Zidd – Episode 05!

Ohkay so, even though the pace of most of the episodes is slow, I am glad that the story is moving forward pretty decently. I like the direction of this play a lot & feel that the scenes are relatively to-the-point.

I don’t know why but I don’t feel a thing for Saman’s family. The way they tried to magnify her mistakes where she took a stand for herself was completely out of line. They think their daughter is at fault because she broke her engagements but Omar is a gentleman despite being married. Yes, that’s fine, people do get divorced for the reasons best known to them & being a divorcee doesn’t mean a person is bad but the way Saman & Omar are being compared that too by her own family isn’t justified. The way her parents reminded her of her responsibilities which also included dealing with the fact of her husband being married was ridiculous. They think Saman should be on cloud 9 because she has found a perfect partner & supposedly she has hit a jackpot but they’re responsible for changing her behavior towards Omar by hiding a huge thing about his past from Saman. If they had come clean about Omar’s first marriage, I think Saman would be reacting differently now. The betrayal is huge & I think it’s completely justified if she is taking some time in coming back to normal & adjusting to this new change that has overcome her life. Even though the whole see-off scene was done nicely – it didn’t seem heartfelt because Saman’s family wronged her. Yes, they do love her & she is still a part of them but what they’ve done to her is unforgivable & I am with Saman on this as she has all the right to be bitter because her own family broke her trust & even though Omar wasn’t a part of the plan, he’s the reason why her family did this to her. I felt a lot for Saman when she said she isn’t missing her family. I thought I’d like Raza’s character but actually I don’t. The way Saman hung up on Raza clearly showed that she hasn’t forgiven him for talking her into this marriage & sadly, even though Saman might’ve been wrong at so many different levels for her family but this time, she wasn’t.

So, the new entries seemed interesting & I hope they have a good role to play in Saman & Omar’s life. Saman met Rukhi (Rabab Hashim) who’s a daughter of Qasim (Imran Peerzada) who happen to be relatives of Omar. Saman could instantly connect to her because she sees herself in Rukhi. Just like Saman, Rukhi is a headstrong girl, who has been pampered by her father so much that she’s now used to do what she deems fit. I am interested to see how their friendship will grow & what sort of bond these two girls will form.

Omar is now trying too hard to treat Saman as his wife & become a husband to her but Saman is still not mentally ready to let go of what happened so easily. She will take time which she for sure is entitled to. Of all the people, I find Omar’s character very confusing. In the beginning he taunted her & now he is trying hard to project himself as a very easy going husband who gives all sorts of freedom to his wife. I think it will take some time for me to actually understand his character & I think the curiosity has been perfectly build up by the writer here. Another character that’s yet to make an entry in this drama is of Zainab played by Nousheen Shah. She happens to be Saman’s friend & I am guessing she’d be Omar’s first wife too.

I’d say Zidd is so far so good. I must say I really like the OST of this drama & I feel Maya Ali looked really pretty in white ensembles & even her makeup seemed just right for her plus she looked gorg carrying the red pout. I like how she has worked on her wardrobe & also how her look changed when she went to USA. I so wish I could say that about Ahsan Khan but oh boy! His monotony knows no limits. I have lost count of all the dramas in which his hairstyle was exactly the same & also what’s wrong with the fluctuating length of his hair in every single drama? His hair was shorter in Pakistan & was comparatively longer in the USA. I must say he should really work on his look because that half straight, half wavy, half curled, been-static-since-ages hairstyle doesn’t suit him & he should get rid of that stubble too. He’s such a natural actor but seems like he depends more on his acting & less on his looks, which he shouldn’t. Anyways, I liked this episode & hope the story keeps on getting better & better. Share your thoughts on this episode of Zidd please.

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