Zidd – Episode 11!

Ohkay so, I don’t know why but even though this episode was good, it didn’t offer much & was just so slow that it tested my patience once again. That has been the case with most of the episodes of this drama; they do try to give you something but may be due to the direction or lack of depth in a script, they really don’t strike a chord like they should.

I just don’t understand one thing, why is it that the women in this drama don’t really know how to be happy? Saman has been in this never-ending pain that she really ticks me off. She wanted independence & she didn’t want to compromise so now when she is getting to live a life on her conditions, what’s making her sad? Then there’s Rukhi, who fought hard with her father for the sake of her happiness; her ‘David’ & now when she has got him, she’s sad. I just don’t understand the point that the writer here is trying to prove? She is eventually going to tell us that both these girls had to give up on their ‘zidd’ in order to find happiness, which actually is a good message but may be the path that the writer has opted for in order to reach to the message is really bizarre because most of the time in fact all the time, all the characters look so clueless & the whole ‘zidd’ issue seems very much forced which gives a message that they could’ve done well without it too but then they couldn’t because that’s what they were focusing on, sounds confusing right? To be honest, this is exactly how this drama & the characters come across; confused & confusing!

I really expected better from Rukhi. I thought she’d be on top of the world after getting married to David but then that just didn’t happen & now seems like Qasim’s phoola hua muh is taking a toll on her & David’s relation. David is trying hard to make her happy & like a good husband, he is doing everything he can to support & encourage her but seems like ever since she has gotten married to David, Rukhi only has one topic to talk about & that is Qasim. The point is, being his daughter she definitely would’ve known that Qasim won’t forgive her so easily, so either she should’ve strengthen herself or she should’ve expected him to react this way. Rukhi actually came across as a very carefree person who knew how to mend things & situations, so why it is that Qasim’s temporary vexation is causing her so much trouble? She knew he didn’t jump with joy when she told him about David, so when she could ignore him & go against his wishes to marry him, she should now just be normal with his attitude as well & that reminds me about how repetitive her scenes, conversations & dialogues were because she hasn’t spoken about anything else at all.

So, Zainab told Saman about what her marriage was like which goes to show that Omar wasn’t at fault & it was Zainab who ruined everything that they both had. The way Zainab described her marriage was enough to know that they both had a very good relation but it was Zainab who didn’t want all that, she hated seeing how stagnant her life had become so in a quest for an adventure, she decided to get divorced but she is still exploiting Omar & he is so shareef that he is allowing that to happen after knowing Zainab in & out. He still financially helps her & doesn’t seem to question her. I kind of understood Omar this time around a bit better because he never got married to ‘mentally stable’ & ‘normal’ women so maybe that’s why he seems so immune & comfortably numb after how Saman has left him.

I just can’t seem to tolerate Saman & her painful expressions. What she wants out of life? No one knows? What she’s trying to achieve? No one knows? What makes her sad? No one knows? What’s the point she is trying to prove? No one knows. Well, the only thing that’s left for Saman is to go back to Omar because now she has learnt pretty much everything about his past & now there will come a time when she will realize that he wasn’t the one who was wrong & she will go back to him. I really didn’t understand her reaction after she learned the truth about who Zainab was married to? She says she doesn’t love Omar so why did she seem so lost after Rukhi’s phone call?

I don’t know why but this episode was a hit & a miss too. Development in the story was fine but the scenes seemed so stagnant & repetitive. The only good thing about this episode was the locations that they chose to shoot the scenes. Another amusing thing about this drama is that all these ladies are only seen roaming around the streets carrying their handbags & I must say, all of them really have a bad choice because all the handbags that they’ve flashed in this drama are hideous. Anyways, share your thoughts about this episode please.

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