even better politician with values & morals, but then what’s the point of this entire political scenario which is nothing but just a filler, because like I said, is se behtar tha ke hum News Channels hi dekh lete aggar drama mai politics hi dekhni thin to.

Ufff Aneesa aur uska falsafa. I find it actually quite amusing that every time Aneesa blurts a falsafa, the director zooms in the frame of the person who happens to be her listener, as if her falsafa is making an impact in someone’s life, which most certainly is not the case because if her falsafa had an ounce of impact, it would’ve changed Mahnoor’s behavior. Alright, we already know that Mahnoor hasn’t changed & Haadi & Aneesa believe in helping her, so what’s next? What else? We watched this drama in a hope to see the consequences that Mahnoor will face but here, she seems dheet than ever & besharam than ever, so what’s the point???

Anoushay is mentally disturbed & her speech about how her father didn’t give her much time didn’t strike a chord because her story also wasn’t a part of the main plot of the drama & her late entry has only turned her into a drama-crasher, so nope, I am not interested in knowing what her back-story was & why she is so annoying. She is ready to get married to an uncle like Waqar, that’s pretty self-explanatory so we don’t need to see or know anything else!!!

Please guys, if you have any idea, do let me know when does this torture end because I have lost the last bit of patience I had with this drama & at this point, I am most certainly not interested to see how things will end between all these pathetic characters!!! Amna Nawaz Khan commented in the initial reviews that this story will become quite interesting, so it looks like I watched the entire drama in a ‘hope’ for something that wasn’t meant to be. I hope that she comments now & explains what is happening & why does it look like we’re watching a second season of this drama? We need an explanation because when they expect us to invest our time in their mindless dramas, then they owe us an explanation & to some extent an apology too!!! Please share your thoughts about this pathetic filler episode of Zara Yaad Kar & please say a prayer for my patience & for the ending of this drama as well!!!

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