Zidd – Episode 09!

Well, if you don’t have anything to watch on a Tuesday night, you can watch Zidd just to kill some time because the story right now isn’t offering much. It’s just going somewhere without making any sense so it doesn’t matter if the drama’s good or bad, you can just watch it for the sake of watching it.

I think what the writer here is trying to show is that Saman herself has imposed all these hardships on her because she wanted to face life on her own that’s why she is bound to experience all this to actually value what she left behind. If she had accepted her marriage without retaliating, she would never have understood its importance & value. Right now, like Shazia said, Saman is like one of those people who’re in search of positivity & happiness but they forget to look around them because that’s exactly where it exists. I think for her own good, it’s better that Saman walked out of Omar’s home because now it’s her time to learn & face the truth that she hasn’t been happy ever since she decided to ignore her marriage. Once again, by saying this I don’t mean that Omar’s worth it but he can be if Saman gives him a fair chance & I think she eventually will because she has gone through a lot already. Now all that’s left for her is to understand how important her marriage is & to fall in love with her husband.

The notions Omar’s friend had about marriage & wives were ridiculous. I don’t get why Omar always goes to such people to share his problems with because he clearly looked uncomfortable while his friend kept on uttering non-sense about his life & his wife but then, it serves Omar right because he chose to discuss his personal life with a person who clearly falls short on brains!

Sorry to say but I am glad that Shazia’s MIL’s role ended within this episode because her sense-less talking wasn’t appeasing to hear at all. I really thought she’d have something to contribute to the story but she was also used as a filler exactly like that Pakistani student but during all this, I am glad that Shazia’s character was introduced. I liked the conversation she had with Saman because without even knowing, Shazia helped Saman a lot in understanding what she was doing with her life, but yes, I really wanted to see the perfect husband of hers; Asad, but too bad that he never made it to the screen even after he was being spoken about so much. I know it’d sound weird but it looked like Shazia was speaking about someone who never existed because going by her MIL’s depressing utterances, it looked like her son had died or something but then Shazia also invited Saman for lunch on a Sunday afternoon saying her husband Asad suggested it!?! I think it could be Shazia’s MIL’s jealousy talking which is why she sounded so depressed while speaking about her son as going by what Shazia said, her husband loved her a lot, so may be her MIL couldn’t digest it? Oh boy! Things would’ve been so much better if only Mr. Asad had made a single appearance,

Qasim seems like such a hypocrite because what he did in his life is what he is telling his daughter not to do whereas he’s the one who has set that precedent for her. I really like Rukhi & David’s relation but not sure if Rukhi will continue with it or not because Qasim is ruthlessly making so many decisions just so that he can pull her out of it. All of a sudden Qasim has started missing his mother & wants to spend time with her, but why didn’t he think of her before things were happy & normal in his own life?

Zainab’s weird & there’s nothing more to discuss about her. Let’s see what happens ahead because the preview suggested Saman’s break-down that too on Omar’s shoulder, so I’m looking forward to see how did it happen & what made that happen actually. Share your thoughts about this episode please!

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