Alvida – Episode 2

This was another fast paced episode, no time was wasted in showing how the zalim samaj reacted to Haadi’s love interest but I must admit that it definitely gave me the been-there- done-that feeling many times except for the parts with Haya and Haadi in them because these two have this amazing chemistry which makes everything seem right until of course it gets so wrong that the chemistry cannot do the trick too! Haya and Aroosa are sisters who are poles apart…. surprise!!. The nicer seedhi sadhi but thankfully not totally pheeki or brainless sister Aroosa wants to get closer to her sister but Haya has never liked Aroosa or her other sisters because she feels that her father chose them over her. The two sisters are compared constantly by their Khala who is like a mother and Aroosa of course is considered the role-model. The scene in which Haya makes sure that her Khala gets to see what miss perfect Aroosa is up to reminded me of the relationship between the two sisters in Bari Apa and Silvatein. Although I had no high hopes attached to this drama to begin with but even then I am slightly disappointed after knowing the relationship between Haya and Aroosa because we have seen so many dramas in which two sisters who were poles apart fought through the entire serial to come to an understanding or some kind, some of them got their happy endings and others didn’t. Even few of the recent plays written by Samira Fazal herself had stories revolving around sisters for example Bari Apa, Silvatein and even Chup Raho.

Haya and Fariza’s scene together in which they twisted the words of the wedding invitations was definitely one of the best scenes of this episode apart from all the scenes between Haya and Hadi (of course)! Imran Abbas and Naveen Waqar don’t have the kind of chemistry which Sanam Jung shares with our hero. The cute moments between them did not make me smile in fact they seemed forced. Aroosa’s character seems very interesting so far, she isn’t just simple but she is intelligent too and she also has a sense of humor but for now Hadi and Aroosa together don’t have the screen presence which Haya and Haadi share.

In my opinion this episode belonged to Sanam Jung; she made me feel for her character, I smiled when Haya had a reason to smile and I could feel how it must be like to lose someone you have fantasized to spend your life with for such a long time. Although Haya has absolutely no reason to think that Haadi “belongs” to her but even then I felt for her. It was good to see Haya come out in the open about her true feelings about Haadi in front of her Taya and Tayee. The way Haya’s Tayee made sure that Haya does not share her feelings with Haadi was also nicely done.

Until now it is easy to understand the motives and personalities of all the characters therefore I don’t have much to complain about but the fact is that I am still not entirely sold. I started watching this play for Imran Abbas and Sanam jung – to relive the magic these two weaved in Dil-e-Muztar and after watching these two episodes I must confess that the only aspect of the play which is appealing to me is the chemistry between these two actors. I looked forward to Haya’s scenes in tonight’s episode and I could not care less about where Aroosa and Haadi’s love story was headed! The scene in which Khala gave the entire family a lecture could easily have been much shorter. Apart from that this was a well-directed episode. The preview of the next episode showed that Haadi and Aroosa will get married and Haya will share her feelings with Aroosa while Haadi overhears her therefore there will be some serious trouble in Paradise. The last scene of tonight’s episode suggested that what Haadi feels for Haya might be much more than just fondness, if that is the case then the story will be very complicated. How many of you are looking forward to witnessing all these complications on screen? Do share your thoughts about this latest installment.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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