Zidd – Episode 16!

WOW! Lagta hai saray pagal aik jagah jama ho gaye hain. This drama has crossed all the limits of insanity & so have the characters because anything that they say doesn’t make sense anymore.

So Rukhi goes missing the night before her desi wedding but I picked something that Qasim said. While confronting David, Qasim clearly said ‘isi ne Rukhi ko ‘mara’ hai’ & by that time they were only speculating what might’ve happened to Rukhi & where she was, so why exactly did Qasim use that specific word? It shows he obviously knows something but is just brushing it off his shoulder by blaming David openly. The way he seemed lost in his thoughts actually showed that he was kind of guilty & was trying to gather himself.

The only thing that made sense & I liked in this whole episode was David’s decision of filing a case against Qasim because he can already suss something fishy about this dirty fish. I support David’s decision because Qasim needs to learn a few lessons in life. He’s obviously a loner so I am sure he wouldn’t have a tough time spending a lot of time with himself in a prison cell.

Apparently, Zainab & Saman are at a war with each other. Saman can clearly see that Zainab’s main intention is to wreck her home but just because Zainab has challenged her & has hurt her ego by saying that Saman is competing with Zainab to win Omar over, Saman is now hell bent on keeping Zainab at her place to prove her wrong? I mean what sort of a twisted logic is that? Chalo, Rukhi ki zidd to usay le doobi, abb Saman ki baari hai!

I don’t understand when Zainab has told Saman loud & clear that she is jealous of her & her relationship with Omar, Saman has blinded herself still just because she’s on a self-created ‘Zainab Rectification Mission’. To be honest, I feel the writer actually tried to do something uber different by writing some unique characters but together they have created a havoc & it’s a sheer disaster. I really thought Saman was a clear-minded person & did what her mind told her but why was she shown stammering every single time at the mention of Omar lately? Is she already in love with him & if yes, then what’s stopping her? Yes, she is ziddi we get that but then there should be some base to support that zidd? For the first time ever we got to see Saman who wasn’t herself, who wasn’t clear in her thoughts & seemed scattered brained. She says Omar doesn’t mean anything to her but then she depends on him emotionally so why is she in a state of limbo? I think she has wasted a lot of time as it is & it’s really a high time to pack this drama up by giving Omar & Saman their happy ending which wouldn’t look like a happy ending given the torture they have put us up with.

Can someone tell what does Omar do to earn such a lavish living in the US, I ask that because all I have seen him doing is killing some time either on the streets or on a sofa in Qasim’s home. I mean does this guy really have nothing else to do? I just don’t understand why has he allowed Zainab to stay at his home? He can clearly see where she is heading & supposedly he can’t stand the sight of her, plus Omar is the one who tamed a jungli Saman & put her on a house-arrest so why is he finding it so hard to get rid of Zainab? All he has to do is grab her hand & throw her out of his house but seems like all the characters in this drama only know how to create problems for themselves because when it comes to solution they either love to blind themselves or procrastinate. Share your thoughts rather vent out your frustrations regarding this masterpiece bhaiyon aur behnon!

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