Besharam Episode 16 – Loved Loved Loved It!

Ohkay so, don’t you love it when you expect one thing & the drama-makers surprise you with another & oh, did I mention ‘pleasantly’ surprise you with another. I just loved loved loved this episode of Besharam & I can’t explain how happy the thought process of the writer makes me. I actually thank Sarwat Nazeer for coming up with such a brilliant drama & such such amazing characters that are such a breath of fresh air, who are unconventional & have so much of substance. I just love this drama & also, I love how every episode gives me something new to talk about!

I actually expected that Haider won’t take things lightly & what Mishal did will definitely create a rift between them but I was not only surprised but ecstatic at the way Haider handled everything. Yes, he had the right to be angry at her & he did let her know what he was going through as he could see that now his mother won’t sit still & she won’t give Mishi a chance. I loved that on his own, Haider immediately understood that it was only because of Humna that Mishi pushed herself to such an extent in order to help her but he was more concerned about what his mother will say or do. Haider is one of a kind & he is proving to be such a husband who doesn’t only believe in ‘saying’ that he will give time & space to his wife, but proves it with his attitude & behavior. Haider knew what Mishi did wasn’t easy for her as during the time she has spent with him, Mishi has depicted her mind-set & through her conduct she has let him know that she doesn’t fall in a category of those models who society deems as ‘besharam’ & that is why, Haider found it easy to forgive what Mishi did as he understood her perspective & knew that what she did was only to save Humna from a marriage that she most certainly wasn’t ready for.

Not only Haider, but Humna pleasantly surprised me too because she didn’t just become a spectator & let Mishi face the brunt for what she did. Humna made sure to let Haider & also Khadija know that she was the one who asked for Mishi’s help & it was only her helplessness that compelled Mishi to put up such an act. Haider didn’t listen to what she had to say but at least Humna conveyed her message to Khadija, which obviously didn’t calm her down completely but convinced her a tad bit that Mishi wasn’t entirely responsible for everything.

I loved how once again Haider’s entire family came together & walked past this phase too. Being a mother, Khadija’s concerns are rational & understandable. She wants to see her daughter getting settled with a decent life partner & she also understands that Mishi’s presence might become a hindrance but at least, she listened to what Haider had to say & eventually ended up giving Mishi another chance. The thing I like about Khadija the most is that she is a true mother, who shares her frustrations & fury with her children, but also respects them enough to listen to their stance & understand where they are coming from, which is why, Khadija tried to forget what her daughter in law did & ended up having a detailed conversation with her where she made her familiar with the do’s & don’ts of her household. Also, after this entire fiasco, I loved Mishi’s behavior the most, where she didn’t try to prove that what she did was right, rather she understood everyone’s agitation & gave them a fair chance to have their say as she knew that this act of hers saved Humna’s life & that is why she silently accepted everything because her mission was accomplished.

Finally, Haider is on the move now & he has made his career his priority. Haider has understood that his passion for politics won’t earn him bread, that is why he became serious about the job hunt. What pushed him a little further was the confession of Sikandar where he found out that the money that he was relying on was stolen. Haider also found out that Mishi was the one who paid the rent of his office, which was another push that he got that made him even more convinced that he had to make some money so that he could pay Mishi back as soon as possible. Haider obviously didn’t expect that Sikandar will give him such a tragic news but he most certainly is not the one who will let go of everything so easily. I am sure that Haider will make Sikandar pay him by hook or by crook & for that, I hope Sikandar finds the truth about Saba pretty soon.

Even though Kabeer’s confession seemed a bit unrealistic but then I guess he was drunk & had no control over his tongue, therefore he ended up telling Jaani the secret, that eventually Mishal found out about. It was actually beneficial that Haider shared what was on his mind with Mishail, that is why she was able to put two & two together & knew that the money Saba gave to Kabeer partially belonged to Haider too & this was something that was bothering Haider a lot. I really like how slowly & steadily, Mishi has become a part of Haider’s family & his life & now he is at that stage where he easily shares his problems with her like any husband usually would.

I loved the conversation Haider & Mishi had about peaceful sleep that Mishi experiences in Haider’s home. Mishi is definitely at a happy place in this relationship & more than happy, she is content with her decision & that is why she is giving it a 100% & what’s even better is that despite feeling a little insecure, Haider also sees how Mishi has settled herself in this new phase of her life which often leaves him stunned because Mishi is turning out to be like he never really imagined or expected her to be.

Overall, this entire episode was amazing & I was craving for more when it ended. Mishi & Haider are past the stage where they were understanding each other & were hesitant. Now they are a team & more than that, they have understood how things work & what they both expect from each other, that is why they are making things work the best way possible. I am so glad that Haider quickly put everything in the past & forgave Mishi for what she did because that definitely could’ve made things worse but I am so so so glad that the story of this drama is far from being typical & that’s the best part about it, for which I will thank the writer once again for giving us something totally new & different amidst the rough patch where every other drama is either about a divorce or a halala! Obviously, another best part of this drama is the chemistry between Saba Qamar & Zahid Ahmed & their top-notch acting of course. I must say, I love the to-the-point approach of the director the most, he surely has done a brilliant job & I love the editing of this drama as well. The creative team has really done justice to such a powerful script & it is really good to see such an amazing script being dramatized to perfection. Anyways, I can’t wait to see how Mishi will deal with Saba in the episodes to come, I hope she makes her confess her mistakes in front of her parents so that they get a reality check. Please share your thoughts about this amazing amazing amazinggg episode of Besharam. :)

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ps: I thank ARY Digital once again for choosing Tuesdays for airing Besharam, you guys have no idea how it uplifts my mood after watching a dud episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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