Chup Raho – Episode 27

Rameen Rameen Rameen…..there is no hope for you!! Yes! Rameen’s faith in Allah might be very inspiring for some but what happened to using your own wisdom to choose what is best for you? God helps them who help themselves and I am not sure if Rameen did anything to help herself until now except shouting at few people every now and then. On the contrary she is her own biggest enemy! Which is really sad because I wanted to see Rameen evolve into a hero…to save herself and many others like her in whichever way she could but Rameen instead needs a hero – which would be any man at all even if it is Azar. Rameen is not only living with her rapist out of her own free will but as it turns out she has absolutely no issues sitting down with him and having conversations like nothing ever happened. Not only this she trusts him as well and what was even more shocking was watching Rameen plead Numair’s case in front of Manal. How naive can you be?? Rameen’s character is a complete failure. Our main protagonist has failed to set an example of any sort at all for any other unfortunate girl like her out there who might be watching this play. The play does not give hope to the victims out there other than this that eventually a prince charming will come and rescue them.

Numair is convinced that Rameen’s presence in his house alone can ensure a happy ending for his daughter which is another development which is outrageous. I do not expect someone like Numair to do anything out of love for anyone but we all know that he is a very “smart” man and someone like him should be able to realize that setting Rameen free will put an end to all his troubles, lying to Rameen and giving her false hopes will only land him into more trouble. I am saying this because what we saw today clearly indicated that Numair is only doing all this for Naila’s well-being and he has no ulterior motives for making Rameen stay in his house.

I personally know women who have been in abusive relationships. Such women usually shy away from commitment and it takes them a very long time to trust any man at all. Shiraz has provided Rameen the feeling of security which she needed but has Numair done anything to prove that he has truly changed? I hope that Manal decides to speak up in the next episode and Numair either ends up in jail or in the mental asylum where he belongs. It is very upsetting how “casually” rape has been dealt with in this drama. Everyone who knows about it including Shiraz, who is Rameen’s well-wisher has swept the issue under the carpet as if an apology changes everything! Not once has he mentioned that Numair could harm Rameen again and no one has ever asked Rameen to file a case against Numair because rape is a crime right?

I am glad that this episode really was the second last episode. We have watched the past 10 episodes or so in the hope that Numair will finally pay for his mistakes but now no punishment seems big enough for what he has done. We were also hoping that Rameen will grow into a strong person who can make a difference but that is not going to happen because a woman’s “happy ending” is always with a man and a few kids even if they are not her own!

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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