Zidd – Episode 10!

My goodness! I can’t believe that this drama has become such a mind-teaser. I am completely speechless & mind-numbed after watching this episode. What are they trying to show is what I am not understanding? The purpose of this drama, anyone? What’s there to get entertained with, in this drama? If you guys can find an answer to that, I’d appreciate if you share it with me as well.

As much as I was looking forward to Qasim’s character & his scenes, he has been so disappointing. His typicality is ticking me off big time because that’s fine, he’s a father & he’s over-possessive about his daughter but if he had paid an ounce of attention in upbringing Rukhi rightly, he wouldn’t be facing all this. Very conveniently he blamed Saman for what Rukhi’s doing but as much as this notion didn’t make sense, it made me understand that Qasim is not only misapprehended but he is deluded too. Saman just came to America & Rukhi has been dating David since months. He said Rukhi followed Saman’s footsteps but how is the situation of these two girls similar? Saman married an already married man & she decided to leave him, Rukhi is dating a gora, so? Any similarities that I couldn’t pick? Chalo if Saman & Rukhi would’ve been life-long friends, it would’ve made sense that Rukhi got influenced by Saman but she has been head-strong & stubborn on her own & if Qasim loves to play the blame game, he should hold himself responsible first, for supposedly ruining Rukhi’s mindset because he wasn’t clearly paying enough attention to his daughter & he didn’t do his job well.

Can someone also tell me what’s the ‘purpose’ of Omar’s character in this serial? If they hadn’t hired him I am sure the makeup guy would’ve saved heaps of foundation, eyeshades, lip-glosses & the hair guy would’ve saved 10 cans of hairspray. His character is so useless that it’s not even funny. He just wears fancy coats, roams around the streets & the funniest is, he goes around giving people advices on relationships, that too after he has failed at two of his own. How rich is that? LOL! Poor guy. I am glad he is there to provide some entertainment in this otherwise boring drama.

Oh looks like I hit the bullseye last week when I already deduced that the way Shazia spoke about her husband went to show that he didn’t exist & I was so right. He passed away a year ago & she was just faking his presence. Chalo, she wanted to lie to stop her MIL from getting onto her nerves, that’s fine, but how can she go around inviting people over for lunches & dinners when she knows that her husband’s not going to be a part of it? I really like Shazia’s character & even sympathize with her but dudette, you made me terrified because of your mental state. Sorry but looks like all the ladies of this drama are either half-mad or clueless!

I did enjoy Rukhi & David’s scenes. Not sure if they’ll be able to get married but for now, something in this drama that’s appeasing to see is their relationship. Is it just me or most of the conversations that happened between Saman & Zainab didn’t make sense? Yes, Zainab’s annoying but why is Saman always so ticked off at her? The whole ‘tars’ scenario was way too pushed in this episode. Saman’s speaking about ‘tars’, Zainab’s seeking for some ‘tars’ but she ain’t getting any. I find Zainab & Saman’s friendship completely forced. Yes, Saman is staying at Zainab’s place but she is the one who is known for changing places the moment anyone utters a single word in her shaan ki ghustakhi, so it just doesn’t seem right that she has been tolerating Zainab for so long. She has easily been able to find jobs for herself so why can’t she live on her own? I completely find Omar & Zainab’s characters meaningless in this drama.

Oh! That whole crying-on-Omar’s-shoulder scene was so disappointing. I really thought Saman would break down but it was only Rukhi’s condition that reduced her to tears & made her go all inclined towards Omar but then she just left as if something bit her & she wanted to hide it. I really can’t understand Saman either. She is so unhappy that she makes my blood boil. Anyways, share your thoughts about this episode of Zidd please.

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ps: I’m in a market for any other drama to review as I can’t continue with Zidd due to obvious reasons, so if you guys have any suggestions for good dramas that are about to commence or have just started airing, do let me know. I will review Zidd till I find another suitable drama to replace it. Thanks. :)

Zahra Mirza

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